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Friday, March 5, 2010

Becca Prom!!!

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with coupons and deals....
but we have been "researching" prom dresses.....we are going to start looking today or tomorrow....I am still feeling blahhhh....

I noticed this online though.....(for this much child better have more on her body than this!!!!! I could not BELIEVE some of these dresses!!!! I am a 42,married, mom of 3 and I WOULD NEVER....NO NOT EVER....HAVE SHOWN THIS MUCH SKIN!!!!
And it's UGLY!!! She looks like I dream of Jeannie!!

I hope we can find something "modest" to say the least......and then they wonder why teen pregnancy is up!!! COVER IT UP!!!! I never allow my girls to go with know....
Even their church dresses (Carol Beth would NEVER wear a dress!!) I have let Becca get a couple of dresses that I thought were a little "short", at her knee....and she is very aware of how to sit.....and I have noticed she does not wear them that much...she would rather go for the longer ones...

So we are going to try Repeat Performance, JCPenny, and Belk's.... any other ideas...
Like I said getting a girl ready is WAY different from a boy....Brian we got lucky...
We found a tuxedo jacket at Goodwill for $5.00 and black dress slacks for $4.00!!
So he has his own tuxedo for $9.00!!!! Everybody thought he had RENTED a tux....and when he told them "NO I bought this, I own my own tux" they thought WOW!!!
Every year he has been able to just change the shirt and year he did a bolo tie (cowboy tie) and that was toooo sharp!!!!
He is upset to say the least his little sister is going.....and he can't be there to chaperone!!! He has told her that he will be in the parking lot watching those boys EVERY MOVE!!!!, and if one tries the slightest thing..........Bo told him he would be there also!!!!!
This has got me "reliving" the past.....I never went to prom....but I did go to our ROTC MILITARY BALL.....I was on the RIFLE TEAM and the ACADEMIC SQUAD....ohhhhhh, I am now having flashbacks!!!!Remember Cindy Lauper, and Madonna, the big hair, leg warmers, headbands........WOW!!!! In a way I hope the '80's don't come back!!!!
Happy Saving

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