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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Feb. 15th PRESIDENT'S Day!

Happy President's Day! (Like there is a card for this!)
It is going to be a "normal" day for us, school work, house work, catch up from weekend! Bo usually has the day off......due to the weather, and busting water lines in Montgomery.....he was called in yesterday and has to work today! In cases like this they usually pay in "time", he found out yesterday he will get "PAID", TIME AND A HALF!!! SO he has no problems missing PRESIDENT'S DAY! WOOOHOOO!
God has given gifts to each of you....Manage them well so that God's generosity can flow through you.
1 Peter 4:10

Think about what gifts God has given you....the gift of teaching, the gift of patience, the gift of sharing with others, the gift of knowing a skill......
Some people think of gift's from God as being only materialistic...i.e. money, homes, cars.....I think of these things as BLESSINGS, and our actual talents as our GIFTS...We are to manage our finances well as well as our "Talents" so that we can be generous with both....Think of a "talent" God has given you......Be generous and "Give"
Becca and I are going to the nursing home today to visit our "HOMEBOUND" from church, we didn't make it last week with our Valentine's so we are going today, I hope one day late is o.k....I know the residents enjoy our visits and it is not a lot of time out of our day....God has given us this opportunity to teach our children compassion, respect for the elderly, and patience.....

Our menu for today:
Breakfast: If you notice our breakfast and lunches usually take a week rotation.
It makes it easier for me to "automatically" know what we are having. i.e. Monday, cereal...
Lunch: sandwiches and soup (I will not have to make bread today, we still have some in the freezer!) My mixer DIED last week, but the Lord showed me mercy because I had just gotten done with my last batch of bread! It is a Kitchen Aid my mother had and gave to me YEARS ago! I will find someone who works on them and see about getting it fixed!
Supper: Chicken Fried Rice (one of those Chicken Helper Meals, these are REALLY good)
Birds Eye Asian Veggies, and I found 1 box of EGG ROLLS (Chung's) from the sale back in Dec! These will be a real treat! We will use chopsticks (I have a TON left I bought back for our Mission Friends class a year ago, Sunday Dinner $2.50 for a HUGE BUNDLE! This makes it "exciting" and we are all getting practice using them. Well, everyone but BO, he does not have the patience for eating to take that long!!!
SO this is how our day will be....hope you have a GREAT ONE!!!
Happy Saving

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