And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This sale going now is good until APRIL 3 they will be closed April 4 EASTER , the next ad comes up MONDAY APRIL 5........SO you have some more days to do this ad......and get ready for the next ad!!
I know the holidays are like this....I forgot!!! I was trying to decide when I was going to go and how to do this coming week....NOW I DON"T have to worry about it!!!
I can go on the 13th (due to budget)and still get in on the sale!!!

I do know Northland juice will be coming up!!! We love the Pomegranate and Blueberry!!!! it is to die for!!

Happy Saving

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ideas for things to do this weekend!!! FREE!!!!

Hey sorry I have not posted in awhile.....I had a dog bite to my hand...I am fine....but I did not realize how much you use your pinky finger....UNTIL you can't use it!!!

I saw this on the Prattville Things to do calendar!!!

FREE OUTDOOR MOVIE!!! HERE TONIGHT!!!!! They are doing Planet 51
We(Bo, myself, and Carol Beth went to one last was FUN)
We took our lawn chairs,(you can do a blanket also!), picnic, already popped popcorn.....WE DID NOT SPEND ONE DIME and had a blast.....
We went during the summer...I don't know how cold it will be for this one!!!
Just watch where you "set" up....we did have an ant problem!!!! But we just moved and it was solved....GET THERE EARLY!!!!! There was a TON of people when we went (We saw Tale of Despereaux) there were kids playing ball and running on the side field before the movie get there early to get your spot (for a good one) eat your and play and then settle in for the movie....
Also there is the air show this weekend FREE and fun if you have never been....we went one time and it was in I think like JUNE (HOT, wow it is hot on an airstrip!)
This is at Maxwell Air Base WAY COOL

Ok I think that's it!
Hopefully I will be "back" to speed next week!
Happy Saving

Friday, March 19, 2010

Honey Glazed Chicken

Here is the recipe I had promised for chicken using Honey (on sale this week Publix $1.99 I can't get the coupon link to work, supposedly there is a $1.00 coupon out there, check Southern Savers or I Heart Publix)

Honey Glazed Chicken

3 lbs. chicken parts (we use what ever we have....DRUMSTICKS )
1/4 c. margarine
2 TBSP. Soy Sauce
1/2 c. HONEY

Place chicken in a GREASED 9x13x2 inch pan.....Melt remaining ingredients together..pour over chicken....Bake UNCOVERED 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours (this long bake time allows the sauce to caramelize and glaze the chicken) TURN chicken and baste with juices every 20 min.....serve with rice or pasta

Happy Savings

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Count Blessings Moment

I know this has NOTHING to do with couponing, saving, any of that.....but
Be grateful for ALL Blessings you have....even the simple everyday routine things....
I need to clean the bathrooms, do laundry, sweep and normal routine...
I also need to teach my children....
I am SOOOO GRATEFUL to be blessed that I can be home to do all these things...that we have a home for me to clean.....that I am blessed with great children to teach....
I get in "wallowing" moods sometimes.....last night the kids had "Bible Drills" at hit me again how Carol Beth is SOOOOOOO DIFFERENT from others....I got to thinking, again, about how she will probably NEVER "BE" Like everyone else....
It really depressed me to know...she will never "do" prom, never date, never get married, never have children, and even something so simple and "easy" as participating in group activities.....
BUT THEN THE LORD spoke to my heart and told me "yes" she might not do those things....but look at all the things she does do.....She has given me the gift of patience, she has given our whole family the opportunity to learn compassion, she can light up a room when she laughs, she has a talent for art, she LOVES to read....she has gone through a phase of reading Shakespeare!!! She is wonderful with animals...she is willing to help with those routine chores.....She is a TRUE BLESSING...I need that moment with God to remember these things sometimes....
I also need to remember the next time I complain about having to do laundry, or cook a meal, or clean blessed we truly are....there are some people that can't afford any of these "luxuries" in life....the poor people in Haiti...have no house to clean....there are homeless people even here where we are.... I think of this as I get my box to donate for this month together....that tube of toothpaste, stick of deodorant, cans of food, little things we have a "ton" of, can be such a blessing to someone! We will take our box one day next week, Carol Beth will be with me showing me the blessing of her having a "giving heart"....So she is pretty AWESOME!!!
Happy Saving

