And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Idea for SOMETHING to do........The Musuem of Fine Arts....

Have you been to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts lately???
They have the great children's section (even BIG kids have fun!! We love the light show, and the great NASCAR type track thing) there is even a "play" room upstairs....puzzles, games...(we used to do this when ours were younger in between Karate class and speech therapy...we would go there to "kill time" and just chill...)

It is still FREE and we actually like looking at the exhibits....we have not been since they had the Shakespeare Festival Exhibit (showing items used in the plays) Carol Beth is FASCINATED with Shakespeare!! (I need to take her to a play....maybe....what if she "falls" asleep!!!)
With it still "cold" outside....this might be an idea for your families to "have fun together", they are not open on Monday's!!
We also enjoy going out to the Pond and watching the ducks....they can be quite those swans though!!! THEY CAN GET YOU !!!!!
Happy Saving

Free MOVIES!!! at home thru your computer!!!

Have you heard about Channel 131

You can see FREE NEW RELEASES!!!
We are planning to watch Tooth Fairy (we will make pizzas and popcorn, move the couch where it is facing the computer....we have this down to a science now!!!) During the day they even know to throw blankets on the windows to make the room dark!!! MY INDUSTRIOUS KIDS.....YET THEY DON"T KNOW HOW TO TURN ON THE WASHER!!!!!

Try it out, they load fast...and we have never had a "computer" viruses or anything...
So plan a "movie" night with your family
Happy Saving

Budget Saver Idea!

The other day when we went to the store (Friday).....I knew we were going to be awhile.....Dr. office, Publix, I ran in Winn Dixie looking for those Cole's breadsticks (raincheck), the library (you can get an out of county card for $15.00 for the year!! GREAT LIBRARY....they have DVD's a great children's section and the people are really sweet!!),Walmart...(Bo was with me this was his stop....WHY!!!)
and the thrift store...(Carol Beth has finally grown taller!!! She has not "grown" since 2006!!!! We thought she was done!!! So some jeans and a few tops (Becca found Carol Beth the cutest Hannah Montana hoodie for .50 cents!!!! all green tagged items were .50 cents!!!)

Anyway, I knew it was going to be a LONG day.....I made the time (10 minutes) before we left the house to grab some snacks, drinks, and the Smuckers uncrustables (we had never tried these before!!) threw them in a little cooler....and in between our running....we had lunch!!! When they said they were thirsty....grab a drink out of the cooler!! That little bit of planning saved us anywhere from $20-$30 dollars!!!
and it was perfect..just enough to fill us up and FREE!! or you know it was using what we had!!
Think about putting some of those "deals" to work for you.....
Happy Saving


Saw this on Collin's site HIP2SAVE she is awesome!!!
GO HERE for the form to fill out for your free sample it is from Sam's Club BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER!!!! I did not enter is not one of the required fields....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ziploc Steam Bags REVIEW

OK the other week I got the Ziploc steam fresh bags (with coupons I think I paid like .59 cents for a box of 10)
I had some broccoli that needed to be finished off, so last night I used one of those bags for steamed broccoli (got last week Publix $1.67)....(we had Gortons' fish, seapack shrimp, coleslaw from Winn Dixie, and my last Bob Evans potatoes....I still can't get used to having NAME BRAND STUFF and it's been over a year since we have been shopping this way!!)
Anyhow, I just threw in my broccoli tops...spayed a little Pam Olive Oil down in the bag (there are recipes in the box of bags, it said use 1 tsp. olive oil....spray pam was what I had...did some seasalt and pepper....threw in micro for 3 min. (it was to the fill line)
WOW!!! It was FANTASTIC!!!! Even the kids loved it!!! Bo wanted to know when am I doing brocolli again!!
SO if you got in on that deal,,,,,try them!!!
THERE IS ALSO A .55off coupon in the box!!!!

COUPON INSERTS for Sunday Feb. 28th

Wow it's the end of the month already!!!
There will be 1 Smart Source insert this week!!! THAT'S IT!!!
Wow, I won't have to worry about "RUNNING" to the BP like last week!!!
I bought 3 papers last week!!! This week I might only buy 1 (look through it, if anything is REALLY good, I might grab one more??)

Here is a "PREVIEW" NOW remember, these ARE REGIONAL!! We might not get everyone listed

New Betty Crocker COUPON site!!!

Here is a new Betty Crocker coupon site I found!!

Mom's In need of mercy blog GREAT article!!!! Please read!!

Wow, EVERYONE needs to read this....It puts our lives in perspective!!!


P&G has a new promotion going! Spend $50 in P&G products between 2/1/10 and 4/15/10 and get a $100 coupon book! That $50 BEFORE coupons & tax! And it can be on multiple receipts. Just circle the items and mail the receipts in with THIS FORM. Can't print? Watch for the 2/21 P&G insert to get a copy!

Head over HERE to get all the details on this rebate. And go HERE to see all the products that are included in this rebate. This is limited to one per household and is void in Maine (what do they have against people in ME??)

It's rebates like this that make me thankful I save my receipts... I was able to go back through the last week's receipts and already have $25 towards the $50! Remember... it's $50 BEFORE coupons & tax :)

Publix Run...Retail $134.98....SPENT $39.69 (I used some of the money I made from my coupon class, THANK YOU LADIES!!!!)

Ok. I went Friday.....kind of good.....kind of bad.
They were out of CHEESE like big time....I have never seen them have to put up signs
"Sorry for the inconvenience, Please get rain check or substitute" THEY WERE CLEANED OUT!!! The deodorant was gone and the peanuts......BUT they were stocking....a truck comes in on Friday morning....I got there at like 10:30....they were still stocking when I left at I might try planning my trips a little later....we'll see

Anyway....what I got (I really need to get a camera! How do I know if my computer will work one??? Any suggestions???)
2 M& M character Valentine dispenser candy things (clearance, and both girls with me)
3 General Mills Cereal (BOGO, we really didn't need cereal...but they LOVE reeses!)
1 Post Raisin Bran ( had that $2.00 off coupon, made it .50 Becca LOVES raisin bran!)
1 Friskies Party mix cat treat ($1.00 coupon here made it .33)
2 Gortons Tilapia
7 Green Giant Steamers
2 strawberries
4 Ragu (like I needed more!)
4 deodorant (remember I said they were out..a sweet stock girl went to the back and found me some!!! SCORE!)
4 Delmonte Diced Tomatoes
1 Johnson Baby powder (using coupons before they expire$3.79....wound up .79 cents We use this in the summer alot..)
1 Bayer aspirin (I could cure headaches from now till the end of time!!! I am going to donate... I wound up with .50 OVERAGE on this one!)
1 Colgate Wisp (I have been wanting to try these!!! I had another coupon and I can't find it!!)
1 ICBIN Butter
2 Betty Crocker Brownies (Carol Beth wants to know when we are going to bake...with all the cookie mix and now brownies....)
1 Publix Fresh Spinach
1 BIG pack Publix Hot Dogs ($5.89, we had been out of hot dogs for awhile...I kept forgetting to get some, and with the buns at Winn Dixie still $1.00 I got the big pack it will last awhile...I ALWAYS get the Publix brand if the item is not on sale,no coupons....we figure out the cheapest route)
1 Crest Toothpaste (using up coupons was $2.69 wound up .44 after coupons)
1 Philadelphia SPREADABLE Cream Cheese (STRAWBERRY FLAVORED, will go great with those bagels!!)
1 Thomas Honey Wheat Bagel
1 package of PUBLIX BRAND Honey Ham Lunch meat (16 oz. $3.99)
3 Dr. Pepper 12 packs

WHEW! Bo and the girls were with needless to say.....I was rushed! Carol Beth (Bless Her Heart,) that poor baby had to get a shot, in the took me and Becca and a nurse to hold her down!!! She was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!! Of course last time she had gotten it....she Drug her leg ALL DAY LONG....She looked like she had been in a car wreck or something!!! AND SQUALLED the whole time , THE REST OF THE DAY!! So this time was MUCH BETTER!!! She cried there and a little while in the car...THANK THE LORD NOT IN THE STORE!! SO needless to say, my nerves were already shot....I was going to send Bo to customer service for my rain checks (cheese and peanuts)Trying to explain to him how to do it, what to get.....UGHHHH! He hears 22% of what you say and then says you didn't say that (Being married to someone with ADD...) anyway my SWEET Bag Boy...HE WENT AND GOT MY RAIN CHECKS FOR ME!!! THANK YOU!!!My cashier was Shelton (LOVE YOU SHELTON!!)he is always so sweet!!
So it was a good run...but now I have no cheese....hmmmm will the world explode or something.....MY KIDS THINK SO.....I'm just going to get a milk cow and make cheese or buy stock in it!! They eat cheese on ANYTHING!!!!! So I will have to "grab" some at some point (I was going to get 6 BLOCKS)

That is our Publix Trip!!! It panics Bo every time he goes with me....he sees the total (before coupons....and I promise ya'll he starts BREATHING FUNNY!!!! and the LOOK on his face!!! And he always walks away before the final total....too funny!!!
Hope ya'll have a great day....maybe they have
Happy Saving

Friday, February 26, 2010

starkist tuna coupon

HERE is the starkist tuna coupon I was telling you about...Target has the PLAIN TUNA pouches for .94 cents this is a $1.00 off 1 coupon!!!Free tuna plus overage!!! Print it NOW before the end of the month!!! THEY change coupons monthly~~
Happy Saving

Menu for Friday Feb. 26th and Budget......

Ok. We have almost made it to the end of the month!!! WOOOOHOOO!! Ok not quite...
We have gone over our inital $40.00 budget goal for the month....It's NOT MY FAULT THEY HAD GOOD SALES!!!I sound like my's not my fault....
Anyway, we are at $90.05 for the month....but if you count in those rebates...and a check we recieved...we are only at $40.05!!!! COOL! So we did make it!!! Kind of...
I am going to put the $15.00 in rebates toward that puts us back to $55.05...and I have not gone to Publix yet......sooooo....You figure it out....I don't know if we are under, over, or in between!!! It has been exciting to see how far our pantry and freezer will carry us though!!
I have heard alot of people say "My freezer is so full, I can't get another thing in it"......or "We don't need much this week"....This is where you want to be!!!! That way you only have to buy "cheap, free items" and your produce, meat and dairy!!!

