And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey ya'll I'm still here!

Ok sorry I have not posted since Friday.....went dress shopping with Becca...we had a ball!!! NO COUPONS (I told her I was not going to "do deals" it was her day....and it took ALL DAY!!!) WE FOUND A DRESS!!! DAVID'S Bridal THANK YOU LaVonne!!! She treated Becca like a princess....that place was PACKED!!! So many ladies trying on wedding gowns!!! They were gorgeous!!! I know to start saving now for Becca's wedding!!!
We had gravel brought in Monday, for our driveway (they were supposed to bring it Mon. morning.....Bo took off work....THE TRUCK DID NOT COME UNTIL 2:30!!!! We were out with flashlights last night while he was trying to spread it!!! We finally quit when Becca almost got hit by the box blade!!!
Brian finished it this morning.....IT LOOKS GREAT!!!! He did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! THANK YOU BRIAN!!!
Life has just taken over at our household.......Algebra is going to be the death of me!!!! THANK THE LORD THIS IS MY LAST TIME TEACHING THIS!!!!!!!

The new list is up on I Heart Publix!!! I am going to stock up on corned beef!!! It only goes on sale 1 time a year!!!! I will freeze them!!! Then come June and we want corned beef.....BOOYAHHH there it is!!!

Have yall seen any new coupon books that have been "talked" about on the different sites??? I am going tomorrow.....maybe....depends on weather and Becca has an appt. with the orthodontist....she has to see him before the oral surgeon.......she has a permanent tooth still up in her gum line!!! They are going to have to do surgery to get it down where it is supposed to be.....(IT WILL BE AFTER THE PROM that we have that done!!! I would not do that to her!)
We also have to pick up her prom ticket!!! SO I might go tomorrow or Friday....Carol Beth has art....TWO trips to Prattville this week!!

Happy Saving