Winn Dixie things of interest.....March 17-23

Buy One Get One
Kelllogg’s Fruit Snacks, 4.2-10.8 oz, at $2.99 ($1.49)
-$1 off Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks, printable
Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, 12 ct, $2.50 ($1.25)
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 8 ct, RP 2/07
Kool-Aid, 10-12 ct Singles or 8 qt, at $3.79 ($1.89)
-$1/2 Country Time, Kool-Aid or Tang, any tearpad
Country Time, 10-12 ct Singles or 8 qt, at $3.79 ($1.89)
-$1/2 Country Time, Kool-Aid or Tang, any tearpad
Neutra Air Fresh or Morning Dew Aerosol, 10 oz, at $4.59 ($2.29)
-$1.50 off Lysol Neutra Air, SS 3/7 (makes it 29¢)
-$1 off Lysol Spray printable
Colgate Toothpaste, 6.4 oz, at $3.39 ($1.69)
-$1 off Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste, January All You
-.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste SS 2/21

Also I noticed that they have cantelope for .99 cents!!! Publix is $1.97 ( I got mine at Publix, used my $1.00 off produce coupon from the Taco Bell deal..)
But if you have not gone yet, and need to stop by Winn Dixie anyway, you might want to check this out....and get some other produce that you need from Publix with you coupons......I ALWAYS stick with produce that is on sale.....if apples are on sale, we eat apples not bananas....We will eat bananas when ever they come back around on sale.....I know it seems "stupid" to figure it's just a few pennies here and there....but those pennies add up...and when you are counting everyone....IT REALLY ADDS UP...Plus I just can't make myself pay .79lb for bananas that around Christmas I paid .33lb. for.....
They also have alot of meat BOGO if you need it......we are REALLY well stocked in this catagory right now.......Brian had made the comment, if I got anything else that needed to go into a freezer....WE WOULD HAVE TO GET ANOTHER FREEZER!!! So that let's me know we are good to go in that department....
Thanks Jenny at Southern Savers!
Happy Saving

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Publix plans this week, for us

Hey! I am trying to get my list together and coupons rounded up.....
We really don't need much this time....THANK GOODNESS!! Isn't it wonderful when you get to the "DON'T NEED POINT!"

I do see some really great deals we are going to get though

Kingsford Charcoal Matchlight 7.99 for the 12.5 lb.
I have the $2.00 of Kingsford coupon out of the "Race" booklet from Publix
I also have a $2.00 off any meat if you buy Kingsford charcoal that came out of the Smart Source insert....not sure of the date....NOW the regular kind of charcoal is probably cheaper.....but the meat coupon states buy 16lb. bag reg.(which I am not sure of the price....I need to find my best deal) OR 12.5lb. Matchlight.....and that is the kind on sale....
So I will be grabbing some charcoal.....and find SOME form of meat for $2.00....I wonder if my hot dogs would count!!!! I just thought of that...... Oscar Mayer Franks are BOGO!! at $2.99 minus the $2.00 off....thats .99 cents for 2 packs of HOT DOGS!!!! Carol Beth will be in HEAVEN!!!

Also the Taco Bell Dinner kits are BOGO at $2.69 and that Produce coupon I told ya'll about that takes $1.00 off produce if you buy 2 Taco Bell products.....I MIGHT SPLURGE and get a tomato!!! Yes that is singular....HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE OF TOMATOES!!! Of course I have all those canned ones ....and a TON of I will probably get CANTALOUPE!!! YUMM they are $1.97 each minus my $1.00 coupon so .97 for cantaloupe.....and then some celery .99 so FREE

The Lance crackers are BOGO and the "Race" booklet has a $1/2 coupon will make 2 $1.89 Bo loves the Cheese PB crackers to go in his lunch.....I found out one time he paid $1.23 for 1 pack at a gas station!!!!! I could have rung his neck!!!! so I will get 2 of these....I wish I had another coupon booklet.....I wonder if they have any more........THESE EXPIRE MARCH 20th!!!! But I have found they will take them a few days after expiration........but I am going to go ahead and get them!
Sue Bee honey (can't get that stupid coupon!! so I might not get this)
I might get 1 Pepperidge Farm Cake and 1 Blue Bell ice cream....Becca's Birthday is the 29th of this BABY will be SWEET 16!!!! GOODNESS GRACIOUS I AM OLD
Cottonelle Toilet Paper (we still have 5 12 packs in the "stash" so to speak...but I have $1.00 off man. out of the All You.....and a $2.00 off CVS $3.99 for a 12 out .33 a roll.....I will go ahead and get this....I am NOT running out of TP and then have to pay full price!!! Been there done that.....we had to get John Wayne toilet paper....You know....Rough and Tough and don't take no stuff off nobody!!! I won't do that again!!!

