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Friday, March 5, 2010

Egg McMuffins and Breakfast Burritos!!!

Ok I used to do these up once a month.....EVERY month!!! I have not done them in awhile.....but with the English Muffins on sale BOGO at Publix....I decided to "splurge"...
This makes a REALLY fast breakfast!!!!
I will get out my griddle and toast up all of my (12, 2 packages) english muffins at once, then I cook bacon or sausage patties (I usually do 6 each), then you fry your eggs....ON THE SAME GRIDDLE! That way I only have 1 cleanup!!!
Then assembly.....put them together like you would....1egg, 1 piece of bacon or sausage....(you can do sliced cheese....mine don't like it that way), put your top on (I mean the muffin!) and then wrap individually in scott towel, put in a large ziploc bag,I can usually get 6 in a gallon size bag....freeze flat(I will place on cookie sheet to get them frozen good) MAKE SURE TO MARK YOUR BAG!!!! NAME and DATE DONE!!! Then when we need a fast breakfast.....take out 1 LEAVE IN THE SCOTT TOWEL!!!!!! put on plate, place in microwave 1 min. to 1min. 30 seconds......THESE ARE FABULOUS!!!!

Breakfast Burritos
12 eggs beaten
1 lb. sausage or bacon COOKED( again I use some of each to have some bacon some sausage)
2 cups shredded cheese
24 flour tortillas
You can also add bellpepper, onion, whatever else you want!
Scramble eggs, cook until done.......Warm tortillas in microwave 20-30 seconds or until warm and can roll easy.....Place some egg and meat on tortilla, top with cheese...Wrap up like a burrito....wrap individually in scott towel and FREEZE..BAG up in freezer bags (AGAIN make sure to label the bag)
When ready to eat.....PLACE in microwave IN SCOTT TOWEL.....cook about 2 minutes!!!
My family loves these!! and it is something that Bo can "grab and eat" as he heads to work!!!
You can usually find tortilla coupons here

and like I said english muffins are BOGO this week!!! and with the cheese deal (for the burritos.....I know they want cheese on them but not the mcmuffins!!! go figure!)

Brian had his Police Academy interview today (ya'll PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!), he ate an egg mcmuffin before he left! So this should hold him as far as food goes.....for awhile any way!
Happy Saving

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