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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


If you went by Winn Dixie and got the Kraft Food and Family booklet I posted about yesterday.
There is a .55 off 2 boxes of Jello coupon inside. Walgreens has these on sale .50 a box, will make it .22 a box!(with ad coupon, grab one in the store) you only need ONE Walgreens coupon no matter how many you buy, if I buy 4 boxes, I will use 2 Kraft Food and Family coupons and 1 Walgreens coupon (it will take off for all 4) I hope this makes sense, Walgreens can get TRICKY, you might need a "FILLER" item, the number of products you buy have to EQUAL the number of coupons you use!Example:
I am going to buy 8 boxes jello .50 box Walgreens coupon price ($4.00)
I am using 4 Kraft Food and Family coupons at .55 off 2 (-$2.20)
FINAL PRICE (1.80)for 8 boxes of jello

I will NOT need a "filler" item my coupon total will be 5 so I am good!

3pk. bars of Ivory soap are on sale for .99 there was a $1.00 P&G coupon that came out the end of Dec. that is for DOVE ,ZEST, OR IVORY will make for FREE SOAP!!!!


Publix Antibiotic Program FREE

For those of you who have not heard, Publix has 14 day supply of antibiotics for FREE.
There are certain ones on the list, BUT I printed my list off, if we have to go to the Dr. I have it with me and we get one off the list. They even put a copy of it in our file, if I call and just want one called in, they KNOW to get it off that list! It does not matter if you have insurance or not, we do, but with co-pays and deductibles WOW!!!
Here is a link for the info and you can print the list off from here:

I keep a copy in my coupon binder, just in case. Publix will also call the Dr.s office if the one they DO call in is not on the list if you ask. Our Dr. the first time called in amoxicillin (it is on the list) but he called in a SUPER STRONG MG., not included. Publix called had the MG. changed and it was FREE. It was a lower mg. but it worked just as well, in fact the Pharmacist told us the stronger mg. would cause BIG TIME stomach problems, so it was even better!
Hope this helps, I know right now with the deductibles resetting on insurance it is really hard, especially for something that is "NOT PLANNED" like sickness. Bo is on blood pressure and cholesterol meds. the beginning of the year used to KILL our budget, because the deductible reset, ONE prescription for ONE month is $98.00!!!! We now budget so much each month to go toward this,once our deductible is met, it will go down to $8.00, but heaven forbid if someone needed antibiotics too!! So this has been a life saver for us.