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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is a GREAT SITE I found that gives ideas and recipes that go with this weeks coming sale!
She is from Fairhope (not the FRUGAL FAIRHOPE site some of ya'll know about)

How are all of you NEW ones doing??? I hear some of you are having some trouble trying to "figure" it out.
Call me I will be more than HAPPY to talk to you! If you don't already know it I LOVE TO TALK!!! In fact (see hear I go!) When I worked at the Montgomery Water Works, I answered the switchboard and directed people where to go,my 7th grade Enlish teacher came in to pay her bill, I recognized her but didn't recognized her you know? She looked at me and BUSTED OUT LAUGHING, she said "I knew you would get a job talking!!""" It thing clicked to me who she was!! EVERY report card she wrote a note in the comment section, I was doing great, great grades I just needed to be quite so the others could get it!

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