Our menu for today:
Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls (Publix using man. and store coupon, also paired with the Green Giant stuff for the $5 off $20)THE CINNAMON TWIST WERE PRICED $2.99!!! The others were $1.67!!! Luckily I caught it...The little sales sticker was on the Cinnamon Twist also....BUT IT DID NOT RING UP SALE PRICE!!! Got price right guarantee.....THEN THEY WENT AND I THINK MOVED THE STICKER!!! SO WATCH YOUR RECIPETS!! If it rings up the wrong price....take it to customer service!!
Price Right-if it is their error...YOU GET IT FREE..
If it is because you "grabbed" the wrong one...have them take it off your bill...and buy the right one....I only do this if it is a "big" difference...I bought toothpaste one time that was supposed to be BOGO...I bought the wrong RANG UP $5.23 (I would have only paid .49 with my coupon for the right one) I took it back and got the right one!!!(I am NOT paying $5.23 for toothpaste!!) I try to watch my "items" as they are ringing up can be difficult to "catch" it right then...and I have gotten home looked at my reciept and NOTICED MY ERROR.....
TAKE IT BACK next time you go in!!
Lunch: Chicken sandwiches using the Banquet Chicken patties and those wonderful Natures' Own sandwich rounds...the little flat ones....WE LOVE THESE!!)
Supper: I have that Seapack Shrimp, I am getting the Gortons fish (hopefully they have some left!!!) and coleslaw from the Winn Dixie sale (Dole BOGO, coleslaw is included!!) fries (I have one bag of those Bob Evans seasoned fries left....THESE ARE AWESOME!!!I almost missed out on these again.....I am glad I got them!)

Rebate Reminder!!

Ladies don't forget the Conagra Rebate! HERE

It ends March 28th!! .... with all the sales on the items here lately....I just thought about those 18 cans of Chefboyardee I bought the other week!!! That right there is one rebate!!!

Also the SC Johonson Rebate here

this one has been a LONG one!!! It started Oct. 1 and goes through June 30, 2010!!
You can do this one up to 3 times a household!!! Remember the cheap Fantastic!! We made $2.78 on that one!!!! We have gotten our 3 checks already!! That's $15 and I know we only spent maybe NOTHING!!!
I am putting this $15.00 towards mine and Bo's Date Night for this next month.....maybe it won't be McDonald's $2.99 combos after all!!!
I have that BOGO Ruby Tuesdays coupon.......COOL!! I know where we are going!! We just have to order something not over $10.00 each (the bogo coupon is up to $10.00)
and water with lemons.....use the $15.00 from Rebate.....FREE DATE!!!! I will have to tell him "He's a cheap date!"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Idea for the cheap no yolks

Hey, Winn Dixie has their NO YOLKS noodles on sale BOGO, there is a .75 off 1 coupon
makes it .39 each!
Last night I did these and I had some fresh spinach I needed to use up.....I put in butter, salt, pepper the spinach and a little Parmesan cheese...WOW! They loved this, normally I just do parsley...but I had that spinach and thought it would add color and VITAMINS!! Just through it in there fresh!! (don't cook the spinach first, the heat from the pasta will do fine!)
And Winn Dixie has there DOLE salads BOGO, FRESH SPINACH IS INCLUDED!! Also the Dole COLESLAW!!! I grabbed one coleslaw and 1 salad (they were the cheapest! $2.29 for the both of them) The coleslaw will go great with the cheap Seapack Shrimp from the other week, and the cheap Gorton's this week....I see a "SEAFOOD NIGHT" coming!!! In fact I think that will be tonight's supper!

Happy Saving

Some Menu ideas with sale items!

Hey, I noticed on Publix Penny Pinchers site,
she has posted about why a menu plan is important....if you read my post about the $30.00 lesson I learned (went to dentist, didn't plan.....Take out $30.00!!! we have food here!)why I think this is important also....if I know before hand what to take out of freezer or I can "prep", I am not running around last minute trying to figure out what to do....and you are less likely to just "GRAB TAKE OUT!!!" We usually ffed our family of 5 here at home way under $5.00 total!!! for supper......take out for 5 averages $30.00 (I spend that for a weeks trip at the store!!!)and it also helps me figure out how I am going to use 18 jars of RAGU!!! with out having it every night....we have spaced that Ragu out since November....I still have 6 left and I hace given away alot...

Here are some GREAT recipes that tie in with sale items!! I am planning on doing some of the chicken recipes! Remember whole chickens are .99lb. at Winn Dixie (stock up price) and we can get 2 meals out of one chicken!! Family of 5 go ahead and say ADULTS.....Usually when I cook a whole chicken, the first night we eat as roasted....then I take all the meat I can off the bones and use as chicken pot pies or chicken casseroles.....and with ALL that cheap broth!!!! WOOOOHOOO! I am like Publix Penny Pincher, I don't use the broth from the fatty or something...and like I said usually we roast them first... I have done 2 at a time before, and put in freezer!!
Roast Sticky Chicken
REALLY TASTE LIKE DELI rotisserie chicken!!! Put rub on the night before, stick in frig will take 5 hours to cook the next day BUT OHHH SO WORTH IT, the flavor gets all the way through, and it is really moist NOT DRY AT ALL very very delicious!
Prep Time:
10 MinCook Time:
5 Hrs Ready In:
9 Hrs 10 Min

Original Recipe Yield 2 whole (4 pound) chickens
4 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons paprika 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 teaspoon white pepper 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 2 onions, quartered 2 (4 pound) whole chickens
In a small bowl, mix together salt, paprika, onion powder, thyme, white pepper, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder. Remove and discard giblets from chicken. Rinse chicken cavity, and pat dry with paper towel. Rub each chicken inside and out with spice mixture. Place 1 onion into the cavity of each chicken. Place chickens in a resealable bag or double wrap with plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight, or at least 4 to 6 hours.
Preheat oven to 250 degrees F (120 degrees C).
Place chickens in a roasting pan. Bake uncovered for 5 hours, to a minimum internal temperature of 180 degrees F (85 degrees C). Let the chickens stand for 10 minutes before carving.
found at

Or I am going to try her crock pot way!!! Here

This will make a great deal with the sale at Winn Dixie on Chicken.....NOOOO we will not be eating chicken every night this week....I will buy alot of chickens...and recipes for during the course of the next few weeks!! I used to only buy chicken breast.....then with budget....swapped to drumsticks....(WE WILL NOT EAT THIGHS!!) But then I did the whole chicken, we love the recipe I posted up top, and like I said I can get 2 meals out of 1 so we really are coming out cheaper this way....And I have cooked chicken in the freezer for some really fast meals!!!
Happy Saving

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here is what I have noticed that is "good" at Winn Dixie this week
(To get that $10 off $50 maybe??? Remeber to all you "newbies" USE THIS AT PUBLIX!!If you get one, sorry Carmen)
Winn Dixie
No Yolks Egg Noodles, 13 oz, at $2.29 ($1.14)
-$1/2 No Yolk Noodles SS 2/21
-.75/1 No Yolk Noodles SS 2/21 THESE WILL WORK OUT .39 EACH REMEBER BUY 2 (first one rings up full price. 2nd one 0.00) USE 2 COUPONS!!!
Coles Mini Garlic Bread or Toast, 1 oz, at $1.99 (99¢)(WE LOVE THESE, Last week was the first time we tried these!!! WONDERFUL!!! THE CHEESE GARLIC, OHHHHH!)
Free bag w/ 3 proofs of purchase here
-.50/1 Cole’s product printable HERE
I printed 4 more (FREE) and that qualifies for the FREE BAG!!! SCORE!!!
Winn-Dixie Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns, $1
I noticed there WHOLE CHICKENS are .99 lb (Publix is $1.19lb. this week)
Also their 5lb. bag of apples are $3.99 (.79 lb. where Publix is .99 lb)
THESE are the ONLY things I really see that are cheaper at Winn Dixie! (That I am planning on getting)

Hall’s Cough Drops, 30 ct, $1
-.50/1 Halls cough drops SS 1/10
B1G1 Halls Single Bag, 20 ct+, SS 2/21
-$1/2 Halls 20ct+, SS 2/21
-.50/1 Halls Cough Drops 20 ct.+, March All You
MORE FREE COUGH DROPS!!! (and I have actually been needing these here lately!!!)

Hope This Helps
Happy Saving

HEY YA'LL!!! I'm fine, just busy!

Hey sorry I have not posted in how many days.....
I have gotten so busy, and the housework has piled took over!
I figured no one would is nice to be missed though!!
Ok. how our budget is going....We are at $75.05 for the month....ok 35.05 over our goal, but it has been a cool experiment!!! We now know how truly little we really need!! And in fact I think some of them have gained a pound or two!!
Today's menu (I'm just going to catch up here, nothing with recipes or notewothy)
Breakfast: oatmeal (it has held out!! Looking forward to the BAGLES!! (Publix .99 after ALL YOU coupon!!)
Lunch: Welcome Back Wednesday (leftovers)
Supper: I was going to do a roast (forgot to put it in crockpot!!)
Spaghetti (this past weeks sale!) Pasta sauce (Hunt's from the other week)
And Coles Cheese Breadsticks (THESE ARE AWESOME!! Winn Dixie will have them FREE this week, The Bread I know!! And don't forget for buying three send off for your FREE TOTE BAG!!! FREE BREAD, FREE BAG AWESOME!!!!
I taught a coupon class today (Thanks Carmen, and Stephanie!!!)
I get so excited doing these!!!

Some Deals to note:
If you saw on the Hip2Save site about the Baby Alive Doll (supposed to be on clearance $4.98 ($5.00 coupon) FREE DOLL!!! HERE
Target in Prattville HAS NOT MARKED THESE DOWN YET!! I went by there still FULL PRICE AND NO HISPANIC ones (it was these that were marked down)
BUT, I did find the Olay cleansing facial cloths (BLUE AND WHITE PACKAGE) (I need to get a camera that works on our computer!)
They are $3.69, I used a $3.00 coupon from a P&G that expires the end of this month so .69 cents!!!
AND if you have a STARKIST TUNA coupon $1.00 ANY, the plain tuna pouches are .94 cents so FREE!! Becca and myself are the only 2 that eat tuna (so this will make a nice lunch and the others can eat......peanut butter and jelly!)
I was also looking for the Gillette Men's Body Wash 8.6 oz. ($1.98) with that $4.00 off two these will be FREE!!! THEY WERE ALL GONE!! I am going to keep a look out! These are the smaller (not trial size) ones (we got these free last year at this time! It was one of my first deals!!)
That is about it.....
Happy Saving

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sorry ,Where Have I Been????