Thats about it that we need!!! We have cheese, meat, food...snacks.....I am glad to have a SLOW WEEK!!!! I have not seen the Piggly Wiggly ad yet....or Winn Dixie....I will post any GREAT deals I find from there when I get the ad......Bo will bring the paper this afternoon.....

Happy Saving

Monday, March 15, 2010


BO and I had errands we had to run Sat....we ran in Sam's to get buns and sugar (the few things we still get there.....the sugar works out .50 cents a pound if you get the 50 pound bag, we keep it in a large rubbermaid container....
While we were there we found the WHOLE PORK LOINS..these are the TRUE WHOLE ones they are HUGE!!!...are you ready for this....
$1.87 a pound!!!!!
we got for $10.48 and one for $10.63

you cut off the ends (as large as you want your "roast" part) then slice the middle into boneless porkchops!!!
Out of the 2 we bought we got 4 roast and 21 boneless pork chops!!!!
that is 7 MEALS!!! really maybe a few more if I have leftovers from the roast!!!
I put one on in the crockpot yesterday morning so when we came home from church....LUNCH WAS READY!!!
It was SOOOOOO GOOD and tender!!! it just melted in your mouth!!!I was hoping to have some left from this one......THEY PLOWED THROUGH IT!!!! of course we fed 4 TEENAGERS!!! so that will put a dent in some food!!! Well, I guess 3 teens(Carol Beth didn't eat this) and Bo and myself

The last time they had them on sale like this we only bought one....and kicked ourselves for not "stocking" this time we did buy 2.....I would have gotten more.....but our budget is squeaking this week....
BO had to have work done on his truck....(it wound up a little more than we had planned and had saved for....but we just took some out of the grocery budget and "GOTTERDONE", I am glad too....the guy showed us the part that was replaced....BO COULD HAVE wrecked at any time!!! It was the ball joints on the front????? Sure enough it was BARELY HANGING ON!!! So we got that done just in time and the Lord was looking out for him!!

Happy Saving

Items of note for Publix deals

I noticed that the upcoming sale....
Taco Bell Original Dinner Kits are going to be BOGO $2.69
and there is a $1.00 off produce coupon when you buy 2 Taco Bell products HERE

I see Mexican Night!!! and with the Publix Brand Tortilla chips that was the penny item last week.......
I got a head of lettuce last week for $ this week (if they are still around that price.....49 cents! for a head of lettuce!)
and they also have ASPARAGUS $1.99lb!!!! $1.00 off= .99 lb!!!
or Radaishes 16 oz. .99cents! FREE
or celery .99! FREE!!
You can print 2 of the produce coupons!!
Buy 4 boxes of taco kits ($5.38total works out $1.39 each and figure out how to get CHEAP of free produce!)

Split Chicken Breast – $1.69/lb WOW!!!! Maybe we won't have to just have drumsticks!!! I got drumsticks BOGO family packs at Piggly Wiggly this past week ($4.38 for 28 drumsticks!!!) That is 4 meals for our family....we go on the 1 PER PERSON mom usually comes for supper, the 5 of us...and my nephew is living with my mom now....he is here most of the time 7 people!
The drumsticks work out $1.09 A MEAL or .15 a person!!! WE WILL EAT DRUMSTICKS!!

Sue Bee Honey – 12 oz bot – $1.99
-$1/1 PRINT

this is a great deal!! I stock up on honey when I can,,,I have a STICKY CHICKEN recipe I will post later that is AWESOME!!! you use honey and soy sauce!!!(I got CHEAP with those BOGO coupons awhile back....have been WAITING on the honey!!! STICKY CHICKEN on the menu coming up!!!)


Wow I was getting spoiled by seeing the ad on Monday afternoons......
I am TOOOOO EXCITED!!! I have not even "looked" at it yet....does this make me crazy??? Or I need something better to do with my time.......NAHHHH, not after this past weeks deals!!! I am still excited about our free toothbrushes!!! Everytime I brush my teeth now I just giggle!!!!

HERE is the ad.....THANKS I HEART PUBLIX!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


There will be 1 Smart Source and 1 RED PLUM




When we had DISH we had gotten this offer once....WE NOW have cable through HAYNEVILLE TELEPHONE CO. AND LOVE IT!!!!!

to get your FREE offer
NEED to order movies BEFORE MARCH 31st!!!!


Hope Yall Enjoy a movie night with your family!
Happy Saving

New Menu Blog Ideas for Publix Sales!

