And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.


Friday, January 29, 2010


Pantry Inventory
Breakfast stuff
cereal 11 boxes
oatmeal 44 packets 2 medium containers
cream of wheat 5 packets
pancake mix part of a box ( where did I put my recipe.......)
tea bags 3 boxes (100 ct.)
hot coca 31 packets
Quick 1 container (OK ½ container.....I just looked inside it!)
Juice 1 bottle, 3 cans, 24 juice boxes
koolaid 5 pkts. And 1 container
sodas 8 12 packs left (I LOVE CVS!! We NEVER have sodas!)
pickles 3 HUGE jars BIG dills, 1 small jar stacker
BBQ sauce 7 bottles
Catchup 4 left (we used that much already????)
Salad dressing 9Mayo 2
A1 2
Syrup 2
Peanut Butter 6
Salt 1
Oil 1
Pam 2
Vinegar 2
Mustard 2
Hot Sauce 4
Marinaide 2
Worcheshire 1
Soy Sauce 2

Snack Stuff
Teddy Grahams 2 (I am glad I hid these!) Emerald Nuts 1
Fruit roll ups 87 snacks (7 ½ boxes) Cookies 2
Granola Bars 47 bars Gummies 2
popcorn 16 bags reg. 5 bags kettle
fruit cups 5 cups (THAT”S ALL???? WHO ATE THESE??)
Chex mix 4 bags
Club crackers 2 boxes
Grahams 2 boxes
Ritz 2 boxes
PASTA/RICE/BOXED GOODS/Can Goods/Baking Supplies
Rice assorted 8boxes, 3 packets, 5 Knorr rice sides
Pasta assorted 11 boxes and 2 lasagana
macncheese 2
Hamburger/Chicken Helper 6
Pinto Beans , Great Northern Beans, 1 bag each (DRIED)
Bread crumbs 4 cookie mix 2
cake mix 1 (REALLY! and I thought we didn't eat much cake!)
JELLO 10 boxes and 1 pudding
apple sauce 4 gravy 2 packets, 1 jar
Betty Crocker Potaotes 13 boxes Stove top stuffing 4
taco seasoning 4 chili seasoning 1
rotel tomatoes 2 manwich 2 Bake beans 3fruit cocktail 2 peaches 1
Cream of soups 1 mushroom 2 chicken
Soup 8 assorted
evaporated milk 3
tomatoes diced 30
spaghetti sauce 8
assorted can veggies 23 cans


We have 1 BIG chest freezer, "SUPPER" is in(Supper is what the kids named their steer! He's back just in a different form! They named him, when we eat beef now they say "SUPPER" sure is good, even if it's lunch time!)

1 Commerical Size Upright (someone was moving and GAVE US, IT HAS BEEN A BLESSING!)
veggies (Bird's Eye/Green Giant 27 bags,boxes assorted (we have to figure this out so we don't wind up with ALL brussell sprouts by week 3!!!)
Shrimp 1 Fish portions 1 Bagels 8 bags
Chicken POPCORN/Tenders 2 bags Pork Chops 3 1 Whole Chicken 3 pks chicken breast
sausage 2 kelbaisa 1 pk brats 2 breakfast
sour cream 4 , stoffer meals 4 , tater tots 1 , milk 1 gallon , 3 Texas Toast
mozzarella bites 1 , meatballs 1 , buns (2 burger, 2 hot dogs) , flour wheat/white

FREEZER at bottom of Frig
more peas from garden
Toaster Strudel 5 boxes
Fruit Chillers 32 tube thingys
tortillias 1 pkg of 18
and 3 packets of chocolate chips!

WOW,(we have made up our menu! I will post weekly, to let ya'll know how its going)
It looks like the only thing I will need to buy is
4 bags of SALAD (we use 1 bag a week, for salads, lettuce to go on sandwiches, and any mexican dishes, we just use that bagged salad for it)
1 cottage cheese
4 bell pepper
and 1 small bag coleslaw

That should get us through. We have planned some REALLY good recipes, and even found some new things in the cookbooks to try, that we probably would not have looked for!
SO we are EXCITED!

