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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sorry this post is late!
This Sunday, 2/7, you will have (4) inserts in your newspaper!!

(2) Smart Source inserts
(1) Red Plum
(1) Procter & Gamble
This is WHAT IS SUPPOSED to be in the paper?
Like I said before, this is a reminder to myself, also!! I had a BAD habit of checking one, but not the other......I have learned my lesson.


I found this deal on Hip2Save (I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Watch her video series!)
As you know we have been figthing off some kind of "bug", but I just might grab my free tissues, free coughdrops, cheap Tyleonl Cold (THANK YOU PUBLIX!!!) and loadu'm up the picku'mup we going to town!
The girl's and I LOVE!!! Camis, the ones we have are several years old (I'm not kidding, clothing purchases are few and far between in this house!) Usually thrift stores, or "Givemmes".
SO this would be a great Valentines Day treat!, And Becca's Birthday is in March! I could put a few back for it!
I am debating........I do have the $5 off $25 coupon
These camis are reg. $12.50 on sale for $2.00!!!
So 13 after coupon.....around $21.00!!
HMMMM.....I'll let you know if I go.
Also where is a Bath and Body works in Montgomery??? I have a Free with $10 purchase coupon (again I am thinking Valentines and Becca's b'day, THIS will come out of a different "account" other than groceies (we are still on our $40.00 for the month goal we have $26.04 left for the month!)


We did go! The girls and I, Bo had to work and he is still SICK, he is now running a 102 degree fever! I don't know if he caught something else or just can't shake whatever we had. I am feeling MUCH better!!
The camis are TOO CUTE! This was our FIRST TIME EVER going to East Chase!!! I got lost ofcourse! But we had a ball, we got 10 camis and then we looked in the clearance section, Becca needed some type of shirt to wear over her camis. I WILL NOT let them wear them without something over it! We found the CUTIEST white light weight cardagin sweater on clearance from $29.50 down to $12.89!
I was going to put back some of the camis....but figured we have not used out of the clothing budget in a LONG WHILE!( Clothing Budget $10.00 a month! Yes this is correct!) And this will count as part of her birthday. Then when we got to the register, the sweater rang up $11.00! We were so excited. We had no problem using our coupon! It was great! The reciept says we saved...$110.00! We spent $31.?? with tax.
Then we went to Bath and Body! We found some cute little Pocket hand sanitizers for $1.00 each, and little HOLDERS for them to CLIP to your purse or backpack for .50 cents! We smelled all kinds of things, to me it was more fun just watching the girls enjoy the day! We picked out 8 pocket sanitizers and 4 holders (this got us to our $10.00, and then we got a BIG bottle lotion in the new P.S. I LOVE YOU scent, Reg. $12.00 WE GOT FREE! Our total with tax...$11.00 I am going to use some of the hand sanitizers as gifts for Mother's Day goody bags (I make up these for mine and Bo's mothers and then I also give my sister one,well, she is a mom! We always give each other something for Mother's Day)
All in all we had a BLAST, Becca even found her a nice scarf at Target (she used money she had earned) and I got a new purse! I used some Christmas money I still had not used for anything, and I told Bo this will count as my Valentines present! I LOVE this purse, IT IS HUGE!! I need something big to carry all my junk around and all the kids junk and Bo's junk....
But what really got me, on the way home the girls talked about how much fun they had! The highlight was all the SMELLS in Bath and Body (I'm shocked we were not run out of there!!!)
Happy Saving