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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ziploc Steam Bags REVIEW

OK the other week I got the Ziploc steam fresh bags (with coupons I think I paid like .59 cents for a box of 10)
I had some broccoli that needed to be finished off, so last night I used one of those bags for steamed broccoli (got last week Publix $1.67)....(we had Gortons' fish, seapack shrimp, coleslaw from Winn Dixie, and my last Bob Evans potatoes....I still can't get used to having NAME BRAND STUFF and it's been over a year since we have been shopping this way!!)
Anyhow, I just threw in my broccoli tops...spayed a little Pam Olive Oil down in the bag (there are recipes in the box of bags, it said use 1 tsp. olive oil....spray pam was what I had...did some seasalt and pepper....threw in micro for 3 min. (it was to the fill line)
WOW!!! It was FANTASTIC!!!! Even the kids loved it!!! Bo wanted to know when am I doing brocolli again!!
SO if you got in on that deal,,,,,try them!!!
THERE IS ALSO A .55off coupon in the box!!!!

COUPON INSERTS for Sunday Feb. 28th

Wow it's the end of the month already!!!
There will be 1 Smart Source insert this week!!! THAT'S IT!!!
Wow, I won't have to worry about "RUNNING" to the BP like last week!!!
I bought 3 papers last week!!! This week I might only buy 1 (look through it, if anything is REALLY good, I might grab one more??)

Here is a "PREVIEW" NOW remember, these ARE REGIONAL!! We might not get everyone listed

New Betty Crocker COUPON site!!!

Here is a new Betty Crocker coupon site I found!!

Mom's In need of mercy blog GREAT article!!!! Please read!!

Wow, EVERYONE needs to read this....It puts our lives in perspective!!!


P&G has a new promotion going! Spend $50 in P&G products between 2/1/10 and 4/15/10 and get a $100 coupon book! That $50 BEFORE coupons & tax! And it can be on multiple receipts. Just circle the items and mail the receipts in with THIS FORM. Can't print? Watch for the 2/21 P&G insert to get a copy!

Head over HERE to get all the details on this rebate. And go HERE to see all the products that are included in this rebate. This is limited to one per household and is void in Maine (what do they have against people in ME??)

It's rebates like this that make me thankful I save my receipts... I was able to go back through the last week's receipts and already have $25 towards the $50! Remember... it's $50 BEFORE coupons & tax :)

Publix Run...Retail $134.98....SPENT $39.69 (I used some of the money I made from my coupon class, THANK YOU LADIES!!!!)

Ok. I went Friday.....kind of good.....kind of bad.
They were out of CHEESE like big time....I have never seen them have to put up signs
"Sorry for the inconvenience, Please get rain check or substitute" THEY WERE CLEANED OUT!!! The deodorant was gone and the peanuts......BUT they were stocking....a truck comes in on Friday morning....I got there at like 10:30....they were still stocking when I left at I might try planning my trips a little later....we'll see

Anyway....what I got (I really need to get a camera! How do I know if my computer will work one??? Any suggestions???)
2 M& M character Valentine dispenser candy things (clearance, and both girls with me)
3 General Mills Cereal (BOGO, we really didn't need cereal...but they LOVE reeses!)
1 Post Raisin Bran ( had that $2.00 off coupon, made it .50 Becca LOVES raisin bran!)
1 Friskies Party mix cat treat ($1.00 coupon here made it .33)
2 Gortons Tilapia
7 Green Giant Steamers
2 strawberries
4 Ragu (like I needed more!)
4 deodorant (remember I said they were out..a sweet stock girl went to the back and found me some!!! SCORE!)
4 Delmonte Diced Tomatoes
1 Johnson Baby powder (using coupons before they expire$3.79....wound up .79 cents We use this in the summer alot..)
1 Bayer aspirin (I could cure headaches from now till the end of time!!! I am going to donate... I wound up with .50 OVERAGE on this one!)
1 Colgate Wisp (I have been wanting to try these!!! I had another coupon and I can't find it!!)
1 ICBIN Butter
2 Betty Crocker Brownies (Carol Beth wants to know when we are going to bake...with all the cookie mix and now brownies....)
1 Publix Fresh Spinach
1 BIG pack Publix Hot Dogs ($5.89, we had been out of hot dogs for awhile...I kept forgetting to get some, and with the buns at Winn Dixie still $1.00 I got the big pack it will last awhile...I ALWAYS get the Publix brand if the item is not on sale,no coupons....we figure out the cheapest route)
1 Crest Toothpaste (using up coupons was $2.69 wound up .44 after coupons)
1 Philadelphia SPREADABLE Cream Cheese (STRAWBERRY FLAVORED, will go great with those bagels!!)
1 Thomas Honey Wheat Bagel
1 package of PUBLIX BRAND Honey Ham Lunch meat (16 oz. $3.99)
3 Dr. Pepper 12 packs

WHEW! Bo and the girls were with needless to say.....I was rushed! Carol Beth (Bless Her Heart,) that poor baby had to get a shot, in the took me and Becca and a nurse to hold her down!!! She was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!! Of course last time she had gotten it....she Drug her leg ALL DAY LONG....She looked like she had been in a car wreck or something!!! AND SQUALLED the whole time , THE REST OF THE DAY!! So this time was MUCH BETTER!!! She cried there and a little while in the car...THANK THE LORD NOT IN THE STORE!! SO needless to say, my nerves were already shot....I was going to send Bo to customer service for my rain checks (cheese and peanuts)Trying to explain to him how to do it, what to get.....UGHHHH! He hears 22% of what you say and then says you didn't say that (Being married to someone with ADD...) anyway my SWEET Bag Boy...HE WENT AND GOT MY RAIN CHECKS FOR ME!!! THANK YOU!!!My cashier was Shelton (LOVE YOU SHELTON!!)he is always so sweet!!
So it was a good run...but now I have no cheese....hmmmm will the world explode or something.....MY KIDS THINK SO.....I'm just going to get a milk cow and make cheese or buy stock in it!! They eat cheese on ANYTHING!!!!! So I will have to "grab" some at some point (I was going to get 6 BLOCKS)

That is our Publix Trip!!! It panics Bo every time he goes with me....he sees the total (before coupons....and I promise ya'll he starts BREATHING FUNNY!!!! and the LOOK on his face!!! And he always walks away before the final total....too funny!!!
Hope ya'll have a great day....maybe they have
Happy Saving