Fantastic Frugal Feb.!

I am trying to make this sound like it is a GREAT thing! I keep reminding myself that "What seems like TRYING MOMENTS, are really BLESSINGS if we chose how we approach them!"
Bo noticed our front porch LEANING, we don't know if it is due to all the rain (Sinking) or the fact that it is......15 years old! (We had it on our old trailer, and reused it on our new one, it was "FUN" to move!)
Anyway, we talked about it, and we have a GREAT stockpile of food in the pantry and freezers( I can't fit ANOTHER thing in any of the freezers!)
So we are really doing a TRUE PANTRY CHALLENGE. We are taking the majority of our food budget for Feb. and putting toward the porch,also the money I made at this last coupon class(THANK YA'LL). We have done this before, to use up stockpile and pay for something we NEEDED. The Lord has ALWAYS worked it out, that these moments come when we have a TON of food! Luckily we have never had an emergency when the pantry is empty!
We are alotting......$40.00.....FOR THE MONTH!
Yes, it can be done, we have done it before. This will cover the cost of dairy and produce. That's $10 a week, very possible!
For those of you who GASPED when I told you we spend $50.00 a week for 5 people,
I wished I could see your face right now!

We are truly blessed that God gives us these chances to see how "CREATIVE" we can be!
Becca and I are going to ORGANIZE the pantry and freezers today and make up a menu so we KNOW what we are doing for the next month.
I am looking at this as a GREAT chance to CLEAN OUT and ORGANIZE, two things that need to be done.
I am posting this to show you how stocking up is a WONDERFUL thing, and that once you get your stockpile going, you could pick a month to CLEAN OUT and live on your stockpile, use your grocery budget to either payoff something, or take care of a need. My Grandma(she died at 100 years old!) always taught us:
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or DO WITHOUT" and we have learned to live by that!
So I will keep you posted how this goes! I will still be getting "CHEAP" or "FREE" deals also! Pray that we are able to meet this "Opportunity"
Happy Saving
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Thanks HIP2SAVE!!!!!!

How to Minimize Your Printing Cost!

O.k., when I posted earlier about copy paper, it made me think some of you might not know the cheapest route to print your coupons.
When you print one out, see if it prints at the top or bottom of the page, flip over where you can print another one on the back (MAKE SURE YOU PUT IN THE PRINTER WHERE IT WILL NOT MESS UP THE FIRST ONE!!!)
Or if it just prints the coupon at the top, no ad, flip it face up, where it will print at the "bottom" now what goes in first. (BOY there is no way to "explain" this easy, I usually SHOW people.)
Also on ink, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PRINT IN COLOR!!! Set your printer to DRAFT and BLACK only! Find out if Walgreens will REFILL your cartridge (there in the photo center) They usually run a special BLACK REFILL, around $10.00. I used to do this, then we got a new printer, NOT ONE THAT WALGREENS DOES! So now I buy the refill kit, the syringe kind and refill it myself, WEAR DISPOSABLE GLOVES, I found out the hard way and looked like a BANK ROBBER (the dye bags) for about a week!
The refill kit last us about 3 months (AND I PRINT.......ALOT, with coupons and schoolwork...)
If you have any questions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! That's why I am here!
Happy Saving


Please look down the list on the Southern Saver Site if you need diapers, great deal!
Thanks Jenny at Southern Savers!!!
Remember, you can shop at the one in Southlawn on Sat. for the ad that starts Sun., but this week I am HOPING we get the DOVE MEN'S BODY wash coupon in the Sun paper. I really want to do that deal! The boys are none to pleased with the WONDERFUL smelling Nivea and Dial body wash we have, "GIRLY SMELLING", and for bar soap we are down to BUDDY BARS (CAROL BETH ONLY!!! She will tell you, that's MY soap) and ivory.
Also I used all my ECB"S last week, doing dog food, cat litter, and COPY PAPER!