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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ok Ladies here are some "ODD" things you might want to LOOK out for!!!

Have you noticed alot of the coupons that are "LISTED" to use on the list/blogs are NOT in our paper (I know they are regional, but right now it seems almost like NONE of them are in our papers!!! It's all ads, I don't want an ad, I don't want to order 3 pair of Ladies KNIT pants for $19.99, I don't want a clock! I WANT COUPONS!
Ok. I just had to get that out of my system, I'm fine now!Thank you for your time and now back to our regularly scheduled programing!

Go by Walgreens and get the new Feb. coupon booklet! It is at the front of the store where the ads are, they are Walgreens STORE coupons, and they last till the end of the month! I usually get mine the beginning of the month....but I have not made it by there yet. BUT I WILL, I have heard there is a KOTEX coupon in it! Now in the Publix Green Advantage Flyer there is a BOGO Kotex coupon (PUBLIX coupon) and there are some manufacturer coupons out there! So free/cheap Kotex!!

Some odd off list things to look out for at Publix!

~Heinz 16-oz Vinegar $1.29
you will pay .29¢
Print 2 coupons and get 2, we use vinegar all the time and it makes for cheap but good fabric softener!!!See the recipe in the Thrifty Thurs post ?(I think or email or call me, I would be happy to give it to you!)
We figured it up, the fabric softer works out to .43 a batch! (this was using FREE conditioner!)

~Chapstick $1.49
*(look for packs with one free tube)
-$1/1 Publix Q (Green Advantage Flyer)
Make SURE to pick up the right one!!!! I thought I grabbed the right one, as it rang up noticed it was $2.99!!!! The GREAT cashier knows me, and she KNEW this was the WRONG one, the sweet bagger went and got me the one I wanted!!! THANKS LADIES!
So .49 cents for chapstick (not free, but we go through lip balm this time of year, even Bo uses chapstick (he works outside and in the wind!!)
I will NOT let him use my Neosporin Lip Balm!! IT IS TOO NICE *he would lose it, and it took me FOREVER to get that deal! That was at Walgreens a few weeks ago, I did the HAPPY DANCE across the parking lot when I finally found it! I did not even realize I was dancing, until I got in the car, Bo and the kids were BUSTING OUT LAUGHING....wanting to know "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" I looked down and sure enough, I was STILL DANCING!!Good Deals will do that to you!

Also the .50/1 Pepto coupon that is in the P&G can't remember if it was 1/17 or 2/7!
It will double to $1.00 at Publix....the 12 count tablets (we like these)are $1.89 so .89 cents after coupons!!!
Happy Saving


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