Hey I love seeing all the different blogs on what to do with the sale items, to make meals for my family!
HERE is another one I have found it is REALLY GREAT!
I am going to try some of the recipes they sound easy and wonderful.....something different!

Winn Dixie has the ORAL B ADVANTAGE toothbrushes on sale BOGO....the other week in the P&G we got a BOGO coupon......FREE TOOTHBRUSHES!!!! Luckily I had bought 3 papers that week.....I got 6 free toothbrushes!!! Which we really needed.... These would be great to go in your Easter Baskets!!!! I know give them candy.....and a toothbrush!!!

I usually don't post on the weekends.......but...........HEY!

Happy Saving

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flat Out Bread....

Publix has their FLAT OUT BREAD WRAPS BOGO!!!
Flatout Bread BOGO $2.89
Use $1/2 from Healthy Meals Healthy Kids
It works out .95 cents each!
THEY ARE TO DIE FOR!!! I don't like alot of BREAD with my sandwich....kwim....I usually make our own bread....but for a change....I love these
I see Tuna salad wraps for me and Becca (free tuna from the other week.....
also with the great deals we have had on lunchmeat...)
These also make GREAT PIZZA's!!!
You can also use them instead of tortillas if need be....but with the Mission Coupons I had posted about....I will not "waste" the wraps for that.....
This will make a great lunch for us one day this next week....

ALSO here is a GREAT sounding recipe from Publix Penny Pincher

Piggly Wiggly????

Ok. I have only done the Piggly Wiggly in Greenville ONE time...boy that sounds real COUNTRY dosen't it.....WE'RE GOING TO THE PIGGLY WIGGLY IN GREENVILLE! (Ya'll should be able to hear the SOUTHERN DRAWL that is going on in my head with this one!)

Anyway, the one in Greenville is actually NICE!!! CLEAN!!!! I have a thing about dirty stores...I'm sorry,I WILL NOT BUY FOOD FROM A DIRTY GROCERY STORE!!!!!I REFUSE TO do Walmart on ANN St.(I went to it maybe 3 times since it has been many years now....When it FIRST opened, I mean the FIRST WEEKI went in and it was AWFUL!!!! FILTHY!!! The last time Brian was with me and you could SMELL rotting ground beef FROM ACROSS THE AISLE!!!!
He begged me NOT TO BUY food there....I told him NO PROBLEM....We left right then without buying ANYTHING.....AND HAVE NOT BEEN BACK SINCE!!!

Ok. Piggly Wiggly (sorry about the detour)
In Prattville, it is RIGHT across from Winn Dixie...and the new CVS is right there!
I usually only do Winn Dixie and Publix....I only go to drug stores maybe once a month if it is a REAL GOOD DEAL....I don't go after every deal...every store I would go crazy....and Bo says I should already have my own warning label.....
Sun liquid laundry detergent, 45.5-55 oz., BOGO, save $3.19 **

-$0.50/1; $.75/1 Sun Detergent or Cuddle Soft Liquid Fabric Softener, 02/14/2010 RP *Makes it as low as $.59 each.

Fresh ground chuck, family pack, $1.99/lb
Angus beef boneless shoulder roast, family pack, $1.99/lb.
(we raise our own beef, so this in a non issue for us....but a great price if you need it)

Colorado premium corned beef brisket, $1.99/lb. I just noticed this one!!!! If it is the flat cut I am so there!!!! If it is point cut....I will get it at Publix $2.99Lb.....YES IT IS THAT BIG of a difference in the cut!!! Read my post below!!

What to do with Granola???

Ok if you noticed that granola is on sale pretty cheap this week.....and don't know what to do with it......(we didn't like it as a cereal....)
I will buy the big tubs of yogurt (cheaper than the individual containers ,if not on sale with coupons) and mix the granola up in it.....they love gives you that crunch factor!! and adds great flavor....The Publix brand is GREAT and only $1.69 I will put in little rubbermaid containers if it needs to be packed for lunch.....
Also the granola is good to top muffins with! If you have some of that muffin mix or even cake mix.....when they are about half way done with the granola it makes a Strudel type topping! For the cake mix, we do up cupcakes and top with need to add icing...and it is a Health option...(don't tell my kids!)

