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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fantastic Frugal Feb.!

I am trying to make this sound like it is a GREAT thing! I keep reminding myself that "What seems like TRYING MOMENTS, are really BLESSINGS if we chose how we approach them!"
Bo noticed our front porch LEANING, we don't know if it is due to all the rain (Sinking) or the fact that it is......15 years old! (We had it on our old trailer, and reused it on our new one, it was "FUN" to move!)
Anyway, we talked about it, and we have a GREAT stockpile of food in the pantry and freezers( I can't fit ANOTHER thing in any of the freezers!)
So we are really doing a TRUE PANTRY CHALLENGE. We are taking the majority of our food budget for Feb. and putting toward the porch,also the money I made at this last coupon class(THANK YA'LL). We have done this before, to use up stockpile and pay for something we NEEDED. The Lord has ALWAYS worked it out, that these moments come when we have a TON of food! Luckily we have never had an emergency when the pantry is empty!
We are alotting......$40.00.....FOR THE MONTH!
Yes, it can be done, we have done it before. This will cover the cost of dairy and produce. That's $10 a week, very possible!
For those of you who GASPED when I told you we spend $50.00 a week for 5 people,
I wished I could see your face right now!

We are truly blessed that God gives us these chances to see how "CREATIVE" we can be!
Becca and I are going to ORGANIZE the pantry and freezers today and make up a menu so we KNOW what we are doing for the next month.
I am looking at this as a GREAT chance to CLEAN OUT and ORGANIZE, two things that need to be done.
I am posting this to show you how stocking up is a WONDERFUL thing, and that once you get your stockpile going, you could pick a month to CLEAN OUT and live on your stockpile, use your grocery budget to either payoff something, or take care of a need. My Grandma(she died at 100 years old!) always taught us:
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or DO WITHOUT" and we have learned to live by that!
So I will keep you posted how this goes! I will still be getting "CHEAP" or "FREE" deals also! Pray that we are able to meet this "Opportunity"
Happy Saving


  1. Thanks Stacey for all you do!! I know the Lord will continue to bless you as you use the gifts He has given you to help others.

    I would appreciate anyone who goes to our church who sees coupons, coupon books, etc to get me some. I have a hard time getting to the stores and once I'm there they are ususally out of them. Like the Pillsbury one at Winn Dixie...Southlawn store was out. In return when I pick up any coupons I will do the same; just let me know that you need them.