Sorry I have not posted since Thursday, I had my last dentist appt. Thursday afternoon (I AM DONE, until my next cleaning!!YEAH!!!) I LOVE Dr. Crosby and his staff!! They are AWESOME!!! Anyway, I popped in Walmart in Greenville, they have the new ALL YOU out!! GRAB ONE, there are some great coupons that go with this weeks sale!!
Anyway, I KNEW I had that dentist appt. (late afternoon), I usually plan something for the crockpot...or something easy prep...on days like this........this time...NO!For some reason I forgot to get anything started, nothing!! So needless to say when I got home...I took my advil and went and laid down, not even thinking about supper (it is already 4:00 by this time)I was going to do my McDonald's Cheeseburger Dish (I did not even take out my ground beef!!, NOT LIKE ME!!) the kids come ask me at 5:15, what is for supper!!! Bo had to work late....(doesn't happen often)I called him and asked if he knew roughly when he would be about a hour.....I asked him to just "GRAB SOMETHING FOR SUPPER" (WE NEVER DO THIS!!!! If you know know we NEVER"get" without a plan) He was so sweet....he brought home KFC....REALLY GOOD....RARE TREAT.......$30.00!!!!!I didn't spend that much at the grocery store!!!!
I am telling you this because I learned a VALUABLE LESSON!!!PLAN AHEAD!!! I had PLENTY of fast meals I could have thrown together....or the kids could have done....but I didn't.
I can see how easy it would be after a hard days work to just "grab" something on the way home.....but how much is it to "grab" vs what you could have done with a little planning....I have learned my $30.00 PRICELESS LESSON!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday Inserts!! Get your paper money ready girls!!

Sunday Coupon Inserts 2/21
Feb 19th, 2010 by Amy.

This would be a great weekend to get multiple papers!

There will be 3 inserts in the paper this weekend- Smartsource, Redplum, and P&G.

This is information I got off Here

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to REFILL your Dawn Direct Foam Bottles!

I got one of these awhile back (on sale and with coupons ofcourse)
I also bought the PLAIN Dawn. I noticed on the back of the DIRECT FOAM (I do love this product!) that it says "REFILL WITH DAWN DIRECT FOAM ONLY" well, it cost more than the just plain Dawn (especially if on sale!) BUT I found this tidbit of info:
I take an empty bottle of Dawn Direct Foam and make my own refill solution.

You need VERY LITTLE Dawn liquid detergent to fill your empty bottle! Try 1 tablespoon of Dawn detergent per bottle and then fill the rest up with water. Shake it up to get the solution mixed well and then let it sit for a little while. It seems to work perfectly for me and produces a LOT of foam.

If you use even a little bit too much Dawn Detergent, the foaming will be diminished.

Experiment a little bit and see how it works for you.


How to Organize Emails??

Hey, I have gotten to the point that my inbox is SOOOO Full of coupons, offers, newsletters from the various things we "send" for, that it is ALOT to go through and find emails from friends and family...
I got to thinking about it, I can setup a seperate email account just for"OFFERS, NEWSLETTERS, and COUPONS" for free from whichever email account you normally use.
We use yahoo, so I am going to just set up another email account for just this purpose. Thought this idea might help. I don't know why I didn't think of it before!
Maybe some of ya'll have already done this! Share your ideas, tips and suggestions!
Happy Saving

Thurs. Feb. 18th Your Stockpile is GROWING! and menu

I have noticed something, alot of you are talking about how there is not much you need to get at the store this time. That is a good thing!! This is where you want to be. Now that you have your "stockpile" up, you can concentrate on free/cheap items! Also, keep getting your fruit/produce! I always buy fruit and produce, I just stay with the ones that are on sale. This last week it was a certain salad brand (I got 2), bananas were .69 cents lb. (a little high but we had not had these in awhile) I figure I am saving sooooo much on the other stuff, I can alot some of our grocery budget to produce,meat, and dairy. I just stick with the sale items, unless it is something I need to finish out a meal. This next week I relized I am going to need cottage cheese (I will be making lasagna)so I will look for the cheapest one (hopefully on sale!) and try to match up a coupon with it! We have pasta, sauce, garlic bread, and salad so that will make a meal and all I have to buy is the cottage cheese!
Ok. our menu!
Breakfast: cereal
Lunch: taquitos (these were from the sale last week,)and taco salad

I will also make homemade pudding ( I have the magic mix already made, I keep this made up in the frig, makes really fast white sauce also!) On the pudding, I don't have cocoa I will use some of those chocolate chips from the freezer WORKS GREAT!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Go here to request your FREE sample of Lemon Heads!

these are for the new TROPICAL CHEWY! My kids will EAT these for sure, if they can get them away from me!!! I LOVE lemon heads!


Winn-Dixie Weekly Ad 2/17-2/23
Half off Super Sale
Split Chicken Breasts, 99¢ lb
Assorted Pork Chops $1.49 lb
Dole Classic Iceberg or Cole Slaw, 99¢
-.55/1 Dole Salad coupon on select bags
-$1/2 Dole Salads Booklet found at Winn Dixie
-.75/1 Dole Salad Printable
Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, 8 oz, 29¢
-$1/3 Hunt’s Products printable (makes 3 FREE)
-$1/5 Hunt’s Tomato Sauce “Rediscover Your Balance” booklet
-$1/4 Hunt’s Products in store dispenser
Winn-Dixie Charcoal Briquettes, 9 lb, $2.49
Buy One Get One
Hartz Dog Biscuits, 24-46 oz, at $3.99 ($1.99)
-$2 off Hartz Crunch n’ Clean Dog Biscuits(makes it FREE)
-$1 off Crunch n’ Clean Biscuits - Found in Package
I will POP in and check prices on Chicken and for sure get the FREE tomato sauce and Free DOG BISCUITS (Mrs. Foxy, our dachshund will love me forever!)
Hopefully the $10 off $50 coupon will print, I will FOR SURE need this at Publix, if I go!
CHECK SOUTHERN SAVERS OR Publix Penny Pincher for your PUBLIX SALES!!!


HURRY the ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN promotion in the middle ENDS FEB 27TH!!!
From what I have read, you don't have to "BUY" anything just enter your info and you are entered!!!
Prize $100 gift card to Publix!!! You all know how far a $100 will go! WOW, that would be SOOOOOO COOOOOL!
Also the Italian Days promo.. ENTER TO WIN IT!!

Wed. Feb. 17th

Hey! I am just excited about the day, I don't know why, I woke up this way! We don't have anything to "do" outside the norm of school, laundry, housework, and church tonight. So I don't know why I am so "excited", and I have not even had my coffee yet! Hopefully everyone else here at home will be in and STAY IN good moods also!
Menu for Wed:
Breakfast: oatmeal (we have made a DENT in the oatmeal, we have donated 2 boxes,
we will probably have to come up with another idea for Wed. next week!)


Supper: Sticky Chicken I posted the recipe for this before, REALLY GOOD, and we will use the leftovers for chicken salad later in the week(last whole one I had gotten @Publix .69 cents lb.)
stuffing, green beans with almonds (from the sale this last week, I will have the kids "crush" them in zipbag)
dessert: Jello with cool whip!
Have you seen the SALE list for this time yet? I have glanced though it the other day, I will make time for that today.....
The other day I posted about God's gifts to us, and then the next day in the girl's Bible study for our school work, there was this quote

What you are is a gift from God:
What you become is your gift to God!
Louis Nizer

WOW! And I just posted about God's gifts!! I explained to the girls that life is a "gift", God gave all of us the "gift of life" in this one, and I think the "gift of eternal life", but what you become: what you CHOOSE TO DO with this life DAILY, is our "gift to GOD".......So I told the girls EVERYDAY they are to BECOME that gift for God with everything they do....Make sure everyday would be counted as a Gift for him, its a gift for us..........

Ok I know this has nothing to do with the latest deals.....but then again it does....
We have talked before about giving, I have told many of you how our family DONATES
extras we have, we also will start back Donating our time (humane shelter) and Nursing Home (after our visit the other day, I know I need to go more often)
We have been blessed with SO MUCH,
So PLEASE for today, be a GIFT FOR GOD! Do something NICE for someone, donate something or your time! (Time is more precious than "bought" things! to those that are receiving it)
I will post later about the "GOOD DEALS"
Happy Saving

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update on our budget.........

It has been a little over a week since I published our totals....
How are we doing....
Well we were at $26.04 the last time I posted it
Since then I did the RAZOR deal at Target and the card games $18.52
(We had also done Old Navy and Bath and Body, $31 and $11 from the other week, I asked Bo if any of this should come out of "Grocery" budget NO, it came out of CLOTHING and then Present/Gift (Becca's B'day is coming up and the bath and body stuff I am going to use in gift baskets!!)
SO we were at $7.52
Sat. we went to Publix (FINALLY, I was going through coupon usage withdrawl....)
We spent $33.93 (with tax)
O.k. over budget......BUT when we got home there was a $35.00 check in the mail!!!
So that puts us back at...(pause for me doing the math)
Here is a "RUNDOWN" of what we got:
8 Lipton Tea Bags (I had .40 coupons/doubled to .80)
2 Orbit Gum FREE if you got Watermelon!
4 Puffs tissues FREE (used those buy 2 Vicks coupons get free puffs)
2 Jose Ole Taquitos (steak and cheese, Brian and Becca LOVE these!)
4 Kotex tampons
8 Dayquil/ Nyquil Trial size (got overage on these and free puffs!)
4 Ziploc bags
2 Country Crock Spreads
2 Blue Diamond Almonds (I have already eaten 1 BY MYSELF!!!SHHHH. DON'T TELL)
2 Dove Deodorent
1 Goodlife Cat Food
4 Lysol Cleaners
3 Keebler Cookies
3 Hallmark Tissue Paper
1 Fisher Trail Mix
2 Publix Salads
1 Carrot
1 Grapes
2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
1 5lb sugar
2 Purina One Dog Food
I had a $10.00 off $50.00 coupon a neighbor gave me, I gave her some items from our stockpile
Would have been $186.03 paid $33.93

Thifty Tue. Feb. 16

O.k., it is 12:43 A.M.!! Please bear with me, (the dog woke me up and I can't get back to sleep) I was letting the dog out, and passed by the laundry pile that I had not finished! I went to lay back down, and all I saw in my mind was LAUNDRY!! We call it Mt. NEVER-REST! So of course I had to get back up and start a load and I am waiting to change it out and start another!

So I figured now is as good of time as any to post!
Menu for today:
Breakfast: bagels cream cheese (we have started to make a dent in the cream cheese!)
Lunch: popcorn chicken and salad, crackers, grapes
Supper: Pork Chops (from back when Winn Dixie had them BOGO)
canned yams, peas and okra from freezer (from our garden), dessert: Betty Crocker Cookies of course! I got some peanut butter ones, and I have some toll house chips still in the freezer from the sale in Dec.....I will be adding some to the cookie dough......YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE!

The NEW list is up on I Heart Publix (again another LONG but GREAT one!!)
Also there are some new coupons listed there!

