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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Budget Saver Idea!

The other day when we went to the store (Friday).....I knew we were going to be awhile.....Dr. office, Publix, I ran in Winn Dixie looking for those Cole's breadsticks (raincheck), the library (you can get an out of county card for $15.00 for the year!! GREAT LIBRARY....they have DVD's a great children's section and the people are really sweet!!),Walmart...(Bo was with me this was his stop....WHY!!!)
and the thrift store...(Carol Beth has finally grown taller!!! She has not "grown" since 2006!!!! We thought she was done!!! So some jeans and a few tops (Becca found Carol Beth the cutest Hannah Montana hoodie for .50 cents!!!! all green tagged items were .50 cents!!!)

Anyway, I knew it was going to be a LONG day.....I made the time (10 minutes) before we left the house to grab some snacks, drinks, and the Smuckers uncrustables (we had never tried these before!!) threw them in a little cooler....and in between our running....we had lunch!!! When they said they were thirsty....grab a drink out of the cooler!! That little bit of planning saved us anywhere from $20-$30 dollars!!!
and it was perfect..just enough to fill us up and FREE!! or you know it was using what we had!!
Think about putting some of those "deals" to work for you.....
Happy Saving

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