I see Corned Beef and Cabbage in our future!! I love this...
Corned Beef is EASY!!! Just throw in a big dutch oven cover with water (add the spice mix that comes with it and boil about 3 hours!! Easy Peasy!)
I have also done it in the crock in crock pot add cover with water cook on low 8 hours waaalaaaa DONE
The important thing to remember on Corned Beef, cut against the grain!!! There are two cuts on corned beef, flat and point, BUY THE FLAT....
In fact that is what is on sale at Publix this week.....It has less fat than the point cut....and is just all around better!
I don't cook our cabbage in with the corned beef (just our preference)I take some bacon grease(not much) cut the cabbage mix in a LARGE skillet...cook on med. heat covered....STIR often.....if needed add a little water (NOT MUCH)
The cabbage has ALOT of moisture in it,,,it will make its own liquid....and I let it cook the last 30-40 min. that my corned beef is finishing up.....I add sugar to our cabbage when it is almost done....
This makes a good, easy meal! I will do HOECAKES to go with it....stone ground cornmeal.(NOT A CORNMEAL MIX!!! JUST A GOOD STONEGROUND MEAL)..add some water....make it about pancake consistency...a smidgen of salt (believe me you will know if you don't add the salt!)fry in a little grease (I use my Grandma's BLACK IRON SKILLET...) fry like pancakes!! Drain on scott towel.....I can eat my weight in these things!!! My Grandmother (she raised us, and bless her soul, she lived to be 100)called it WaterBread (I learned how to cook from her....ask me about homemade chicken and dumplings!!!In fact I have her GLASS ROLLING put icewater in it!!!I will post this recipe one is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!)

There are some things of note at WinnDixie this week!!
The Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and Grands Biscuits are on sale for $1.00!!!
With coupons it will make them a GREAT STOCK UP PRICE!!!
For the Cinnamon Rolls I have .40/2 and the biscuits .40/3
THESE WILL DOUBLE....So my cinnamon rolls will windup .60 EACH and biscuits .74 each!!! I am planning on getting 6 cinnamon rolls and 9 biscuits (I have three of each coupon)
Also the Oral B toothbrushes are BOGO and we have a BOGO coupon that came out March 7
(I am shocked we got this one...usually the REALLY GOOD ONES aren't in our paper!)
So I am getting 6 FREE!!! We all need a new toothbrush around here!!
Has any one tried the Savannah Classic Hushpuppies??? They are BOGO at Winn Dixie also....and I have some shrimp and fish from the past Publix sale still in my freezer....I see a seafood night!
If you need cooking soups...(cream of mushroom....i.e.) Winn Dixie has them for $1.00 (Campbells) and there was a printable for $1.00 off 4 so they will be .74 each (not the best price...but if you are out and need some this is the best deal I see out there right now)(I you know of somewhere better...PLEASE let me know,,,,our stash from the holidays is now GONE!!!)

Hope these ideas and thoughts help
Happy Saving

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey ya'll I'm still here!

Ok sorry I have not posted since Friday.....went dress shopping with Becca...we had a ball!!! NO COUPONS (I told her I was not going to "do deals" it was her day....and it took ALL DAY!!!) WE FOUND A DRESS!!! DAVID'S Bridal THANK YOU LaVonne!!! She treated Becca like a princess....that place was PACKED!!! So many ladies trying on wedding gowns!!! They were gorgeous!!! I know to start saving now for Becca's wedding!!!
We had gravel brought in Monday, for our driveway (they were supposed to bring it Mon. morning.....Bo took off work....THE TRUCK DID NOT COME UNTIL 2:30!!!! We were out with flashlights last night while he was trying to spread it!!! We finally quit when Becca almost got hit by the box blade!!!
Brian finished it this morning.....IT LOOKS GREAT!!!! He did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! THANK YOU BRIAN!!!
Life has just taken over at our household.......Algebra is going to be the death of me!!!! THANK THE LORD THIS IS MY LAST TIME TEACHING THIS!!!!!!!

The new list is up on I Heart Publix!!! I am going to stock up on corned beef!!! It only goes on sale 1 time a year!!!! I will freeze them!!! Then come June and we want corned beef.....BOOYAHHH there it is!!!

Have yall seen any new coupon books that have been "talked" about on the different sites??? I am going tomorrow.....maybe....depends on weather and Becca has an appt. with the orthodontist....she has to see him before the oral surgeon.......she has a permanent tooth still up in her gum line!!! They are going to have to do surgery to get it down where it is supposed to be.....(IT WILL BE AFTER THE PROM that we have that done!!! I would not do that to her!)
We also have to pick up her prom ticket!!! SO I might go tomorrow or Friday....Carol Beth has art....TWO trips to Prattville this week!!