For my THRIFTY tip today:

Did you know that you can REFILL your swiffer mop liquid bottle????
We have soooooo much mud and other "stuff" that gets tracked in, that I swiffer mop DAILY!! And that gets expensive quickly.....So I knew there had to be a way...
Well I discovered this a few months ago, we have been "CONDUCTING SCIENTIFIC TEST"
ok we have just been mopping the floors! And it works!
Take your bottle, turn it upside down, place in a pot of almost boiling water, not to much just enough to cover the cap....leave in for about 15-20 seconds.....and VIOLA it opens!!!! Now I refill ours with Lysol Pourable Cleaner (we got REALLY cheap awhile back) you can also use the trigger cleaners that have just been on sale.
I use 2TBSP. cleaner and fill the rest of the way with water seal back up and keep on mopping!!!
Here is a video that I found that shows you how (see I'm NOT the only one!!!)

For the Swiffer Pads.....I found the microfiber cleaning rags/cloths (that you can wash in the washer) stick really well to the swiffer....or I have taken rubber bands to make it "HANG" on.....then after I am done mopping the floors I just throw them in the wash!!! I found a 4 pack of the cloths at Dollar General awhile back for $5, Walmart and Target sell them also.
Hope this helps!!
Happy Saving

Monday, February 15, 2010

More Lysol Coupons!!!

OK as you know Publix has the Lysol Triggers on sale BOGO right now (ENDS TUES.)
Stacy (THANK YOU!!) let me know that you can REGISTER TO WIN THE DRAWING here
Print for the trigger one AND the Kitchen Cleaner (BOTH ON SALE)
It makes them .34 cents apiece!!!
We "STOCK" up on these because they go on sale rarely, by the time they do go on sale we are almost out....and we use a TON of it.....with 5 people (4 home nearly 24/7......3 meals a day....we clean the counters ALOT...also spray down the sinks in the bathroom daily!!)
So if you are planning on going back to Publix, grab some more!!
Happy Saving

Harbor Freight Free Flashlight

You can go here

and print a variety of coupons including a coupon for a free LED flashlight!

Also if your Sunday paper has the USA Weekend in it, the coupons are in there as well. We have also found them in the Reader's Digest, and if there is a Harbor Freight sales ad (every once in a blue moon) there will be this coupon.

Bo got one a few weeks back, it really is cute,and works great...I just have to remind him......DON'T GO CRAZY....He did buy some sockets or something that spins around (I call anything that is not a screwdriver a THINGYMABOB or a WHATCHAMACALLIT)
But he used a 20 % off coupon so he came out REALLY GOOD...I hope he does as well this next time!
We have some more FREE our goal is to try to get one for each family member...These will be good to have on hand in case the power goes out...or in an emergency.....
Also I have thought about putting them back to go in our guys "goody boxes" at Christmas.....It is never to early to "STOCK" things back! and I bet the guys would like them.....

Monday Feb. 15th PRESIDENT'S Day!

Happy President's Day! (Like there is a card for this!)
It is going to be a "normal" day for us, school work, house work, catch up from weekend! Bo usually has the day off......due to the weather, and busting water lines in Montgomery.....he was called in yesterday and has to work today! In cases like this they usually pay in "time", he found out yesterday he will get "PAID", TIME AND A HALF!!! SO he has no problems missing PRESIDENT'S DAY! WOOOHOOO!
God has given gifts to each of you....Manage them well so that God's generosity can flow through you.
1 Peter 4:10

Think about what gifts God has given you....the gift of teaching, the gift of patience, the gift of sharing with others, the gift of knowing a skill......
Some people think of gift's from God as being only materialistic...i.e. money, homes, cars.....I think of these things as BLESSINGS, and our actual talents as our GIFTS...We are to manage our finances well as well as our "Talents" so that we can be generous with both....Think of a "talent" God has given you......Be generous and "Give"
Becca and I are going to the nursing home today to visit our "HOMEBOUND" from church, we didn't make it last week with our Valentine's so we are going today, I hope one day late is o.k....I know the residents enjoy our visits and it is not a lot of time out of our day....God has given us this opportunity to teach our children compassion, respect for the elderly, and patience.....

Our menu for today:
Breakfast: If you notice our breakfast and lunches usually take a week rotation.
It makes it easier for me to "automatically" know what we are having. i.e. Monday, cereal...
Lunch: sandwiches and soup (I will not have to make bread today, we still have some in the freezer!) My mixer DIED last week, but the Lord showed me mercy because I had just gotten done with my last batch of bread! It is a Kitchen Aid my mother had and gave to me YEARS ago! I will find someone who works on them and see about getting it fixed!
Supper: Chicken Fried Rice (one of those Chicken Helper Meals, these are REALLY good)
Birds Eye Asian Veggies, and I found 1 box of EGG ROLLS (Chung's) from the sale back in Dec! These will be a real treat! We will use chopsticks (I have a TON left I bought back for our Mission Friends class a year ago, Sunday Dinner $2.50 for a HUGE BUNDLE! This makes it "exciting" and we are all getting practice using them. Well, everyone but BO, he does not have the patience for eating to take that long!!!
SO this is how our day will be....hope you have a GREAT ONE!!!
Happy Saving

Sunday, February 14, 2010


O.K., let me take a moment to "Enjoy God", Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4, we can get so caught up with our daily "to do's" that we sometimes have to remind ourselves what is our true TO DO....
We were soooooo busy yesterday, but FUN. Carol Beth wanted to go to the Native American Arts and Crafts show (FREE), and then the Library (she was still upset she didn't get to go Thur.). We had been "HOMEBOUND" since Wed., so EVERYBODY went! I finally got to go to Publix!!! Over our budget, but read below about how God "BLESSED" us again! We did lunch (MEXICO TIPICO, this was the first time we have all been since Brian's birthday in June!!!!GREAT TREAT, Bo got paid for a job he did, unexpected "BLESSING".)
We truly had a great day.....but in the hustle and bustle of the finally hit me this morning, I needed to just "TAKE A MOMENT" and ENJOY GOD....Soon the kids will be up, we will get ready for church, get ready to teach Sunday School...I need to "prepare my heart, mind, and soul" that I am a good Disciple.


O.k., ORBIT gum the 3 count mulit packs They are on sale $2.00 and $1.00 off coupons
BUTif you look at all the Flavors...ORBIT SPRING WATERMELON MIST is on SALE......99 cents!!! So with that $1.00 off coupon FREE, for 3 count multipack!!!
I had 2 coupons so a total of 6 packets of gum (2 multi) for FREE!!!

In the 1/17 P&G and the 2/7 P&G there were $2.00 and $1.50 coupons for VICKS DAYQUIL and Publix in the TRAVEL SECTION they have them for $1.29 SO FREE PLUS OVERAGE!!!! Now usually I don't bother with the travel size items, BUT there is also a coupon in the 2/7 P&G for a FREE BOX of PUFFS TISSUES if you buy any 2 VICKS ITEMS!!!!! The Puffs with VICKS rub smell (THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!)are normally $1.99
So I bought 8 TRIAL SIZE DAYQUIL @ $1.29 each = $10.32
used 4 $2.00 coupons and 4 $1.50 coupon -$14.00 in coupons!
$3.68 IN OVERAGE!!!!
PLUS I got 4 BOXES of PUFFS TISSUES FREE Would have been $7.96!!!!

I also did the Kotex tampon deal and used all my coupons plus the BOGO coupon out of the Green Advantage Flyer (4 boxes total would have been$13.56 for all 4! I paid -.22OVERAGE!!!! for all 4, I used 4---.75 Publix coupons, 2 BOGO Publix coupons, and 2- $2.00 Manufac. coupons I had!!! So 4 boxes and I MADE .22 cents!!!I love it when I get free and make extra to go toward my produce, meat, dairy....
We got carrots, grapes, salad......all kinds of stuff!!!!
Our final totals RETAIL WOULD HAVE BEEN $186.03 FINAL TOTAL WE PAID (WITH TAX) $33.93!!! We had a CART FULL! It took us about an hour....we did go over our set budget....
but with the weather the way it is right now.......we can't work on the porch right now I was trying to make myself feel better about blowing our goal...BO was making me feel better saying it was ok and LOOK at all the things we bought for only $33.93!!! He was AMAZED watching the total drop!! At first he PANICKED when he saw the beginning total....the cashier saw his face and told him
"OH IT'S OK, WE HAVEN'T STARTED WITH HER COUPONS YET", I had to get a manager override (I had more coupons than items, with store coupons, man. coupons, competitor coupons), they are used to fact the cashier and manager both laughed about I have to have it done "every time" and they were worried about me because I had not been in earlier in the week....the bag boy made the comment they had wondered where I was and he was going to come "RESCUE me from the snow" so I could go shopping!!! It is nice to be missed!
ANYWAY we get home, and in the mail is a check for $35.00!!!!!WOW, what we had spent plus some!!!! GOD IS AMAZING!!! We also got our Castrol Oil coupons I had posted about, I thought they were going to be like $1.00 or $2.00 off....NO, we got coupons for 4 FREE QUARTS OF OIL!!!! So we only have to buy 1 quart and an oil filter for 1 vehicle!!!
WE started this "goal" on faith, and we felt we have "STAGGERED" but God shows his mercy at every turn!!!!
Happy Saving

Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally Friday! Menu post and just "HEY"

Breakfast: pancakes (we are going to take a snails pace today and enjoy! POOR BO has to BRAVE the elements and go to work (He becomes part of the Emergency Management Team in situations like this)YA'LL PLEASE PRAY HE MAKES IT THERE AND BACK SAFELY!
Lunch:burgers (w/o lettuce SORRY BRIAN, I have not made it to the store yet)
Supper:Mozzarella BITES and ,HOMEMADE PIZZA'S (we figured it up, it comes out to .25cents a pizza!!! and that is for a topped one! We usually do peppironi,peppers, onion, olives.....but we are out of peppironi (WE GET THIS AT SAM'S LAST FOREVER!!!We also use it in pasta salad, homemade hot pockets (use cresent rolls if free,cheap) bagel pizza's, get creative!We even put it on cold cut sandwiches!I bag it up in smaller zip bags and put with our pizza crust and cheese!Like grab and go! Just when you get ready to use, take out of freezer about 20 min. before and let it thaw!
It has been AWHILE since we have had to buy this, I just noticed it has gone up in price not quite $2.00, so I will have to "refigure" my cost per pizza, we did the price calculations to see if it really is cheaper or what is our "BUY" price when pizza's go on sale with coupons!

