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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok so there has been a manager change at the Prattville Publix (It's ok!! Don't panic)
Carmen talked to him and I asked her to post here about what she has found out
Carmen: "I met with the new manager at the Prattville Publix. His name is Ron and was very friendly. He told me that he will be meeting with his cashiers on Saturday to discuss the new coupon policy (as well as customer service) .He will be honoring CVS, Target, Winn Dixie,and Walgreens coupons. I'm sure he will take Dollar General as well. He was very willing to answer any questions that I had and assured me that he is here for the customers. Please stop by and say hello and let him know that you are a "couponer" and you appreciate him working with us. He made it clear that he wants our business. :)" she also said if he knows what we are wanting to buy LARGE quantities let him know and he would order more, Carmen told him just know we are wanting the BOGO items mainly! So maybe they will be well stocked from now on
So that's it for the update! This sounds like GOOD NEWS and he is really very friendly!

Ok Wednesday update!

I am going to try to make 1 post for each day to update ya'll on anything new or to look out for! I am hoping it will be easier for me to keep up with and do, and easier for you to keep updated with! Like I said before "This is all way new to me!". I also wanted to clear up, I am in NO WAY trying to replace Southern Savers, you will still need to go there for LIST and coupon match ups. I am doing this on the things I find along the way that are out there that I think yall might be interested in and I think it's fun.

I have posted a comment under the Soft Scrub coupons I got these Wed. read there to find out what to look for.

If you use Olay Reginerest here is something you might be interested in

If you have never seen she is FANTASTIC! scroll down and she has a video blog segment "Follow me Monday" everything from CVS to how to have a Frugal but Fun Date Night! Check her out!

Also be on the look out at Publix in Pratt. for the Kimberly Clark Unilever The Little Book of Big Buys, I got mine at the service desk, Carmen found a display around the BIG CHIP Display at the front, just go around it and they are in a freestanding cardboard post thingy (does that even make sense??? It is 3:34 in the morning please bear with me)
This has a picture of what it looks like and a list of the coupons inside!

Ok last few things, sorry I did not post at all yesterday, I went to Publix early so I could get back and post how the milk coupons worked, (I bought 2 whole gallons white milk and 1/2 gallon chocolate, used 1 FREE gallon coupon, and then used my free 1/2 gallon chocolate coupon also, I figured I would hold on to my other coupons to do the deal again next week, also I didn't know if they would take all 3 free coupons. I think I made the right choice I got 2 gallons white and a half gallon of chocolate for 3.29! and I still have a set of coupons left to do it again).All in all retail it would have been $221.65 I spent 76.64.
It was more than I normally spend, but we got milk and PRODUCE (I was out of EVERYTHING)
and there wasn't really that many coupons that I could find on alot of the stuff.
Anyway by the time I got home, did school work with Becca (she went with me yesterday, Carol Beth stayed home with Brian) then laundry, housework(trust me the computer was calling me, I wanted to be online, but the bathroom shower was SCREAMING to be cleaned), then with the weather Let's just say LIFE took over! We didn't even make it to church last night, Carol Beth gets REALLY UPSET when it is bad weather(even if it isn't really bad, it can cloud up and she starts to panic, heaven forbid if it thunders! she has been that way since Hurrican Ivan years ago)
Now that I have bored yall to tears! I will go and hopefully find some things today for ya'll We have to go to the BIG town of Greenville today, dentist. I am going to swing by Walmart and see if they have the new ALL YOU, and check on the Olay deal!
Oh for those that might be interested 4H meeting TONIGHT Thur. the 21st 6:30 Hayneville Baptist Church