And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Count Blessings Moment

I know this has NOTHING to do with couponing, saving, any of that.....but
Be grateful for ALL Blessings you have....even the simple everyday routine things....
I need to clean the bathrooms, do laundry, sweep and normal routine...
I also need to teach my children....
I am SOOOO GRATEFUL to be blessed that I can be home to do all these things...that we have a home for me to clean.....that I am blessed with great children to teach....
I get in "wallowing" moods sometimes.....last night the kids had "Bible Drills" at hit me again how Carol Beth is SOOOOOOO DIFFERENT from others....I got to thinking, again, about how she will probably NEVER "BE" Like everyone else....
It really depressed me to know...she will never "do" prom, never date, never get married, never have children, and even something so simple and "easy" as participating in group activities.....
BUT THEN THE LORD spoke to my heart and told me "yes" she might not do those things....but look at all the things she does do.....She has given me the gift of patience, she has given our whole family the opportunity to learn compassion, she can light up a room when she laughs, she has a talent for art, she LOVES to read....she has gone through a phase of reading Shakespeare!!! She is wonderful with animals...she is willing to help with those routine chores.....She is a TRUE BLESSING...I need that moment with God to remember these things sometimes....
I also need to remember the next time I complain about having to do laundry, or cook a meal, or clean blessed we truly are....there are some people that can't afford any of these "luxuries" in life....the poor people in Haiti...have no house to clean....there are homeless people even here where we are.... I think of this as I get my box to donate for this month together....that tube of toothpaste, stick of deodorant, cans of food, little things we have a "ton" of, can be such a blessing to someone! We will take our box one day next week, Carol Beth will be with me showing me the blessing of her having a "giving heart"....So she is pretty AWESOME!!!
Happy Saving

Winn Dixie things of interest.....March 17-23

Buy One Get One
Kelllogg’s Fruit Snacks, 4.2-10.8 oz, at $2.99 ($1.49)
-$1 off Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks, printable
Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, 12 ct, $2.50 ($1.25)
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 8 ct, RP 2/07
Kool-Aid, 10-12 ct Singles or 8 qt, at $3.79 ($1.89)
-$1/2 Country Time, Kool-Aid or Tang, any tearpad
Country Time, 10-12 ct Singles or 8 qt, at $3.79 ($1.89)
-$1/2 Country Time, Kool-Aid or Tang, any tearpad
Neutra Air Fresh or Morning Dew Aerosol, 10 oz, at $4.59 ($2.29)
-$1.50 off Lysol Neutra Air, SS 3/7 (makes it 29¢)
-$1 off Lysol Spray printable
Colgate Toothpaste, 6.4 oz, at $3.39 ($1.69)
-$1 off Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste, January All You
-.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste SS 2/21

Also I noticed that they have cantelope for .99 cents!!! Publix is $1.97 ( I got mine at Publix, used my $1.00 off produce coupon from the Taco Bell deal..)
But if you have not gone yet, and need to stop by Winn Dixie anyway, you might want to check this out....and get some other produce that you need from Publix with you coupons......I ALWAYS stick with produce that is on sale.....if apples are on sale, we eat apples not bananas....We will eat bananas when ever they come back around on sale.....I know it seems "stupid" to figure it's just a few pennies here and there....but those pennies add up...and when you are counting everyone....IT REALLY ADDS UP...Plus I just can't make myself pay .79lb for bananas that around Christmas I paid .33lb. for.....
They also have alot of meat BOGO if you need it......we are REALLY well stocked in this catagory right now.......Brian had made the comment, if I got anything else that needed to go into a freezer....WE WOULD HAVE TO GET ANOTHER FREEZER!!! So that let's me know we are good to go in that department....
Thanks Jenny at Southern Savers!
Happy Saving