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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Sunglasses Sears

I saw this deal and wanted to post here in case you don't get Hip2Save....Thanks Collin for posting and doing all you do....I am excited to go get me some "SHADES" as they say :), I am going to do something kind of selfish, but helpful also....I am going to use the coupon to get me a pair (PRESCRIPTION ONES ARE NOT FREE, You have to get NONPERSCRIPTION ), but I am going to save them and let them be a Christmas present from my they have "gotten" me a gift :)

They still have to do my "nice" things though....there are no coupons to get out of that.....At Christmas, we draw buy, or make something for that also have to do "nice" things for that person for a week without telling them who did it....Christmas you tell when you give your gift.....
I have be blessed over the course of years by, having my bed made every morning (bless their heart, it was 2 days before I realized someone had been "unmaking" and remaking my is the first thing I do when I get up...I caught on the third day and left it so they could make it), to having the dishes unloaded without asking.....think of ways you could bless someone in your family with a "random act of Christmas Blessing"
Anyway...I will probably, hopefully, get my "shades" soon, when I do I will post a will have to be on face book . I still can't figure out this blogging posting video picture stuff....(I can only do pictures with Brian's IPod:)