Happy Saving

Friday, March 5, 2010


Deal Alert! Kmart Super Doubles is coming!
This posted on Two Thrifty Sisters

"Okay, well this is a big news item if you're lucky enough to have this Super Double event at your Kmart location. Kmart is planning to have their next double coupon event April 4-10. I went ahead and called our store in Athens, AL, and they had not heard that they will be participating. Cross your fingers that they will!

Anyway, if you've never gone to Kmart during one of these sales, you're in for a treat. They will double coupons up to $2, resulting in lots of free/super-cheap items. You'll want to plan ahead and get all your coupons together. Luckily, there are lots of great shoppers who keep updated lists of how cheap you can get your items and what coupons are out there. So, we'll try to provide you links in the near future of all the great resources. To locate your nearest Kmart to ask if they will be participating, click here. Please leave a comment with your location if your Kmart will be holding the event. Thanks!

The biggest drawbacks are that you might get a headache from the cashiers or give a headache to the customers behind you. So hopefully, this event will go smoother than events in the past. Also, I think in the past you were able to use 10 coupons, and it looks like you'll be able to only use 5 per customer per day. Yes, I know, very annoying."

Here's some more corporate info from an email from Kmart that Short On Cents received:
Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for your recent correspondence. We are always interested in hearing from our customers. We appreciate your interest in our double coupon event. This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 04/04/10 to 04/10/10.
The rules for this event are:
-Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 Value are doubled up to $2 no matter what the retail price of a single item is
-Does not include Kmart Store Coupons
-Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons
-Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day
Retail Customer Care, Sears Holdings Corporation

I have hear people from up north talking about Kmart super double coupon sales BUT HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE HERE!!! I am excited!!!!

Egg McMuffins and Breakfast Burritos!!!

Ok I used to do these up once a month.....EVERY month!!! I have not done them in awhile.....but with the English Muffins on sale BOGO at Publix....I decided to "splurge"...
This makes a REALLY fast breakfast!!!!
I will get out my griddle and toast up all of my (12, 2 packages) english muffins at once, then I cook bacon or sausage patties (I usually do 6 each), then you fry your eggs....ON THE SAME GRIDDLE! That way I only have 1 cleanup!!!
Then assembly.....put them together like you would....1egg, 1 piece of bacon or sausage....(you can do sliced cheese....mine don't like it that way), put your top on (I mean the muffin!) and then wrap individually in scott towel, put in a large ziploc bag,I can usually get 6 in a gallon size bag....freeze flat(I will place on cookie sheet to get them frozen good) MAKE SURE TO MARK YOUR BAG!!!! NAME and DATE DONE!!! Then when we need a fast breakfast.....take out 1 LEAVE IN THE SCOTT TOWEL!!!!!! put on plate, place in microwave 1 min. to 1min. 30 seconds......THESE ARE FABULOUS!!!!

Breakfast Burritos
12 eggs beaten
1 lb. sausage or bacon COOKED( again I use some of each to have some bacon some sausage)
2 cups shredded cheese
24 flour tortillas
You can also add bellpepper, onion, whatever else you want!
Scramble eggs, cook until done.......Warm tortillas in microwave 20-30 seconds or until warm and can roll easy.....Place some egg and meat on tortilla, top with cheese...Wrap up like a burrito....wrap individually in scott towel and FREEZE..BAG up in freezer bags (AGAIN make sure to label the bag)
When ready to eat.....PLACE in microwave IN SCOTT TOWEL.....cook about 2 minutes!!!
My family loves these!! and it is something that Bo can "grab and eat" as he heads to work!!!
You can usually find tortilla coupons here

and like I said english muffins are BOGO this week!!! and with the cheese deal (for the burritos.....I know they want cheese on them but not the mcmuffins!!! go figure!)

Brian had his Police Academy interview today (ya'll PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!), he ate an egg mcmuffin before he left! So this should hold him as far as food goes.....for awhile any way!
Happy Saving

Coupon Inserts this Sunday!!!

I read this on Publix Penny Pincher (thanks!!)HERE
1 RED PLUM, 1 SMART SOURCE, and 1 P&G!!!!!
I will "check" my papers, and maybe buy 4 (that way it will give me 4 P&G's) depends on what is in them.....

Also I don't know if any of you have ever shopped Piggly Wiggly......but they have Suave shampoo and conditioner for .88 cents....I am not sure of the size bottle, and we don't need shampoo or conditioner.........BUT I might get some to donate....and I need some conditioner to make FABRIC SOFTENER!! and I love the suave ocean breeze (light blue color, smells like downy!!!)

