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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is a GREAT SITE I found that gives ideas and recipes that go with this weeks coming sale!
She is from Fairhope (not the FRUGAL FAIRHOPE site some of ya'll know about)

How are all of you NEW ones doing??? I hear some of you are having some trouble trying to "figure" it out.
Call me I will be more than HAPPY to talk to you! If you don't already know it I LOVE TO TALK!!! In fact (see hear I go!) When I worked at the Montgomery Water Works, I answered the switchboard and directed people where to go,my 7th grade Enlish teacher came in to pay her bill, I recognized her but didn't recognized her you know? She looked at me and BUSTED OUT LAUGHING, she said "I knew you would get a job talking!!""" It thing clicked to me who she was!! EVERY report card she wrote a note in the comment section, I was doing great, great grades I just needed to be quite so the others could get it!

Publix New Ad

For those of you who are new, Publix sales run Wed. thru Tues.!
So if you have gone to the Southern Saver site, do your shopping TODAY!! that sale ends TODAY!!! watch your dates at the top of the list!
You will be able to see the new ad late tonight or in the morning.
Here is a sneak peak though on something you need to be on the lookout for:

There is a Kraft Food and Family Booklet right when you go into Winn Dixie in Southlawn! (I am excited, because they had started charging a subscription fee for these!) Inside there is a .55cent off coupon on 1 Kraft BBQ sauce: They are going BOGO this coming week at Publix!! SO, 1.54 Reg. price (.77 sale) minus the .55 coupon= .22 a bottle!!! Time to stock up, I know it's cold now, but Sunny Warm Days are coming, PLEASE let it get sunny and warm! So ladies go by Winn Dixie get you a coupon book, and get ready to save! There are over $4.00 worth of coupons inside and they don't expire unitl 12/31/2010!!!! So hang on to them until that product goes on sale! Please don't take more than your family should, usually 2-4 is PLENTY

Also for you who are new, For the Publix BOGO you DON"T HAVE TO BUY 2, each one rings up 1/2 price! So if you have coupons to get 3, get 3, if you only have 1 coupon you can get 1 at that price! Now at Winn Dixie you DO have to buy 2, that is why Publix is so much better with your coupons, that and WD we talked about how they raise their price on sale items.

If Publix is out of a sale item EVEN a BOGO, GET A RAINCHECK!! They will give you a raincheck on BOGO items!!

Hope this helps