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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Menu for Thurs. Feb. 11

So we are 11 days into our challenge! We are doing good, we only have 17 more days to go!! I didn't realize until now, we picked a 28 day month to do this!!! The Lord blessed us with the timing!!
Ok. Breakfast :cereal (we are starting to run low on milk....but I have powdered milk to fall back on, we always use this unless I can get milk cheap or free! They can't tell the difference and I don't have to worry about it spoiling!)
Lunch: burritos (I had some chili left from last week I froze and this will be our "filling")
Supper: Beef tips ("Supper" I will cook these in the crockpot) I will also have a roast going in another crockpot (read my Let's get ready to snow post)
noodles (always free or cheap,will we ever make a dent in the pasta stash,if there is some left at the end of this month...We will put some in our donate pile)
frozen veggies (I have a BUNCH of different kinds, I think I will do the spinach)
homemade bread
for dessert: Popscicles(NO I'm joking.....what are we going to do with all these popsciles they go bad????)
We will have jello with fruit cocktail! They love this! I will have Becca make this after lunch so it can be JELLO/ING!

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