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Monday, January 18, 2010


For those of you who have not seen it yet
CVS is having a great deal on Pepsi products right now
Buy 6 12packs for $20.00
Get back $10.00 ECBS
Limit 2 times and there are REBATES out there!!
SO here would be how you would do this
Get 6 12 packs 20.00
use your Get a $5 off $20 Purchase printable coupon

use any ECBS you might already have I had a $2.00
Mine looked like this: Drinks $20.00 -$5.00 coupon - $2.00 ECB= 13.00 plus tax (it will print you out a $10 ECB)
Turn around buy 6 more 12 packs use another $5 0ff $20 and your $10.00 ECB
$20.00 - $5.00 coupon - $10.00 ECB= $5.50 THAT WAS WITH TAX! It printed out another $10.00 ECB I will hold until next week to get something from ad, or you can turn around and use that to purchase something you need!

To make it even better HERE IS A REBATE!
Thanks To Jenny at Southern Savers for these links!!
YOU DON"T HAVE TO PURCHASE BEER. DO THE $7.50 rebate I think it is the last one listed (4 total)

So really after all is said and done after rebates and ECBs I have 12 12 packs of drinks (my kids asked if we were having a party, or who died! That is the ONLY time I buy sodas!)
I will have MADE $1.00!!!!
The CVS in Southlawn IS AMAZING! There is the lady I was talking about,(I don't know if I should use here name I don't want to get her in trouble) she knows me by name, and we always have a great time cutting up, she is a BIG help!
Ok. I hope I haven't confused you! I think I am now!!LOL
I am getting used to this Blogging thing! I think You might have to cut and paste links, I just have figured out the way I am supposed to do it, and now it won't let me correct it!


  1. Hey Stacey...when I got my pepsi products they let me include Dr. Pepper in the deal. He also took off $1 for each 12 pack of that made the deal a little sweeter :) (he had a coupon he scanned for the Dr. Pepper)

  2. They told us here in Alabama Dr. Pepper is a Coke product not a Pepsi! They have different distributers in different regions! I was going to try that and we couldn't find any coupons! She did let us get A&W or Sunkist instead, they had to ring up a Pepsi box!
    A friend of mine kept telling me to try this blog thing instead of emails so I will see how it goes!
    You start one to do the Drug Stores for sure!!
    Call me to let me know how everything went!

  3. I love your is great. He did tell us that Dr. Pepper is a coke product but he was doing it for some reason. We didn't have a coupon, but the sales guy had some. I guess we just got lucky :) Thanks for all you do!!!