And, one other "note", my mind has been "fuzzy" to say the least.....
STUPID me, I thought the BOGO charcoal at Winn Dixie was "a good deal" at $5.49 vs
Publix for $6.49........THE ONE AT PUBLIX IS 20LB. BAG, the one at WINN DIXIE is a 6lb. bag!!!! Where was my head!!!! and I didn't get that $10 off $50 coupon!!!!! The one in Prattville HAS NEVER PRINTED FOR ME!!!!! The one in Southlawn has 99.9% of the time printed!!!!

Becca Prom!!!

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with coupons and deals....
but we have been "researching" prom dresses.....we are going to start looking today or tomorrow....I am still feeling blahhhh....

I noticed this online though.....(for this much child better have more on her body than this!!!!! I could not BELIEVE some of these dresses!!!! I am a 42,married, mom of 3 and I WOULD NEVER....NO NOT EVER....HAVE SHOWN THIS MUCH SKIN!!!!
And it's UGLY!!! She looks like I dream of Jeannie!!

I hope we can find something "modest" to say the least......and then they wonder why teen pregnancy is up!!! COVER IT UP!!!! I never allow my girls to go with know....
Even their church dresses (Carol Beth would NEVER wear a dress!!) I have let Becca get a couple of dresses that I thought were a little "short", at her knee....and she is very aware of how to sit.....and I have noticed she does not wear them that much...she would rather go for the longer ones...

So we are going to try Repeat Performance, JCPenny, and Belk's.... any other ideas...
Like I said getting a girl ready is WAY different from a boy....Brian we got lucky...
We found a tuxedo jacket at Goodwill for $5.00 and black dress slacks for $4.00!!
So he has his own tuxedo for $9.00!!!! Everybody thought he had RENTED a tux....and when he told them "NO I bought this, I own my own tux" they thought WOW!!!
Every year he has been able to just change the shirt and year he did a bolo tie (cowboy tie) and that was toooo sharp!!!!
He is upset to say the least his little sister is going.....and he can't be there to chaperone!!! He has told her that he will be in the parking lot watching those boys EVERY MOVE!!!!, and if one tries the slightest thing..........Bo told him he would be there also!!!!!
This has got me "reliving" the past.....I never went to prom....but I did go to our ROTC MILITARY BALL.....I was on the RIFLE TEAM and the ACADEMIC SQUAD....ohhhhhh, I am now having flashbacks!!!!Remember Cindy Lauper, and Madonna, the big hair, leg warmers, headbands........WOW!!!! In a way I hope the '80's don't come back!!!!
Happy Saving

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok, I had not planned on getting much....we have no more room....we don't NEED anything.......(well oatmeal, granola bars....remember Feb. we used out of our now..)

Well, once I got to "piecing" things together....FOUND SOME GREAT DEALS....

The Pillsbury Pizza crust is on sale $1.66, I still had the Italian Days $1 off 3 Pillsbury coupons...I also had manufacture coupons .35/1 (double to .70), Kraft cheese $1.66, I never did get mine last week (still had 2 Target coupons! and, I also had Hormel Pepperoni .35/1 (2 of these)the boxes are $1.50 and they HAVE .55 off PEELIES if you buy the pepperoni AND PILLSBURY CRUST!!!
So hear is the breakdown:
3 Pillsbury Pizza Crust $1.66 x3=$4.98
Publix Italian Days coupon -$1.00
3 Man. coupons .35/1...doubles -$2.10
TOTAL for 3 CRUST $1.88

2 Hormel Pepperoni @ $1.50 = $3.00
2 Manu. coupons .35/1 = - $1.40
TOTAL for Pepperoni $1.60

3 Crust $1.88
2 Pepp. +$1.60
2 COUPON - $1.10
FINAL TOTAL $2.38 For 3 CRUST and 2 Pepperoni!!!

And The CHEESE.....well
HERE is a coupon for $2.00 off Publix Bread ($1.69 a loaf!)
You have to buy 1 SHREDDED and 1 SLICE CHEESE.....OK, I need cheese for those pizzas, and FREE BREAD and CHEESE SLICES....GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH ANYONE??
Breakdown for this one:
2 Kraft Shredded $1.66each = $3.32
1 Target coupon - $1.00
1 Manufacture coupon - $1.00
--------- -------
TOTAL $1.32

2 Kraft Slices 2 for $4.00
2 BLINKIES $1.00/1 -$2.00
1 Target -$1.00
TOTAL $1.00
So my shredded cheese was 2 for $1.32
and my slice cheese was 2 for $1.00
2 BREAD $1.69 each $3.38
TOTAL $5.70
MINUS THE $2.00 off coupons 2 -$4.00
TOTAL FOR 2 shredded
2 slices
2 loaves bread
$1.70 !!!!!!
MY BRAIN HURTS.........BUT I SEE PIZZA and Movie night in our future!!!
Happy Saving


