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Monday, January 18, 2010

Walgreens! For those of you who missed out on the Neosporin Lip Balm (Like I did!)
Walgreens has this on sale again this week (I think it is a month long deal)

Neosporin Lip Balm 2 $8.00
minus coupons 2 @$3.00/1
will print out $3.00 RR (you can use next time or for something you need)

$1 RR wyb (2) Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes, 40 pk, at $2.00 ea
-$1.50 off Wet Ones printable
(use 2, makes both FREE)
Thanks Jenny at Southern Savers

I just got back from the Walgreens in Montgomery (Carter Hill Rd)
They ACTUALLY had the Neosporin!! I got 1 jar, and 1 tube. I also picked up 2 of the Wet Ones
gave my coupons (use 2 Neosporin and 2 Wet Ones)
With tax it was $4.20 and it printed my back a $3 and a $1 RR so really I got them for .20 cents! I am saving my RR for next week!

Coupon Class Jan 24th

There will be another coupon class for anyone who missed it before.
Jan. 24th (Sunday at 5:00)
Hayneville Baptist Church
Thanks to Carmen who has been SOOOOO great at putting these together!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CARMEN!!!
We will have snacks and SODAS(if you saw the CVS post you know why!) Also Goody Bags you can win (this is fun, you have to guess how much I spent on several bags of items whoever comes the closest wins the items)
Looking forward to having a GREAT TIME!
See You then

Tylenol Recall

Here is a link for a list of the Tylenol products that are part of the recall. If you took advantage of the great sale this past week at Publix, check your lot numbers! I got his from and thought I would pass it on in case you didn't see it!
Thanks Pinksink at!

Additional products included in the recall include:

Motrin, Benadryl Allergy, Rolaids, Simply Sleep, and St. Joseph
Please read the above press release and PDF file for more detailed information on products, sizes and lot numbers.
This is not a Publix issue, my mom has St Joseph's that she bought at Walgreens that is part of the recall. Check your medicine cabinet.


For those of you who have not seen it yet
CVS is having a great deal on Pepsi products right now
Buy 6 12packs for $20.00
Get back $10.00 ECBS
Limit 2 times and there are REBATES out there!!
SO here would be how you would do this
Get 6 12 packs 20.00
use your Get a $5 off $20 Purchase printable coupon

use any ECBS you might already have I had a $2.00
Mine looked like this: Drinks $20.00 -$5.00 coupon - $2.00 ECB= 13.00 plus tax (it will print you out a $10 ECB)
Turn around buy 6 more 12 packs use another $5 0ff $20 and your $10.00 ECB
$20.00 - $5.00 coupon - $10.00 ECB= $5.50 THAT WAS WITH TAX! It printed out another $10.00 ECB I will hold until next week to get something from ad, or you can turn around and use that to purchase something you need!

To make it even better HERE IS A REBATE!
Thanks To Jenny at Southern Savers for these links!!
YOU DON"T HAVE TO PURCHASE BEER. DO THE $7.50 rebate I think it is the last one listed (4 total)

So really after all is said and done after rebates and ECBs I have 12 12 packs of drinks (my kids asked if we were having a party, or who died! That is the ONLY time I buy sodas!)
I will have MADE $1.00!!!!
The CVS in Southlawn IS AMAZING! There is the lady I was talking about,(I don't know if I should use here name I don't want to get her in trouble) she knows me by name, and we always have a great time cutting up, she is a BIG help!
Ok. I hope I haven't confused you! I think I am now!!LOL
I am getting used to this Blogging thing! I think You might have to cut and paste links, I just have figured out the way I am supposed to do it, and now it won't let me correct it!

HEY!! Trying something new to list deals and information for all coupon ladies in Hayneville AL

O.K. I am not computer savy by any means! But I figure if I can email links then maybe I can blog!
I know that is like comparing laundry and a day at the spa!
Have you ever noticed how everything I do or say goes back to laundry, I know when I get to heaven, I am going to be put on WING WASHER Duty!
I am creating this blog to try to make a spot where we can post ideas, information about sales and rebates, current coupons (my favorite), and just tidbits!
So let's get ready to BLOG!