The girls like just cheese. So I make 1 topped and 1 cheese!
Recipe: Pizza Pack CRUST
Don’t forget to oil you pans before spreading on the dough (what a disaster). Tara’s favorite method is to oil the pan with olive oil, then sprinkle on a little course cornmeal. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and place the rolled dough on the pan. Only use the cornmeal if you are going to roll the pizza dough out before placing it on the pizza pan.
PIZZA CRUST (MAKES 6 MED. to LARGE CRUST!!! FREEZE!!!)This batch will last us 1 month and that is 2 pizzas at a time!
3 cups warm water
1 1/2 T salt
1 T (pkg) dry yeast
4 cups whole wheat flour
4 T sugar or honey (we use honey if we have it!! It is REALLY GOOD!!)
4 cups all purpose flour
In a large bowl, place the warm water. Sprinkle the yeast over the water and allow it to dissolve a few minutes. After yeast is dissolved, add the honey, salt, and the whole wheat flour. Stir until it is no longer lumpy. Allow this mixture to sit, covered and undisturbed for at least two hours (this will give the dough a better texture). Gradually stir in the white flour until you can no longer stir it with a spoon, then knead in the remaining flour (6-8 minutes kneading time by hand). Allow the dough to rise for one hour in a greased bowl. Make sure and cover the bowl with a lid or a towel to keep the dough from drying out. Follow one of the options listed below for assembling and freezing a pizza. This recipe makes enough dough for 6 medium pizzas with a medium thickness crust.
Option 1:
Prepare the dough, allow it to rise once, punch it down, then flatten it into 6 thick disc and freeze them in individual zip bags. The disc shape helps the dough thaw more evenly and quickly. Thaw the dough on a day you will eat it and spread it on a greased baking or pizza pan. Allow the dough to rise, top with sauce and toppings and bake on the bottom rack at 325 degrees for 30-40 minutes until the bottom of the crust is done and the cheese is melted and bubbly. Check the crust by lifting it up with a metal spatula. It should be browned to the center.
For the sloppy joe pizza (FOR THIS ONE I PREBAKE OUR CRUST!!!I will bake it about 20 min. and then top it and then cook for 20 more min!!!)
1 lb. of ground beef (THANK YOU "SUPPER")
3/4 cup frozen or canned corn (Free Bird's EYE)
3/4 cup BBQ sauce (CHEAP AT PUBLIX THE OTHER WEEK!!!.20cents a bottle!)
1/2 cup chopped onion (it calls for green onion, I will use part of a yellow, not quite 1/2 cup because it is stronger)
1 large pizza crust
1 1/2 cups shredded CO/Jack cheese (I will use mozzarella, it is what we have!)
Brown ground beef, drain, stir corn, bbq sauce, and onion in. Heat through. Place dough on baking sheet, spoon beef mixture on top, sprinkle with cheese.Bake 12-15 min!

Ok Ladies here are some "ODD" things you might want to LOOK out for!!!

Have you noticed alot of the coupons that are "LISTED" to use on the list/blogs are NOT in our paper (I know they are regional, but right now it seems almost like NONE of them are in our papers!!! It's all ads, I don't want an ad, I don't want to order 3 pair of Ladies KNIT pants for $19.99, I don't want a clock! I WANT COUPONS!
Ok. I just had to get that out of my system, I'm fine now!Thank you for your time and now back to our regularly scheduled programing!

Go by Walgreens and get the new Feb. coupon booklet! It is at the front of the store where the ads are, they are Walgreens STORE coupons, and they last till the end of the month! I usually get mine the beginning of the month....but I have not made it by there yet. BUT I WILL, I have heard there is a KOTEX coupon in it! Now in the Publix Green Advantage Flyer there is a BOGO Kotex coupon (PUBLIX coupon) and there are some manufacturer coupons out there! So free/cheap Kotex!!

Some odd off list things to look out for at Publix!

~Heinz 16-oz Vinegar $1.29
you will pay .29¢
Print 2 coupons and get 2, we use vinegar all the time and it makes for cheap but good fabric softener!!!See the recipe in the Thrifty Thurs post ?(I think or email or call me, I would be happy to give it to you!)
We figured it up, the fabric softer works out to .43 a batch! (this was using FREE conditioner!)

~Chapstick $1.49
*(look for packs with one free tube)
-$1/1 Publix Q (Green Advantage Flyer)
Make SURE to pick up the right one!!!! I thought I grabbed the right one, as it rang up noticed it was $2.99!!!! The GREAT cashier knows me, and she KNEW this was the WRONG one, the sweet bagger went and got me the one I wanted!!! THANKS LADIES!
So .49 cents for chapstick (not free, but we go through lip balm this time of year, even Bo uses chapstick (he works outside and in the wind!!)
I will NOT let him use my Neosporin Lip Balm!! IT IS TOO NICE *he would lose it, and it took me FOREVER to get that deal! That was at Walgreens a few weeks ago, I did the HAPPY DANCE across the parking lot when I finally found it! I did not even realize I was dancing, until I got in the car, Bo and the kids were BUSTING OUT LAUGHING....wanting to know "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" I looked down and sure enough, I was STILL DANCING!!Good Deals will do that to you!

Also the .50/1 Pepto coupon that is in the P&G can't remember if it was 1/17 or 2/7!
It will double to $1.00 at Publix....the 12 count tablets (we like these)are $1.89 so .89 cents after coupons!!!
Happy Saving


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Menu for Thurs. Feb. 11

So we are 11 days into our challenge! We are doing good, we only have 17 more days to go!! I didn't realize until now, we picked a 28 day month to do this!!! The Lord blessed us with the timing!!
Ok. Breakfast :cereal (we are starting to run low on milk....but I have powdered milk to fall back on, we always use this unless I can get milk cheap or free! They can't tell the difference and I don't have to worry about it spoiling!)
Lunch: burritos (I had some chili left from last week I froze and this will be our "filling")
Supper: Beef tips ("Supper" I will cook these in the crockpot) I will also have a roast going in another crockpot (read my Let's get ready to snow post)
noodles (always free or cheap,will we ever make a dent in the pasta stash,if there is some left at the end of this month...We will put some in our donate pile)
frozen veggies (I have a BUNCH of different kinds, I think I will do the spinach)
homemade bread
for dessert: Popscicles(NO I'm joking.....what are we going to do with all these popsciles they go bad????)
We will have jello with fruit cocktail! They love this! I will have Becca make this after lunch so it can be JELLO/ING!

Thursday Feb.11 LET'S GET READY TO.............SNOW!!!!

Are you ready? I got to thinking about this, I know back in '93, they "predicted" that we MIGHT have snow......For those that don't remember, WE HAD SNOW!!! Our power went out, the water went out, (the power was out about 6 days, the water almost 2 WEEKS, I DO REMEMBER THIS, Brian was a toddler and Carol Beth was only 4 months old!
It will not get that bad this time (I hope), but I am going to take today to get a few thing ready just in case the power or water do go out.....We keep the 2.5 gallon water containers in our pantry for emergencies (I have 4 of these), but did you know you are supposed to have 1 gallon per person for 3 days! For our house that would be 15 gallons! Now I'm not going to RUN to the store and buy more, I have 10 gallons and if we see that it is going to get BAD, I might catch up some in my stockpots. Hayneville Water had a problem last time with the pump freezing, of course that was 17 years ago....but you know, THE LORD OVER ALL IS IN CHARGE!!I remember the verse: We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials,for we know that they are good for us-they help us learn to endure. Romans 5:3 I have learned from '93 how to hopefully endure whatever is going to come out of this. I am praying that it is just going to be "FUN SNOW"! We have already told ours "Yes, you will have school, Becca made the comment that schools will probably be closed.....I informed her that it would be due to ROAD CONDITIONS...I don't think she will have ICY CONDITIONS from her bedroom to our classroom table!
Back to prep stuff (don't ya'll love how I get side tracked!)

I have gotten up my HAND can opener (Carol Beth questioned what this was!!!!)
Candles, matches, Bo got up some more firewood, WE HAVE A TON OF CAN GOODS...If the power does go out my only concern was the freezers (we don't have a generator),but that is the COOL thing about a SNOW/ICE power outage.....IT WILL BE FREEZING OUTSIDE!!! (Not like after Ivan (we lost everything in our freezers then, the Lord blessed us though, we were down to the last of a steer, so we didn't lose much.)So if the power does go out, and is out for an EXTENDED period of time, we will "CHUNK THE STUFF IN THE YARD", ok not quite, we will put it in coolers, rubbermaid tubs whatever we can find and "chunk it in the yard"!
But again we are thinking it will not get like that, BUT we will be prepared if it does! So this is how we are spending our Thursday ( I figure it is a good time also to talk to the kids about emergency preparedness!) Your GET 10 GET READY thingy....
down at the bottom is a pdf file for WINTER PREPARE!I will not worry about EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST.....Don't run out and go buy a bunch of stuff......
I will make sure we have a way to stay warm (get up extra blankets, firewood)
Water, and food ready, and flashlights, candles....and things to do....Hey this is where those cool card games from Target will come in HANDY!

We also got to talking about cooking up some extra meat, we have an electric if the power does go out...the fireplace will be our only choice to HEAT/COOK food....I don't want to solely eat can goods! During Ivan we were able to cook outside, it was like camping, we used the grill, we made a fire ring with a grill plate over it (I cooked all our meals that way, the kids remember it being FUN,) Becca and I even heated water for every ones baths and washed clothes outside! Some people from our old church had come to check on us.....found us out in the yard around that fire, washing clothes....and made the comment we looked liked we lived in a third world country......but that Sunday at church.....everyone made the comment we were the only "CLEAN" ones there! They wanted to know how we had power and water to BATHE and WASH!
We are also going to the nursing home to take Valentine's and the library....
So it is going to be a full day!
UPDATE: WE will not be going ANYWHERE, Bo parked down here at the house....BIG NONO right now,His truck got stuck....The tractor will not he took my van...
I am looking at this as the Lord's way of letting me "take this time", we had a dentist appt. scheduled for today (they called and canceled yesterday, see the Lord was gracious in this! We didn't have to worry about making that appt.) and it didn't happen yesterday (They had their Homeschool Valentine Party at the church, THANK YOU LETHA WE HAD SO MUCH FUN) so....we are going with the flow, I am anticipating what the Lord has in store for us!! It has worked out that we HAVE to stay home today! So, I will embrace this to the fullest! We will work on our SNOW PREP, get laundry done and just relish this "STAY HOME TIME" AND DO SCHOOLWORK!
Carol Beth is UPSET to say the least about the library...
and her art class has been canceled for tomorrow......but I will FIND her something to do! (THERE is that pile of clothes that needs, I wouldn't do that..) She can make snowflakes, and help me in the kitchen.

Happy Saving

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wonderful Wed!

