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Friday, March 5, 2010


Deal Alert! Kmart Super Doubles is coming!
This posted on Two Thrifty Sisters

"Okay, well this is a big news item if you're lucky enough to have this Super Double event at your Kmart location. Kmart is planning to have their next double coupon event April 4-10. I went ahead and called our store in Athens, AL, and they had not heard that they will be participating. Cross your fingers that they will!

Anyway, if you've never gone to Kmart during one of these sales, you're in for a treat. They will double coupons up to $2, resulting in lots of free/super-cheap items. You'll want to plan ahead and get all your coupons together. Luckily, there are lots of great shoppers who keep updated lists of how cheap you can get your items and what coupons are out there. So, we'll try to provide you links in the near future of all the great resources. To locate your nearest Kmart to ask if they will be participating, click here. Please leave a comment with your location if your Kmart will be holding the event. Thanks!

The biggest drawbacks are that you might get a headache from the cashiers or give a headache to the customers behind you. So hopefully, this event will go smoother than events in the past. Also, I think in the past you were able to use 10 coupons, and it looks like you'll be able to only use 5 per customer per day. Yes, I know, very annoying."

Here's some more corporate info from an email from Kmart that Short On Cents received:
Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for your recent correspondence. We are always interested in hearing from our customers. We appreciate your interest in our double coupon event. This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 04/04/10 to 04/10/10.
The rules for this event are:
-Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 Value are doubled up to $2 no matter what the retail price of a single item is
-Does not include Kmart Store Coupons
-Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons
-Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day
Retail Customer Care, Sears Holdings Corporation

I have hear people from up north talking about Kmart super double coupon sales BUT HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE HERE!!! I am excited!!!!

Egg McMuffins and Breakfast Burritos!!!

Ok I used to do these up once a month.....EVERY month!!! I have not done them in awhile.....but with the English Muffins on sale BOGO at Publix....I decided to "splurge"...
This makes a REALLY fast breakfast!!!!
I will get out my griddle and toast up all of my (12, 2 packages) english muffins at once, then I cook bacon or sausage patties (I usually do 6 each), then you fry your eggs....ON THE SAME GRIDDLE! That way I only have 1 cleanup!!!
Then assembly.....put them together like you would....1egg, 1 piece of bacon or sausage....(you can do sliced cheese....mine don't like it that way), put your top on (I mean the muffin!) and then wrap individually in scott towel, put in a large ziploc bag,I can usually get 6 in a gallon size bag....freeze flat(I will place on cookie sheet to get them frozen good) MAKE SURE TO MARK YOUR BAG!!!! NAME and DATE DONE!!! Then when we need a fast breakfast.....take out 1 LEAVE IN THE SCOTT TOWEL!!!!!! put on plate, place in microwave 1 min. to 1min. 30 seconds......THESE ARE FABULOUS!!!!

Breakfast Burritos
12 eggs beaten
1 lb. sausage or bacon COOKED( again I use some of each to have some bacon some sausage)
2 cups shredded cheese
24 flour tortillas
You can also add bellpepper, onion, whatever else you want!
Scramble eggs, cook until done.......Warm tortillas in microwave 20-30 seconds or until warm and can roll easy.....Place some egg and meat on tortilla, top with cheese...Wrap up like a burrito....wrap individually in scott towel and FREEZE..BAG up in freezer bags (AGAIN make sure to label the bag)
When ready to eat.....PLACE in microwave IN SCOTT TOWEL.....cook about 2 minutes!!!
My family loves these!! and it is something that Bo can "grab and eat" as he heads to work!!!
You can usually find tortilla coupons here

and like I said english muffins are BOGO this week!!! and with the cheese deal (for the burritos.....I know they want cheese on them but not the mcmuffins!!! go figure!)

Brian had his Police Academy interview today (ya'll PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!), he ate an egg mcmuffin before he left! So this should hold him as far as food goes.....for awhile any way!
Happy Saving

Coupon Inserts this Sunday!!!

I read this on Publix Penny Pincher (thanks!!)HERE
1 RED PLUM, 1 SMART SOURCE, and 1 P&G!!!!!
I will "check" my papers, and maybe buy 4 (that way it will give me 4 P&G's) depends on what is in them.....

Also I don't know if any of you have ever shopped Piggly Wiggly......but they have Suave shampoo and conditioner for .88 cents....I am not sure of the size bottle, and we don't need shampoo or conditioner.........BUT I might get some to donate....and I need some conditioner to make FABRIC SOFTENER!! and I love the suave ocean breeze (light blue color, smells like downy!!!)

And, one other "note", my mind has been "fuzzy" to say the least.....
STUPID me, I thought the BOGO charcoal at Winn Dixie was "a good deal" at $5.49 vs
Publix for $6.49........THE ONE AT PUBLIX IS 20LB. BAG, the one at WINN DIXIE is a 6lb. bag!!!! Where was my head!!!! and I didn't get that $10 off $50 coupon!!!!! The one in Prattville HAS NEVER PRINTED FOR ME!!!!! The one in Southlawn has 99.9% of the time printed!!!!

Becca Prom!!!

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with coupons and deals....
but we have been "researching" prom dresses.....we are going to start looking today or tomorrow....I am still feeling blahhhh....

I noticed this online though.....(for this much child better have more on her body than this!!!!! I could not BELIEVE some of these dresses!!!! I am a 42,married, mom of 3 and I WOULD NEVER....NO NOT EVER....HAVE SHOWN THIS MUCH SKIN!!!!
And it's UGLY!!! She looks like I dream of Jeannie!!

I hope we can find something "modest" to say the least......and then they wonder why teen pregnancy is up!!! COVER IT UP!!!! I never allow my girls to go with know....
Even their church dresses (Carol Beth would NEVER wear a dress!!) I have let Becca get a couple of dresses that I thought were a little "short", at her knee....and she is very aware of how to sit.....and I have noticed she does not wear them that much...she would rather go for the longer ones...

So we are going to try Repeat Performance, JCPenny, and Belk's.... any other ideas...
Like I said getting a girl ready is WAY different from a boy....Brian we got lucky...
We found a tuxedo jacket at Goodwill for $5.00 and black dress slacks for $4.00!!
So he has his own tuxedo for $9.00!!!! Everybody thought he had RENTED a tux....and when he told them "NO I bought this, I own my own tux" they thought WOW!!!
Every year he has been able to just change the shirt and year he did a bolo tie (cowboy tie) and that was toooo sharp!!!!
He is upset to say the least his little sister is going.....and he can't be there to chaperone!!! He has told her that he will be in the parking lot watching those boys EVERY MOVE!!!!, and if one tries the slightest thing..........Bo told him he would be there also!!!!!
This has got me "reliving" the past.....I never went to prom....but I did go to our ROTC MILITARY BALL.....I was on the RIFLE TEAM and the ACADEMIC SQUAD....ohhhhhh, I am now having flashbacks!!!!Remember Cindy Lauper, and Madonna, the big hair, leg warmers, headbands........WOW!!!! In a way I hope the '80's don't come back!!!!
Happy Saving