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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Menu for Thurs. Feb. 11

So we are 11 days into our challenge! We are doing good, we only have 17 more days to go!! I didn't realize until now, we picked a 28 day month to do this!!! The Lord blessed us with the timing!!
Ok. Breakfast :cereal (we are starting to run low on milk....but I have powdered milk to fall back on, we always use this unless I can get milk cheap or free! They can't tell the difference and I don't have to worry about it spoiling!)
Lunch: burritos (I had some chili left from last week I froze and this will be our "filling")
Supper: Beef tips ("Supper" I will cook these in the crockpot) I will also have a roast going in another crockpot (read my Let's get ready to snow post)
noodles (always free or cheap,will we ever make a dent in the pasta stash,if there is some left at the end of this month...We will put some in our donate pile)
frozen veggies (I have a BUNCH of different kinds, I think I will do the spinach)
homemade bread
for dessert: Popscicles(NO I'm joking.....what are we going to do with all these popsciles they go bad????)
We will have jello with fruit cocktail! They love this! I will have Becca make this after lunch so it can be JELLO/ING!

Thursday Feb.11 LET'S GET READY TO.............SNOW!!!!

Are you ready? I got to thinking about this, I know back in '93, they "predicted" that we MIGHT have snow......For those that don't remember, WE HAD SNOW!!! Our power went out, the water went out, (the power was out about 6 days, the water almost 2 WEEKS, I DO REMEMBER THIS, Brian was a toddler and Carol Beth was only 4 months old!
It will not get that bad this time (I hope), but I am going to take today to get a few thing ready just in case the power or water do go out.....We keep the 2.5 gallon water containers in our pantry for emergencies (I have 4 of these), but did you know you are supposed to have 1 gallon per person for 3 days! For our house that would be 15 gallons! Now I'm not going to RUN to the store and buy more, I have 10 gallons and if we see that it is going to get BAD, I might catch up some in my stockpots. Hayneville Water had a problem last time with the pump freezing, of course that was 17 years ago....but you know, THE LORD OVER ALL IS IN CHARGE!!I remember the verse: We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials,for we know that they are good for us-they help us learn to endure. Romans 5:3 I have learned from '93 how to hopefully endure whatever is going to come out of this. I am praying that it is just going to be "FUN SNOW"! We have already told ours "Yes, you will have school, Becca made the comment that schools will probably be closed.....I informed her that it would be due to ROAD CONDITIONS...I don't think she will have ICY CONDITIONS from her bedroom to our classroom table!
Back to prep stuff (don't ya'll love how I get side tracked!)

I have gotten up my HAND can opener (Carol Beth questioned what this was!!!!)
Candles, matches, Bo got up some more firewood, WE HAVE A TON OF CAN GOODS...If the power does go out my only concern was the freezers (we don't have a generator),but that is the COOL thing about a SNOW/ICE power outage.....IT WILL BE FREEZING OUTSIDE!!! (Not like after Ivan (we lost everything in our freezers then, the Lord blessed us though, we were down to the last of a steer, so we didn't lose much.)So if the power does go out, and is out for an EXTENDED period of time, we will "CHUNK THE STUFF IN THE YARD", ok not quite, we will put it in coolers, rubbermaid tubs whatever we can find and "chunk it in the yard"!
But again we are thinking it will not get like that, BUT we will be prepared if it does! So this is how we are spending our Thursday ( I figure it is a good time also to talk to the kids about emergency preparedness!) Your GET 10 GET READY thingy....
down at the bottom is a pdf file for WINTER PREPARE!I will not worry about EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST.....Don't run out and go buy a bunch of stuff......
I will make sure we have a way to stay warm (get up extra blankets, firewood)
Water, and food ready, and flashlights, candles....and things to do....Hey this is where those cool card games from Target will come in HANDY!

We also got to talking about cooking up some extra meat, we have an electric if the power does go out...the fireplace will be our only choice to HEAT/COOK food....I don't want to solely eat can goods! During Ivan we were able to cook outside, it was like camping, we used the grill, we made a fire ring with a grill plate over it (I cooked all our meals that way, the kids remember it being FUN,) Becca and I even heated water for every ones baths and washed clothes outside! Some people from our old church had come to check on us.....found us out in the yard around that fire, washing clothes....and made the comment we looked liked we lived in a third world country......but that Sunday at church.....everyone made the comment we were the only "CLEAN" ones there! They wanted to know how we had power and water to BATHE and WASH!
We are also going to the nursing home to take Valentine's and the library....
So it is going to be a full day!
UPDATE: WE will not be going ANYWHERE, Bo parked down here at the house....BIG NONO right now,His truck got stuck....The tractor will not he took my van...
I am looking at this as the Lord's way of letting me "take this time", we had a dentist appt. scheduled for today (they called and canceled yesterday, see the Lord was gracious in this! We didn't have to worry about making that appt.) and it didn't happen yesterday (They had their Homeschool Valentine Party at the church, THANK YOU LETHA WE HAD SO MUCH FUN) so....we are going with the flow, I am anticipating what the Lord has in store for us!! It has worked out that we HAVE to stay home today! So, I will embrace this to the fullest! We will work on our SNOW PREP, get laundry done and just relish this "STAY HOME TIME" AND DO SCHOOLWORK!
Carol Beth is UPSET to say the least about the library...
and her art class has been canceled for tomorrow......but I will FIND her something to do! (THERE is that pile of clothes that needs, I wouldn't do that..) She can make snowflakes, and help me in the kitchen.

Happy Saving