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Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Minimize Your Printing Cost!

O.k., when I posted earlier about copy paper, it made me think some of you might not know the cheapest route to print your coupons.
When you print one out, see if it prints at the top or bottom of the page, flip over where you can print another one on the back (MAKE SURE YOU PUT IN THE PRINTER WHERE IT WILL NOT MESS UP THE FIRST ONE!!!)
Or if it just prints the coupon at the top, no ad, flip it face up, where it will print at the "bottom" now what goes in first. (BOY there is no way to "explain" this easy, I usually SHOW people.)
Also on ink, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PRINT IN COLOR!!! Set your printer to DRAFT and BLACK only! Find out if Walgreens will REFILL your cartridge (there in the photo center) They usually run a special BLACK REFILL, around $10.00. I used to do this, then we got a new printer, NOT ONE THAT WALGREENS DOES! So now I buy the refill kit, the syringe kind and refill it myself, WEAR DISPOSABLE GLOVES, I found out the hard way and looked like a BANK ROBBER (the dye bags) for about a week!
The refill kit last us about 3 months (AND I PRINT.......ALOT, with coupons and schoolwork...)
If you have any questions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! That's why I am here!
Happy Saving

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