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Friday, February 26, 2010

Menu for Friday Feb. 26th and Budget......

Ok. We have almost made it to the end of the month!!! WOOOOHOOO!! Ok not quite...
We have gone over our inital $40.00 budget goal for the month....It's NOT MY FAULT THEY HAD GOOD SALES!!!I sound like my's not my fault....
Anyway, we are at $90.05 for the month....but if you count in those rebates...and a check we recieved...we are only at $40.05!!!! COOL! So we did make it!!! Kind of...
I am going to put the $15.00 in rebates toward that puts us back to $55.05...and I have not gone to Publix yet......sooooo....You figure it out....I don't know if we are under, over, or in between!!! It has been exciting to see how far our pantry and freezer will carry us though!!
I have heard alot of people say "My freezer is so full, I can't get another thing in it"......or "We don't need much this week"....This is where you want to be!!!! That way you only have to buy "cheap, free items" and your produce, meat and dairy!!!

Our menu for today:
Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls (Publix using man. and store coupon, also paired with the Green Giant stuff for the $5 off $20)THE CINNAMON TWIST WERE PRICED $2.99!!! The others were $1.67!!! Luckily I caught it...The little sales sticker was on the Cinnamon Twist also....BUT IT DID NOT RING UP SALE PRICE!!! Got price right guarantee.....THEN THEY WENT AND I THINK MOVED THE STICKER!!! SO WATCH YOUR RECIPETS!! If it rings up the wrong price....take it to customer service!!
Price Right-if it is their error...YOU GET IT FREE..
If it is because you "grabbed" the wrong one...have them take it off your bill...and buy the right one....I only do this if it is a "big" difference...I bought toothpaste one time that was supposed to be BOGO...I bought the wrong RANG UP $5.23 (I would have only paid .49 with my coupon for the right one) I took it back and got the right one!!!(I am NOT paying $5.23 for toothpaste!!) I try to watch my "items" as they are ringing up can be difficult to "catch" it right then...and I have gotten home looked at my reciept and NOTICED MY ERROR.....
TAKE IT BACK next time you go in!!
Lunch: Chicken sandwiches using the Banquet Chicken patties and those wonderful Natures' Own sandwich rounds...the little flat ones....WE LOVE THESE!!)
Supper: I have that Seapack Shrimp, I am getting the Gortons fish (hopefully they have some left!!!) and coleslaw from the Winn Dixie sale (Dole BOGO, coleslaw is included!!) fries (I have one bag of those Bob Evans seasoned fries left....THESE ARE AWESOME!!!I almost missed out on these again.....I am glad I got them!)

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