I got this in my email yesterday!!!
THIS SHOWS WHY YOU KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS.....I keep mine in a cardboard box(small), and keep sorted by helps when figuring out our budget.....but now I can just grab Feb. stack and start checking!!!!
Happy Saving

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ok sorry I didn't post alot yesterday!! I had to break down and go to the Dr.....
my ear was killing me....DOUBLE EAR infections...again...anymore they will look into tubes....I thought kids only got those....maybe I am young!!!! Then why am I having to color my hair, have crow's feet (I prefer the term LAUGH LINES!!!!)

It is a NEW MONTH!!! YEAH, and where did the time you realize we only have 10 months until Christmas!! I'm joking.....or am I....
I have been putting aside those free/ cheap items in a box in our closet for gifts....I will pull things out as needed for baby showers, housewarmings, get wells, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday's and yes CHRISTMAS.......
So if you are at the point you think you do not need anymore _______________....(toothpaste, deodorant ...) THINK AGAIN.....If you can turn that item into a gift basket.......or donate it........and it is free or cheap.....GO FOR IT!!!
Becca's birthday is coming up the end of the month....I am done with her "goody bag"
she has makeup tools, makeup brushes, mascara, eyeshadow, body wash, lipstick, razors.....It is her "Spa" bag....I will also take her to get a simple manicure...($10.00).We did this for part of her Christmas present....SHE LOVED IT!!!
She has also decided she wants to go to the HOMESCHOOL PROM!!! It is going to be at the Arrowhead Country we are planning on looking for a dress.....REPEAT PERFORMANCE will be our first (AND I HOPE ONLY STOP!!) She is excited....and so am I...Brian went every year and had a BLAST....Becca is more shy and I don't know......And something about having a GIRL go is WAY DIFFERENT than a boy....

ANYWAY....this has nothing to do with deals does it.....but I am in the mood to talk and no one to talk to.......
has the new Publix list up for the sneak peek ad starting tomorrow!!!!!! It is another good one...... I am going to STOCK UP on strawberries....they are going to be 3 packs for $5.00 or $1.66 a pack! and with the weather the way it has been I am scared no one is going to be having any (we usually go pick up in Clanton...)
So I will just get these and freeze....It is REALLY easy....and come June and we want berries...I can just pull out a bag!!!
Take your berries....cut off the stem, and if you want to slice them do it now...those we got last week WERE HUGE!!!! Becca found 1 strawberry that I kid you not, was as big as her hand! So I will slice them....lay flat on a cookie sheet...pop in freezer....flash freeze them....and then once frozen (later that same day....bag them up!!!) We do blueberries and blackberries when in season this way I said usually we "PICK our own" (it is fun, and we love doing it as a family) The first time we ever wentto pick blueberries Becca was 3 and Carol Beth was 4....they had a ball...the man gave them their own little buckets...they ran through the fields....we picked and could see them playing, the owners wife was helping them..and we could hear hear talking to them and she would just laugh....when we got ready to come the girls PURPLE FROM HEAD TO TOE!!!!! THE man BUSTED out laughing when he asked to see their buckets.....NOT A BERRY in either one!!!!The lady told him they should have weighed the girls on our way in and then on our way they would know how much to charge!!! I apolozied a thousand times over....then the lady laughed and said that she had gotten so much pleasure out of seeing them enjoy the berries so much she could not bring herself to stop them.....(she had been joking about the weighing part) they took a picture of the girls and put up at the "PAY HERE" shed!! We have gone there basically every year since.........SOMETIMES THE GIRLS STILL COME OUT KIND OF PURPLE!!! NOTHING like that first year though....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Did You See The FREE COOKIE insert in the paper???

In the SS insert (BP in Hayneville DIDN'T HAVE the coupons!!!!)
Luckily Bo got me a paper! THANK YOU HONEY
anyway the is a page FREE CHIPS AHOY cookies if you sign up on facebook!!! ONLY ON MONDAYS!!!!!!

HURRY THESE GO QUICK!!! It will only let you print 1 !!!
AND I noticed it states....
Get a FREE package of Nabisco Cookies (4 oz. -26 oz. up to $4.19)when you buy 1 package of cookies and 1 gallon of milk.....
so you have to buy 2 cookies (0ne will be FREE) and a gallon of milk!
Happy Saving