And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Menu For Fri Feb 5

Ok the chili last night was a big hit! With the rainy weather, and everybody sick...
It was perfect.
Breakfast (I was going to do pancakes, but I am still not feeling good) cereal
Lunch manwich
Supper Was going to be fish, shrimp, coleslaw, and hushpuppies......but do to being ill, we will probably do soup (canned, I usually only do this for lunch, I don't know how Bo will react!) or ....OH thought! (I am "CLOUDY" headed, can you tell?) I can do the canned soup for lunch and manwich and chips for supper!
Thanks to Publix for ALL THE FREE DIP!!!!


Don't know if it is over now, or if it was a "YOLK" never could get it to work~SORRY
and there will be a BOGO egg coupon!!!!
Doesn't start unitl 9:00 CT
be ready THESE GO QUICK!!!!
We have chickens, and usually eggs are not a "thing" we need.....but they have not laid in fact the other week I had to buy eggs!
I told Bo if I have to buy eggs again........I will not have to buy chicken!!!!
Last month we bought chicken feed, chicken, and eggs! WHY????
So if I have to buy eggs, I can take chicken AND chicken feed off my list!!
Hope you get the egg coupon!
Where is my cookbook, I need a rope, knife, and the crockpot!
Happy Saving

Sorry I have been "OUT", I have caught "IT"

I'm not sure what "IT" is, Becca and Bo had "IT", then Brian and Carol Beth....I was not going to get "IT"!!......I got "IT". "IT" is ear ache, SINUS!!!, headache, that type thing. THANK YOU PUBLIX!!!! WE have CHEAP, FREE meds! and KLEENEX!!! I NEVER buy kleenex, I figure we buy paper towels, toliet paper, napkins.....I am not spending more money on more paper goods.....Publix had FREE kleenex!!!!Brian bless his heart, made the comment, I will never use just plain napkins or paper towel again!!! Before I could "SAY" anything, Becca piped up "When these are gone, and Mom can't get more free, you will go back to napkins or paper towel my friend!"....I didn't know what to say, so my medicated self just went back to bed.