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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sorry ,Where Have I Been????

Sorry I have not posted since Thursday, I had my last dentist appt. Thursday afternoon (I AM DONE, until my next cleaning!!YEAH!!!) I LOVE Dr. Crosby and his staff!! They are AWESOME!!! Anyway, I popped in Walmart in Greenville, they have the new ALL YOU out!! GRAB ONE, there are some great coupons that go with this weeks sale!!
Anyway, I KNEW I had that dentist appt. (late afternoon), I usually plan something for the crockpot...or something easy prep...on days like this........this time...NO!For some reason I forgot to get anything started, nothing!! So needless to say when I got home...I took my advil and went and laid down, not even thinking about supper (it is already 4:00 by this time)I was going to do my McDonald's Cheeseburger Dish (I did not even take out my ground beef!!, NOT LIKE ME!!) the kids come ask me at 5:15, what is for supper!!! Bo had to work late....(doesn't happen often)I called him and asked if he knew roughly when he would be about a hour.....I asked him to just "GRAB SOMETHING FOR SUPPER" (WE NEVER DO THIS!!!! If you know know we NEVER"get" without a plan) He was so sweet....he brought home KFC....REALLY GOOD....RARE TREAT.......$30.00!!!!!I didn't spend that much at the grocery store!!!!
I am telling you this because I learned a VALUABLE LESSON!!!PLAN AHEAD!!! I had PLENTY of fast meals I could have thrown together....or the kids could have done....but I didn't.
I can see how easy it would be after a hard days work to just "grab" something on the way home.....but how much is it to "grab" vs what you could have done with a little planning....I have learned my $30.00 PRICELESS LESSON!!!