O.k., today is SUPPOSED to be SUNNY??? I don't know about ya'll but I'm TIRED of rain! Bo always said he would one day take me on a cruise....I didn't know it would be our doublewide going down the driveway! We have had to park our cars at the top of the hill AND WALK TO THE HOUSE! Needless to say I now have a "shoe store" in my van!
On the menu for today!
Breakfast: oatmeal (these fruit and cream flavors are FABULOUS!)
Lunch: Welcome Back Wed. (leftovers!0
Supper: I guess you could say this is our Mardi Gras meal?sausage (hillshire farm when they were REALLY cheap), redbeans and rice (knorr rice side packet, it will take 2),cornbread muffins (homemade),Toll House cookies for dessert (these were FREE a while back, I'm tied of looking at cookie dough in my frig!)
Check the Southern Savers site for the new list!
Oh, also I want to say "HEY" to the FANTASTIC cashier I had at Target yesterday! I gave her my card with my blog address, she seemed really interested in coupons, and was SUPER SWEET!
We played the Monopoly card game last night (THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!) Brian and Becca also played the Sorry card game yesterday afternoon, they said it was alot of fun(they are my GUINEA PIGS)these were the two we did not have, so the other 2 will be put in the gift box.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buy 2 Gillette Fusion Razors and/or Venus Embrace Razors for $6.99 each=$5 Target gift card
Deal Scenario 1:
Buy 2 Gillette Fusion Razors $6.99 each=$13.98
Use 2 $4/1 coupons from the 2/7 PG

Buy 2 Venus Embrace Razor $6.99 each=$13.98
Buy 2 Olay Body Wash for $5.49 each = $10.98
Use 2 $2/1 Venus coupons from the 2/7PG
Use two buy Venus, get Olay Body Wash FREE coupons from the 2/7PG (will deduct $10.98)
Ok. This DOES work!
I bought 2 Venus Razors $6.99 each
Used 2$2.00/1 coupons
Uesd 2 Bo Venus Razors get Olay Body Wash FREE
Gave me a $5.00 Gift Card!!!

Then I got 4 Gilltte Fusion Razors
$13.98 for 2
$13.98 for 2
used 4 $4.00 off coupons
and $5.00 Gift CARD
paid $8.49

I took those and did the card game deal!
1 Monopoly $5.24
1 Scrabble $5.24
1 Sorry $6.99
1 Pictureka $5.24 USED $18.00 Worth of COUPONS
Dove Men Body Wash Gift PACKS
$3.99 - $1.00 Target -$1.00 Man.=$1.99 Got 2 used 2 store coupons 2 man coupons
Satin Care Travel Size shaving cream .99- .55 coupon= .44 (got 4)
Total WITH TAX $13.67
PAID $3.67!!!!

So $23.84 total for all 3 transcations for $118.16 RETAIL I am still trying to figure this one out, I don't think I spent that much, I gave her a $20.00 for my first transaction.....and I still have $1.48 cents left???????
I guess there goes our budget! But these are COOL RAZORS!!!
Just showing you how to WORK the deal!PLUS FREE BODY WASH!!!!
COME'ON! Ya'll try to help me rationalize this!!!

It was worth it, It was worth it, It was worth it........
Happy Saving

Menu For Tue. Feb. 9

O.K. so we are still using out of our pantry stockpile! It doesn't even look like we have made a dent,(except for YOGURT! what are they doing with all of it?! I'm GLAD it's not the DIGESTIVE HEALTH kind! Whew, that would be BAD!)
For today's menu (I sound like a FANCY resturant)
Breakfast: bagels cream cheese (bagels were .07 bag/FREE cream cheese!)
Lunch: popcorn chicken, frozen veggies (I am out of salad! This is on my list for this coming time)
Supper: TATER TOT CASSEROLE! we LOVE THIS and the Cascadian Farm SPUD PUPPIES (tater tots)worked out after coupons and sale .34 cents a bag! It will probably take 2 bags (I make a BIG pan), crescent rolls, peas from garden (or something frozen)
TATER TOT CASSEROLE (I figured it up $1.22 FOR 5 PEOPLE!!, the crescents (.33 can),peas or frozen something (no more than .20) SO TOTAL FOR SUPPER $1.75 FOR 5! I have noticed Walmart had an ad showing how to make a meal for around $2.00 PER PERSON!!! We are at .35 CENTS PER PERSON! WOW!
1 lb ground beef cooked, seasoned, drained (From "supper" our steer)
1 2lb bags tater tots (.34 @bag)
1 cans cream of mushroom (.27 Target sale around Thanksgiving)
1 cans evaporated milk (FREE)
1 cans cream of chicken (.27 Target sale around Thanksgiving)
Brown meat & place in large cass. dish.
Cover with tater tots. Mix soup & milk together.
Pour over top. Bake at 350 for 1 Hour.
Makes 1 -9”X13” pan

Get your coupons ready!

O.K., I saw a sneak peek of the Publix ad for this coming week!! Whew, I thought last week was long.....get those scissors flying ladies!
For those of you who have not read our BUDGET post from Jan., we are on a $40.00 FOR THE MONTH mission! This is for food, health and beauty items, paper goods, pet food....
We have $26.04 left. I am TOOOOOO EXCITED about LIPTON TEA BAGS going BOGO this coming week! We PLOW through tea, and the last time it was on sale was the end of October,first of November....I bought 12 boxes....we are down to 2! I did do the tea bag deal at Winn Dixie the other week (.14 cents a box after coupons) but they only have 24 Family size tea bags......So LIPTON (our favorite anyway) here I come!

ALSO did you look in the USA WEEKEND paper this weekend? There were some coupons in there! For HASBRO games and here are some print ables find the CARD GAMES!! THE COUPONS don't exclude them!THESE ARE TARGET PRICES, but you might want to check Walmart.
Scrabble Slam Card $5.24 (Brian bought this at Christmas for a family gift, it is SO much FUN! Really fast to play, they will play this while I'm finishing up supper,they were playing it one day when the telephone co. was out here doing some work, they were laughing and having so much fun, one of the workers asked"What is the name of that game you are playing, it looks like fun!"
Use the $4/1 coupon from here (it also has the other coupons!!)
Final cost $1.24!

Pictureka Card Game $5.24(we got this at Christmas, fun! Carol Beth LOVES THIS)
Use the $5/1 coupon
Final cost $0.24!

Monopoly Card Game $5.24
Use the $4/1 coupon
Final cost $1.24!

Monopoly Get Out of Jail Mini game $7.99
Use the $4/1 coupon
Final cost $3.99!

Scrabble Diamond Edition $29
Use the $10/1 coupon
Final cost $19!
The card games would make Great stocking stuffers (YES I mean for Christmas! Put them in the closet, just don't forget you have them!) Or Birthday gifts, I even did the Scrabble Slam game in a get well basket for a neighbor! (kleenex, coughdrops, tylenol.....)
And has anyone heard about Target cellphone coupons???
Happy Saving

Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu for Monday

Ok I need to "catch" you up on the weekend menu.
Sat. Breakfast, everybody kinda did their own thing (granola bars, yogurt,cereal..)
Lunch sandwiches, Supper Spaghetti and Meatballs (this was one of our TGI friday choices from the other week, and I have Ragu coming out my ears! and always FREE or cheap pasta)

Breakfast (Usually no one eats breakfast on Sun.....maybe this is why our stomachs are growling during the service!!!)
Lunch Leftover Spaghetti and meatballs (we were going to stay for the Chili Cook Off at church, but I wanted to come home and check on Bo, that and I didn't want us to be spreading any more germs than we had to......YEAH for hand sanitizer from Bath and Body (these SMELL SO GOOD)
Supper (we were going to do "FOOTBALL" food, chips, FREE DIP, sandwiches.....)
Then we were watching MAN vsFOOD.(He had to eat a 48 oz. steak in 20 min...)
This made us want steak, how come when you see "cooking" or "eating" shows, you want
what they have! We all wanted steak!!
We have "SUPPER"(the kid's steer we had done)in the big chest freezer....
Brian volunteered to grill, we had steak and potatoes!!! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! Thank you BRIAN!

Breakfast: cereal
Lunch: sandwiches(I should have the bread coming out of the oven about this time!!)
Supper: Pork Chops (from the other week when Winn Dixie had them BOGO)
rice and green beans, and some of my bread

Whew, It's Monday! HOME DAY!

Ok. I don't know about ya'll, but I LIKE Mondays!!! I know weird huh? But everybody gets back into routine after the weekend, Bo goes to work, the kids have schoolwork to do....this is our "catchup,take it slow day". I usually set this day aside to get the house back in order, laundry, and any baking I need to do. We make our own bread (NO I DON'T GRIND OUR OWN WHEAT,,,and it is not a Little House on the Praire moment, I use my KitchenAid mixer to KNEAD the dough) It is really easy (makes 2 loaves, I do 2 batches so 4 loaves total, this last us all week. It works out to .25cents a loaf, and WE LOVE this bread, the kids complained one time, Publix had bread on sale I grabbed some thinking it would give me a break.....They all wanted to know when I was going to make bread again! They liked mine better!It takes a total of 2hours (but that is RISING and BAKING TIME) It really only takes about 10 min. to make it up, then rise 1 in loaf pans rise 30 min....bake 30 min....while it is rising and baking, I do laundry, teach school, clean.....
2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
2/3 cup white sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons active dry yeast
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/4 cup vegetable oil
6 cups bread flour
In a large bowl, dissolve the sugar in warm water, and then stir in yeast. Allow to proof until yeast resembles a creamy foam.(about 10 min.)
Mix salt and oil into the yeast.(This is where I put it in my mixing bowl and "blend" in the flour using the DOUGH ATTACHMET) Mix in flour one cup at a time. Knead dough on a lightly floured surface until smooth.(If you use mixer, mix for 5 min. YOU DON"T HAVE TO KNEAD ON THE FLOURED SURFACE IF YOU USE THE MIXER!!!!) Place in a well oiled bowl, and turn dough to coat. Cover with a damp cloth. Allow to rise until doubled in bulk, about 1 hour.
Punch dough down. Knead for a few minutes, and divide in half. Shape into loaves, and place into two well oiled 9x5 inch loaf pans. Allow to rise for 30 minutes, or until dough has risen 1 inch above pans.
Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 30 minutes.

I make up 1 batch and then when I set it aside to rise I go ahead and make up another batch. I figure I already have all the stuff out, I am going to have to wash these dishes anyway.....This gives us 4 loaves for the week.It FREEZES REALLY WELL, I just wrap in platic wrap, and then in foil. Take out of freezer the night before you need it. We leave out 1 loaf freeze 3 then take out another when we are getting low....sometimes 4 loaves actually last us 2 weeks, it depends on how much we use.
It makes GREAT sandwich bread, also put butter on it and toast it for dinner, or the kids just like it sliced with butter on it without being toasted.
These are some of the ingredients we still get at SAM'S is SO much cheaper for this type thing.
Yeast Those little packet thingys are EXPENSIVE!!!
This is $4.24 for 2 16 oz. blocks, this last us about 9 months!!! When you open one block, put it in a ziploc and place in FRIG. the other unopened one we just keep in our pantry.
This last us about 6 months, I keep it in a big rubbermaid tub, at the bottom of our prep island.
The rest of the stuff we already have on hand, if I can't get a "DEAL" on oil (WE ONLY USE CANOLA OIL,,,,EVEN IN THIS RECIPE)
I will pick it up at Sam's also...this is all we really get at Sam's anymore...and we only have to go about every 6 months!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sorry this post is late!
This Sunday, 2/7, you will have (4) inserts in your newspaper!!

