And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shop Your Own Stockpile!

Ok, had an awesome Thanksgiving with my husbands family....SOOOO excited about some new babies we have, and some new babies coming!! One of the most thankful things you can have, babies:)
Here is a GREAT money saving idea to use some of the great cereal deals we have gotten lately, and to make an extra special gift for teachers, Sunday School teachers,the mail lady (we always give a treat to our mail lady.)
Rice Krispy treats....use can use cheerios instead, if you have some that are just sitting there....The point is USE what you have....
CornFlake Candy (orig. Wendy given to me by Stacy)
1 cup Karo syrup
12 oz. peanut butter (we have gotten on sale awhile back)
1 cup sugar
melt in a pot
pour in 6 cups cornflakes (I have used Publix Raisin Bran that we got for .49, it turned out good)
drop by spoonfuls let stiffen up
package in pretty cellophane treat bags ($Tree)
get creative
If you have a ton of Microwave popcorn in your stockpile...either make popcorn balls to give, or just put unpopped popcorn in a treat bag with some candy from the $ Tree or stockpile attach it to a 2 ltr. bottle of soda and give as a "Family Night together" your stockpile when you are coming up with gift ideas....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ok this is not really a coupon deal...but it is a money saving idea
For Christmas wrapping, use some of those newspapers we buy each week. Let the kids decorate, or stamp designs on it....if you are wrapping clothes, protect them by putting them
Inside a plastics grocery sack first .....or tissue paper if you come up on a great deal... But it is a way to save $ , get the children
Creative, and recycle

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Sunglasses Sears

I saw this deal and wanted to post here in case you don't get Hip2Save....Thanks Collin for posting and doing all you do....I am excited to go get me some "SHADES" as they say :), I am going to do something kind of selfish, but helpful also....I am going to use the coupon to get me a pair (PRESCRIPTION ONES ARE NOT FREE, You have to get NONPERSCRIPTION ), but I am going to save them and let them be a Christmas present from my they have "gotten" me a gift :)

They still have to do my "nice" things though....there are no coupons to get out of that.....At Christmas, we draw buy, or make something for that also have to do "nice" things for that person for a week without telling them who did it....Christmas you tell when you give your gift.....
I have be blessed over the course of years by, having my bed made every morning (bless their heart, it was 2 days before I realized someone had been "unmaking" and remaking my is the first thing I do when I get up...I caught on the third day and left it so they could make it), to having the dishes unloaded without asking.....think of ways you could bless someone in your family with a "random act of Christmas Blessing"
Anyway...I will probably, hopefully, get my "shades" soon, when I do I will post a will have to be on face book . I still can't figure out this blogging posting video picture stuff....(I can only do pictures with Brian's IPod:)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm back....I think....between tech issues....I might be back!

I did not realize that it has been this long since I have posted! I am setting a goal of posting at least 1 time a week....more as time and loads of laundry allow:)

I am just going to direct a link for this, it is soooo good there is nothing more to be done or said....With the holidays approaching, please do this simple act of giving to help someone

it is such a simple act of putting 1 or 2 "extras" in you cart...there are coupon links with totals up to like $3.00 add to things you already have in your pantry...find out through your church a family in need...or take to your local food bank...I will be going to the Montgomery Vol. and Information Center...Christmas Clearing House Distribution Center...on December 2nd to drop off our donations if you want to send by me that is fine...I have a collection of stuff going...and hoping Becca can take a video of our donation!! We are working out the tech stuff...if anyone knows how let me know!!!
We are super excited about this...they help so many families that are on hard times right now, not just "holiday" meal items....they need hyginge items, donations of new toys, any nonperishable food...(ladies, I know some of yall have croutons out the wazooo, I do anyway)...just anything that you have excess of that you would like to give...THANKS SOOO MUCH
I can't think of a better way of "coming" back :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapstick. .49 cents !!whoo hoo

I checked the single tubes of chapstick at Publix today... Some are only $1.49....look in the Green advantage ad there is a $1.00 off ANY chapstick!!! It makes them .49 cents each!!! I got two and I am planning on getting a few more of these....Bo and now Brian working outside in the sun use these alot. Glad I don't have to pay full price!!!


I was in Publix Sat. and checked the price on the Philly Cream Cheese mini 4 ct. they are 4 for $5 I happened to check, we have a .50 off 1 coupon, it will double that means.....25 cents each!! I got 2

Then I cleaned out and was organizing my binder last night, 2 out of 3 kids were gone...good quite time! I found my yogurt coupons and the Yellow advantage ad....Dora the Explorer Yogurt here we come! I am hoping these are the ones on sale it says the 4 pk is $2.00 each we have $2.00 off 2 yellow and then .50/1 should make them FREE...I am getting Mother's q's from her so FREE yogurt! You can FREEZE these in fact mine like them better frozen...YES THE CUPS not just the long as they are not fat free they freeze fine...

Also if you have the CHEERIO NASCAR booklet (I can't remember the name of it)
there is a $1.00 off 2 Green Giant Steamers it should make them .40 each not as good as free but hey....Still a good if I can just find a freezer on Craigslist or Freecycle.....ours is SLAM FULL OF BEEF.....Ribeye (our steer) went to the processor and he is absolutely where am I going to put the veggies??? I have a nack for "cramming it in"...they will fit....they will fit. THESE ARE NOT ON SALE!!!!!

And last but not least the Friendship Sour Cream I used my manny coupons on cottage cheese and we really enjoyed lasagna FINALLY HOMEMADE LASAGNA!!! The kids loved me...
I am going to get some sour cream though ....I had a ton of Breakstone from the last time it was on sale.....ALL GONE NOW....What did I do with it all??? So I am going to break down and get some for .85 each not really a good deal compared to free or .25 each...but I am out and this is for 16 oz..... so I am going to get 2 for sure THE sour cream is priced $2.35
I think those were the only ones that caught my eye that were not really listed yet
Happy Shopping:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Purina Beyond Dog Food....99 cents for 3.5lb bag!!!

Publix has the Purina Beyond Dog Food 3.5lb bag on sale for $5.99
There is a $3.00/1 manufacture coupon and if you got the Winn Dixie Spring Forward book there is a $2.00/1 Winn Dixie coupon.....use both WOOHOO .99 DOG FOOD....
MS. Foxy our Dachshund is SOOOO EXCITED