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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thifty Tue. Feb. 16

O.k., it is 12:43 A.M.!! Please bear with me, (the dog woke me up and I can't get back to sleep) I was letting the dog out, and passed by the laundry pile that I had not finished! I went to lay back down, and all I saw in my mind was LAUNDRY!! We call it Mt. NEVER-REST! So of course I had to get back up and start a load and I am waiting to change it out and start another!

So I figured now is as good of time as any to post!
Menu for today:
Breakfast: bagels cream cheese (we have started to make a dent in the cream cheese!)
Lunch: popcorn chicken and salad, crackers, grapes
Supper: Pork Chops (from back when Winn Dixie had them BOGO)
canned yams, peas and okra from freezer (from our garden), dessert: Betty Crocker Cookies of course! I got some peanut butter ones, and I have some toll house chips still in the freezer from the sale in Dec.....I will be adding some to the cookie dough......YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE!

The NEW list is up on I Heart Publix (again another LONG but GREAT one!!)
Also there are some new coupons listed there!

For my THRIFTY tip today:

Did you know that you can REFILL your swiffer mop liquid bottle????
We have soooooo much mud and other "stuff" that gets tracked in, that I swiffer mop DAILY!! And that gets expensive quickly.....So I knew there had to be a way...
Well I discovered this a few months ago, we have been "CONDUCTING SCIENTIFIC TEST"
ok we have just been mopping the floors! And it works!
Take your bottle, turn it upside down, place in a pot of almost boiling water, not to much just enough to cover the cap....leave in for about 15-20 seconds.....and VIOLA it opens!!!! Now I refill ours with Lysol Pourable Cleaner (we got REALLY cheap awhile back) you can also use the trigger cleaners that have just been on sale.
I use 2TBSP. cleaner and fill the rest of the way with water seal back up and keep on mopping!!!
Here is a video that I found that shows you how (see I'm NOT the only one!!!)

For the Swiffer Pads.....I found the microfiber cleaning rags/cloths (that you can wash in the washer) stick really well to the swiffer....or I have taken rubber bands to make it "HANG" on.....then after I am done mopping the floors I just throw them in the wash!!! I found a 4 pack of the cloths at Dollar General awhile back for $5, Walmart and Target sell them also.
Hope this helps!!
Happy Saving

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