(2) Smart Source inserts
(1) Red Plum
(1) Procter & Gamble
This is WHAT IS SUPPOSED to be in the paper?
Like I said before, this is a reminder to myself, also!! I had a BAD habit of checking one, but not the other......I have learned my lesson.


I found this deal on Hip2Save (I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Watch her video series!)
As you know we have been figthing off some kind of "bug", but I just might grab my free tissues, free coughdrops, cheap Tyleonl Cold (THANK YOU PUBLIX!!!) and loadu'm up the picku'mup we going to town!
The girl's and I LOVE!!! Camis, the ones we have are several years old (I'm not kidding, clothing purchases are few and far between in this house!) Usually thrift stores, or "Givemmes".
SO this would be a great Valentines Day treat!, And Becca's Birthday is in March! I could put a few back for it!
I am debating........I do have the $5 off $25 coupon
These camis are reg. $12.50 on sale for $2.00!!!
So 13 after coupon.....around $21.00!!
HMMMM.....I'll let you know if I go.
Also where is a Bath and Body works in Montgomery??? I have a Free with $10 purchase coupon (again I am thinking Valentines and Becca's b'day, THIS will come out of a different "account" other than groceies (we are still on our $40.00 for the month goal we have $26.04 left for the month!)


We did go! The girls and I, Bo had to work and he is still SICK, he is now running a 102 degree fever! I don't know if he caught something else or just can't shake whatever we had. I am feeling MUCH better!!
The camis are TOO CUTE! This was our FIRST TIME EVER going to East Chase!!! I got lost ofcourse! But we had a ball, we got 10 camis and then we looked in the clearance section, Becca needed some type of shirt to wear over her camis. I WILL NOT let them wear them without something over it! We found the CUTIEST white light weight cardagin sweater on clearance from $29.50 down to $12.89!
I was going to put back some of the camis....but figured we have not used out of the clothing budget in a LONG WHILE!( Clothing Budget $10.00 a month! Yes this is correct!) And this will count as part of her birthday. Then when we got to the register, the sweater rang up $11.00! We were so excited. We had no problem using our coupon! It was great! The reciept says we saved...$110.00! We spent $31.?? with tax.
Then we went to Bath and Body! We found some cute little Pocket hand sanitizers for $1.00 each, and little HOLDERS for them to CLIP to your purse or backpack for .50 cents! We smelled all kinds of things, to me it was more fun just watching the girls enjoy the day! We picked out 8 pocket sanitizers and 4 holders (this got us to our $10.00, and then we got a BIG bottle lotion in the new P.S. I LOVE YOU scent, Reg. $12.00 WE GOT FREE! Our total with tax...$11.00 I am going to use some of the hand sanitizers as gifts for Mother's Day goody bags (I make up these for mine and Bo's mothers and then I also give my sister one,well, she is a mom! We always give each other something for Mother's Day)
All in all we had a BLAST, Becca even found her a nice scarf at Target (she used money she had earned) and I got a new purse! I used some Christmas money I still had not used for anything, and I told Bo this will count as my Valentines present! I LOVE this purse, IT IS HUGE!! I need something big to carry all my junk around and all the kids junk and Bo's junk....
But what really got me, on the way home the girls talked about how much fun they had! The highlight was all the SMELLS in Bath and Body (I'm shocked we were not run out of there!!!)
Happy Saving

Friday, February 5, 2010

Menu For Fri Feb 5

Ok the chili last night was a big hit! With the rainy weather, and everybody sick...
It was perfect.
Breakfast (I was going to do pancakes, but I am still not feeling good) cereal
Lunch manwich
Supper Was going to be fish, shrimp, coleslaw, and hushpuppies......but do to being ill, we will probably do soup (canned, I usually only do this for lunch, I don't know how Bo will react!) or ....OH thought! (I am "CLOUDY" headed, can you tell?) I can do the canned soup for lunch and manwich and chips for supper!
Thanks to Publix for ALL THE FREE DIP!!!!


Don't know if it is over now, or if it was a "YOLK" never could get it to work~SORRY
and there will be a BOGO egg coupon!!!!
Doesn't start unitl 9:00 CT
be ready THESE GO QUICK!!!!
We have chickens, and usually eggs are not a "thing" we need.....but they have not laid in fact the other week I had to buy eggs!
I told Bo if I have to buy eggs again........I will not have to buy chicken!!!!
Last month we bought chicken feed, chicken, and eggs! WHY????
So if I have to buy eggs, I can take chicken AND chicken feed off my list!!
Hope you get the egg coupon!
Where is my cookbook, I need a rope, knife, and the crockpot!
Happy Saving

Sorry I have been "OUT", I have caught "IT"

I'm not sure what "IT" is, Becca and Bo had "IT", then Brian and Carol Beth....I was not going to get "IT"!!......I got "IT". "IT" is ear ache, SINUS!!!, headache, that type thing. THANK YOU PUBLIX!!!! WE have CHEAP, FREE meds! and KLEENEX!!! I NEVER buy kleenex, I figure we buy paper towels, toliet paper, napkins.....I am not spending more money on more paper goods.....Publix had FREE kleenex!!!!Brian bless his heart, made the comment, I will never use just plain napkins or paper towel again!!! Before I could "SAY" anything, Becca piped up "When these are gone, and Mom can't get more free, you will go back to napkins or paper towel my friend!"....I didn't know what to say, so my medicated self just went back to bed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Steak and Shake Kids eat free??Does anyone know about this???

It states kids (12 and under) eat free /1 free kid for every $8 spent?
Ours are to old!! But thought yall might be interested!

Thrifty Thursday! Homemade Laundry Soap!

O.K., alot of you already know, we make our own laundry soap.
ALL of the ingredients can be found at Publix in the laundry aisle.
Works out around .02 cents a load! We have used this for years! For your whites, you still want to wash in hot water and add bleach.This is also great for sensitive skin and babies! (what it was originally created for)
This is the amount you want to use!!!!!
1 - 5 gallon bucket with lid (anything to cover it with, we use a garbage bag!)
1/2 bar fels napatha soap, grate with a cheese grater, put in med. size saucepan, add about 4 cups water,heat on stove until soap is dissolved MAKE SURE IT IS DISSOLVED COMPLETLY!! YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH THIS, MAKE SURE IS DOES NOT BOIL OVER!Put the melted soap in your 5 gallon bucket and add
1/2 c arm and hammer SUPER WASHING SODA (not baking soda)
1/4 ---1/2 c borax I have used 1/2 c before seems to get whites whiter
Stir together real well. Then fill your bucket only 1/2 way with HOT WATER!!! STIR REALLY GOOD!
It will be liquidy (IS THIS A WORD??)
Cover and let sit over night.
The next morning CHECK IT OUT!!! IT HAS TURNED Solidy, GELLY (don't ya'll love my adj.!)
Stir (we use a broke broom handle or a yard stick) FILL TO THE TOP WITH HOT WATER, YOU ARE NOW DILUTED AND READY TO WASH!
1 Cup per load (if top load)
1/4 cup per load if HE (Front load, I DREAM of getting one of these!)
I will then take an empty detergent bottle and fill it up from my bucket (it makes it easier to "measure" out, and the kids can help do the wash,they used to use the excuse "BUT WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT KIND OF SOAP"
Well, NO MORE MY DEAR KIDDIES, go throw in a load!
Speaking of....I HAVE A TON TO WASH!!
Here is a video that gives you kind of an idea of how to do it:
in the video she is using 1/4 c BUT SHE HAS A HE (front load washer)

HER directions given are for the full 10 gallons once diluted (it still fits in a 5 gallon bucket, but you have to dilute every time you need to refill your bottle), this was too much of a hassle to me, I am looking for another bucket though and will start making it double!
I do a half recipe fill half way with water, the next day fill to the top with water and I am good to go. It will be ready to just fill my container straight from the bucket. It is real easy!
Wendy killed me wanting to know if I wound up in the back yard with a fire going and a pot over it!!! NO WAY TO EASY FOR THAT!
It seriously only takes maybe 15 min. to do and last about 2-3 months

Here is a good one for you though
Thanks to the ladies who did the videos!
Our house has not "caught" up with this technology yet!!

Also fabric softener:
here is the "recipe" for the fabric softener It is REALLY GOOD and SUPER EASY
NO " COOKING" required!
2 cups hair conditioner (what ever you use, it will be that scent,make sure you like the smell) I used some free/cheap Suave we had, I just used a 15 oz. bottle
3 cups vinegar
6 cups water

Mix together well in a air tight container, I used an old ice cream bucket. Use as you would fabric softener, 1/4 to 1/2 cup or put in your "Downy" ball if you have one.
Also you can cut a sponge in half and drop down in the bucket, leave in until ready to use, when ready to DRY your clothes, wring out one and pop in like a dryer sheet,if you use as "dryer sheets" IT WILL LAST FOREVER
We tried both ways, both worked great, we ALWAYS experiment before we tell any one else to try something!

New Coupon Book to send off for!


Also here is that GREAT milk coupon!!!

