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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Guess who just called me???
No it was not someone telling me I just won free laundry service for a year (I can keep dreaming though!!)
It was Keith (the Head District Manager over the Alabama Publix Stores) He is in Florida.
If you had heard me talking about the awful time I had in the Dalradia store then you know what I am talking about. I emailed the corporate office to let them know I was not happy with the way I was treated there, BUT to also PRAISE the Prattville store, and yes to ask about coupon booklets!
Anyway, Keith called me just then to apolozie for the way I was treated in the Montgomey store, he told me he had talked to them and let them know to really work on their customer relations (TRUST ME THEY NEED TO, It was AWFUL, not just me trying to use coupons, the cashiers attitude,and then the manager asking the girl BAGGING my groceires if they took a certain coupon!) He also told me he had let the Prattville manager read my email and they were VERY PROUD that I had taken the time to commend them. The manager is absolutly fabulous there! If you get a chance take a moment to either email or next time you are in the Prattville store, tell them THANK YOU for such great customer service and just a FANTASTIC shopping experience! It only takes a few seconds to tell someone Thanks, and can really brighten their day and also brighten yours!
Just wanted to share that with yall It just amazed me that someone from the main corporate office would call little ole me!

Soft Scrub High Value Coupons!

Go here

to print some REALLY GREAT coupons on Soft Scrub!
The cleanser or Formula Gel 24- 28.6 oz. or 12 ct scrubby pads will be 2/$5
there is a $1.50 off 1 coupon on the gel! there are some others also (not one on the pads)
that will make them $1.00 each!
You know how these high value coupons go fast so print them now!
See ya'll at church tomorrow night! (Is it Tuesday already?!! WOW)

MILK coupons

For those of you who saw the Free 1/2 gallon chocolate milk wyb 2 gallons of whole milk coupon.

I have not used my chocolate milk coupon yet, and this new one is for a FREE gallon of whole milk if you spend $100.00 (we all know how easy that is to do, before coupons of course!!)
So I am going to use my 2 Free gallon whole milk coupons and get my chocolate 1/2 gallon free also!
Enter to win the free milk for a year contest (says you can enter daily) and mine said NO you did not win, but here is your coupon. It is a BRICKS coupon and I don't know how often it resets, I will keep entering daily though and let ya'll know about the coupon changes.

Thanks to for this info!!
Her website is GREAT if you have never seen it check it out!

New All You Magazine FEB Issue

Ya'll be on the look out for the new one! I have not looked for it yet but it is listed on the site (It usually takes about a week after it is posted for them to show up in the store!)
For those of you who are new to "couponing", this is a GREAT magazine filled with really good coupons! It is only sold at Walmart (at the checkout areas, not with the books)
You can subscribe to it also, BUT there are not as many coupons in the subscription!!
It runs $2.24 there about and there is usually a .50 off your next issue coupon inside! (Don't forget to use those!!)
Also if you go to the All You Website

you can print even more coupons!

So keep a look out for the new one, it is pink with a heart on the cover!