Menu for Thur. Feb 4

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it is already Feb.!
Breakfast cereal
Lunch taco salad (I have some tostios chips that need to be used!)
Supper CHILI, crackers
(Since I got 4 packs of Chili seasoning yesterday...I will go ahead and make a double batch and put some in the freezer! I do this sometimes so if we need a RUSH meal, or to have something I can put in the crockpot for after church)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 3 Wed. meals

Lunch Welcome Back Wed. (LEFTOVERS)
Supper cube steak, Betty crocker potatoes, peas, JELLO for dessert
THEY ATTACKED THE YOGURT!!!!(I just got home with these!!!)
Happy Saving

Marvin's Sat. Morning Special

As you may know, we are building a new porch. I just got an email for Marvin's Building Materials (we go to the one in Greenville)
4x4x8 PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER $5.49!!!! I think this is a good price, I will have to wait and find out from Bo.
The Lord is putting it in place!!
Happy Saving


So I ran to Winn Dixie (read post below), got my $10 off $50 coupon,,,,
So ofcourse I HAD to go ahead and RUN to Publix!
We are trying to stay at $10.00 A WEEK TOTAL
I spent $3.76 at Winn Dixe and had planned to be not quite $8.00 at Publix......
Well, there was a man in line at the checkout in Publix, 2 boys in the cart (1 toddler, and 1 small baby), I noticed he had some Yoplait yogurt (only 1) and had several other items (it came to $73.84 WOW!! and NO COUPONS!!!) he was talking to the bagger about how he had lost his job and he is MR. MOM now. I offered him a coupon for the yogurt (I no its not much, but I also told him about coupons, several sites to go to and how I hope the Lord Blesses them at this time). He thanked me and left.
My order came around and my total WOULD HAVE BEEN $125.97 RETAIL!!!!! WOW after coupons it was $15.50 WITH OUT TAX $19.37 with Tax WOW OVER BUDGET!!!!!! But I stocked up on Carol Beth's chefboyardee's.
When I got home there was a $10.00 rebate check in the mail I sent off for around the end of last year!!!!So I will put that in our budget!
Our totals $39.17 balance left (.83 sauerkraut)
$3.76 Winn Dixie
$9.37 Publix (was $19.37 but I put that $10.00 rebate check toward grocery budget!)
So our total left for the month: $26.04!
I went $3.13 over our $10.00 total! The Good Lord will PROVIDE ALL OUR NEEDS AT ALL TIMES!!! I am so greatful!
2 Nabisco crackers (sociables and better chedder)
7 Yoplait Yogurt (CUPS ONLY!!! NOT GOGURTS!!)
5 Heluva Good Dip
1 Platex Tampon (NEEDED USED 2 $1.00 coupons 1 store/1 man)reg $5.19 paid $3.19 (this is where part of my difference came from!)
4 McCormick Chili packets
2 Puparoni Dog Treats (I could not help myself, Mrs. Foxy LOVES these, so does Remington)
3 Arm and Hammer Toothpaste (reg $2.99 paid .49 each, WHO would pay $2.99 FOR TOOTHPASTE!!!)
2 Smithfield Bacon
2 College Inn Chicken Broth
2 Glass Plus
1 French's mustard (I know, I know, if I wouldn't have used my coupons the other day.......)
18 Chefboyardee (I told you I needed to Stockup!) I had $1/2 coupons that came in some t.v. dinners I got MONTHS back!!!
1 Publix sugar (PENNY ITEM!! Ask at the service desk for a coupon!!!You don't have to buy the paper,THIS WAS A BLESSING, WE WERE OUT OF SUGAR! )
Retail $125.97
oop $19.37 with tax
YEAH!!! It was a CART FULL, I was happy even before I knew that rebate check was in the mail..... we got a ton of stuff for $19.37 (I HATE TAX!!I know I have said that before.....but I HATE TAX!!)
Just thought I would check in and let ya'll know how it's going!
We have $26.04 LEFT! for the month, I can't wait to see how the Lord is going to bless us next!
Happy Saving

Some Winn Dixie Deals!!

Red Baron Pizzas, $5.99 — Buy (2) Get:
(1) Tyson Any’tizers, 10-13.5 oz (3.99)
(1) Bryan Cocktail Smokies, 16 oz (3.99)
(1) 2 L Coca-Cola Product (1.25)
(1) Edy’s Ice Cream, 48 oz (5.89)
-$1 off Edy’s Ice cream SS 1/31
If you do this deal, it makes $15.12 worth of products free!
Just pay $11.98 for the 2 pizzas! So all total it would have been 27.10 for 11.98!
Hope this helps!

5lb WD Potatoes, various types, $2.50
Free (2) Jars Hormel Bacon Pieces, 2.8oz, or Bits, 3 oz, wyb (1) 5lb Bag Potatoes, with card

OK, I just went to WD and got my potatoes and 2 free bottles of Hormel Bacon Bits (REG. 1.99 each, they are on sale 1.79)
I also saw Family Size Tetley Tea Bags 24 ct. BOGO Re. $2.29 I had some .50/1 coupons GOT 4
So here is my total
1 5lb. potatoes Reg. 3.99 on sale 2.50
2 Hormel Bacon Bits 1.99 FREE
4 boxes tea bags 2.29 (.14) after coupons .56
Total 3.06!!!with out tax 3.76 with tax!!!
You might want to "check" this out!
Potatoes is a NEED on our list for this month, I usually don't spend more than 2.00 for a 5lb. bag, BUT if I am going to get 2 Jars of Bacon Pieces, I"M THERE!
and maybe it will print a $10 off coupon!
I figured up our Publix total for this week and it is going to be $51.07 BEFORE COUPONS....if I can get a $10 off $50 after all my coupons my total should be (without tax, I HATE TAX!!!) $7.97
So if I spend $2.50 at Winn Dixie and $7.97 at Publix our total will be $10.47 FOR THE WEEK, a little over our $10.00, but we are going to STOCKUP on CHEFBOYARDEE for Carol Beth! I will hold back next week (I HOPE) this is a GREAT SALE WEEK!!! WHY??
But I am excited to see how much we are going to get just by STICKING to the BOGO's
THE CHEAP OR FREE BOGO'S!! Carol Beth thought I typed BOOGERS! She is standing over my shoulder right now! SHE wants to say "HEY EVERYBODY IN THE COMPUTER!", I hope she doesn't really think ya'll LIVE in here!!! I never thought about that!! She is SOOOOO literal in her thinking! Bo made the comment one day he was "so hungry he could eat a horse", she started crying!! She really thought he was going to eat a horse!!! Sweet precious mind! We have worked on literal thinking after that, maybe we need to work at it somemore!
Happy Saving

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What are we eating today?.......

bagels and cream cheese (we have a TON of these in the freezer ,what something like .07 cents a bag!, and the cream cheese was free back around the holidays)
Lunch Popcorn Chicken, pasta, and fruit cocktail (I just noticed everything is "brown, or white" (Trust me, Carol Beth will notice!)
Supper Homemade Chicken Pot Pie (I had a Whole chicken I made up the other day, and froze the leftovers) bag of frozen mixed veggies, Pillsbury Pie Crust, cream of chicken soup (SUPER EASY) REALLY GOOD, I do a bottom and top crust on ours (the crust is our favorite part!)I do it in a 13x9 pan (I will be feeding 6 tonight, my mother is coming)
we will also have salad, and I am going to make a "Cherry" cream cheese pie.
I don't have cheery pie filling though....But I do have....frozen blueberries!
I am going to make my pie crust out of the GRAHAM crackers we have,here is a recipe:
For the BLUEBERRY topping, I will take the frozen berries, and add sugar, heat on the stove until they are "LIKE" pie filling consistency
Happy Saving

Monday, February 1, 2010

How to GET a deal on near'bout anything (as my Grandma would have said)

Bo relized that it is near'bout time to change the oil the the cars. (He has always done this, we have never HAD it done) The last time he changed it we had a coupon from Advanced Auto Parts and it worked out after coupons and buying when on sale, BOTH vehicles (his truck, and my van) was $19.88 total.
Well, he asked me where is the deal at for oil this time.....I don't know why he thinks I would know this information right off the top of my head!!??
Anyway, the next day (I kid you not) in the mail we get an ad from O'Reily Auto Parts! What is on sale CASTROL OIL (the only kind we use), so I started looking for some form of coupons, wether store coupons or Castrol coupons....NOTHING.
But I did see a REBATE on the Castrol website for up to $20.00 back, but then I noticed it is for when you get your oil changed at QUICK LUBE! Now that's not going to work!
Well ya'll know me enough by now that I am not going to stop there! I emailed Castrol and told them how we always change our own oil, Bo only uses their oil, and the rebate would not help in our situation.......did they have any coupons they could mail us? 2 hours later I checked our email and Castrol had emailed me back saying "WE WOULD LOVE to send you some coupons, tell us for what products and we will get them out to you!"
I emailed them back told them what types of oil and 30 min. later I recieved another email telling me my coupons were going to be mailed , we would get them in 7 to 10 days!
Now we allot $10.00 a month for car needs such as this, so this will not come out of our grocery budget, or effect our PORCH project. In fact setting aside a little along has helped when I needed a tail lightbulb replaced, Bo needed some antifreeze that type thing....NOW REALLY BIG MATTERS ARE A DIFFERENT STORY, and you are probably thinkning something like this is no big deal......but when you count every penny to be is a big deal.... and we NEVER NEVER EVER NEVER put ANYTHING on credit cards not even an oil change! If we can't pay for it now, what makes us think we could pay for it next month or the next?
I am telling ya'll this so you can see how to LOOK FOR A DEAL on near'bout anything, anything you need
If you can save where ever you can, save! That is money we can put toward something else that we need.

Apple Dumpling Recipe

Here is an Apple Dumpling Recipe like Mrs. Betty makes, it is absolutly FANTASTIC!
Flour for dusting
1 8oz. can crescent rolls (in the frig,NEED to use)
1 Granny Smith apple peeled and wedged (I still have some from last week GALA)
1/2 stick butter (I still have a TON of I Can't Believe from when it was FREE around the holidays)
1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Preheat oven 350. unroll rolls on dusted surface. Place apple wedge on the wide edge of each TRIANGLE roll up, place in square baking dish. In a saucepan, melt butter, sugar and cinnamon then stir in Mountain Dew. Pour over dumplings cover with foil and bake 15 min. uncover and bake 15 more min. THIS IS REALLY GOOD
It was also posted on the Southern Savers site, but I got my recipe from Mrs. Betty
I thought this would go with our Kraut and APPLES tonight for supper. STAY with the apple theme, and the apples need to be used!
By the way, the Kraut and Apples are in my slow cooker now, and I have to tell you
WOW!!! It smells sooooooo good! I can't wait till supper!

MENU at our house! Read Fantastic Frugal FEB post if you have not read it yet

Ok, I thought I would post what we are going to be eating this week, to show how stocking up can be a GREAT thing.
As you may have read, we are on a $40.00 FOR THE MONTH budget.
Monday Breakfast oatmeal, Lunch leftovers,
Supper Polish Kraut and Apples I found this in a Taste of Home book my sister gave me Christmas!and corn on the cob (Bird's Eye really cheap or free a few weeks ago) and salad (already had, need to finish off)
1 can of sauerkraut (I had to buy this .83!) DRAIN AND RINSE!!
16 oz. Polish sausage (I had some Hillshire Farms sausage in the freezer)
3 apples (bought last week .69lb)
1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 tsp caraway seeds optional, (I can't believe I actually had some!!!When did I get these and WHY?? The LORD knew!)
1/8 tsp pepper
3/4 c apple juice (Juciy Juice from one of the BOGO sales, we still have a good bit of juice!)
Place 1/2 of sauerkraut in the bottom of slow cooker, then top with cut sausage, apples, brown sugar, caraway seeds, and pepper. Add other 1/2 of sauerkraut. Pour apple juice over the top. Cover and cook on low 4-5 hours. So we had everything for the day except the sauerkraut that I got for .83cents (Bo picked up for me yesterday while he was in town. I didn't make a special trip, that would have not been "cost effective" as we say)