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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to do with Granola???

Ok if you noticed that granola is on sale pretty cheap this week.....and don't know what to do with it......(we didn't like it as a cereal....)
I will buy the big tubs of yogurt (cheaper than the individual containers ,if not on sale with coupons) and mix the granola up in it.....they love gives you that crunch factor!! and adds great flavor....The Publix brand is GREAT and only $1.69 I will put in little rubbermaid containers if it needs to be packed for lunch.....
Also the granola is good to top muffins with! If you have some of that muffin mix or even cake mix.....when they are about half way done with the granola it makes a Strudel type topping! For the cake mix, we do up cupcakes and top with need to add icing...and it is a Health option...(don't tell my kids!)

I see Corned Beef and Cabbage in our future!! I love this...
Corned Beef is EASY!!! Just throw in a big dutch oven cover with water (add the spice mix that comes with it and boil about 3 hours!! Easy Peasy!)
I have also done it in the crock in crock pot add cover with water cook on low 8 hours waaalaaaa DONE
The important thing to remember on Corned Beef, cut against the grain!!! There are two cuts on corned beef, flat and point, BUY THE FLAT....
In fact that is what is on sale at Publix this week.....It has less fat than the point cut....and is just all around better!
I don't cook our cabbage in with the corned beef (just our preference)I take some bacon grease(not much) cut the cabbage mix in a LARGE skillet...cook on med. heat covered....STIR often.....if needed add a little water (NOT MUCH)
The cabbage has ALOT of moisture in it,,,it will make its own liquid....and I let it cook the last 30-40 min. that my corned beef is finishing up.....I add sugar to our cabbage when it is almost done....
This makes a good, easy meal! I will do HOECAKES to go with it....stone ground cornmeal.(NOT A CORNMEAL MIX!!! JUST A GOOD STONEGROUND MEAL)..add some water....make it about pancake consistency...a smidgen of salt (believe me you will know if you don't add the salt!)fry in a little grease (I use my Grandma's BLACK IRON SKILLET...) fry like pancakes!! Drain on scott towel.....I can eat my weight in these things!!! My Grandmother (she raised us, and bless her soul, she lived to be 100)called it WaterBread (I learned how to cook from her....ask me about homemade chicken and dumplings!!!In fact I have her GLASS ROLLING put icewater in it!!!I will post this recipe one is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!)

There are some things of note at WinnDixie this week!!
The Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and Grands Biscuits are on sale for $1.00!!!
With coupons it will make them a GREAT STOCK UP PRICE!!!
For the Cinnamon Rolls I have .40/2 and the biscuits .40/3
THESE WILL DOUBLE....So my cinnamon rolls will windup .60 EACH and biscuits .74 each!!! I am planning on getting 6 cinnamon rolls and 9 biscuits (I have three of each coupon)
Also the Oral B toothbrushes are BOGO and we have a BOGO coupon that came out March 7
(I am shocked we got this one...usually the REALLY GOOD ONES aren't in our paper!)
So I am getting 6 FREE!!! We all need a new toothbrush around here!!
Has any one tried the Savannah Classic Hushpuppies??? They are BOGO at Winn Dixie also....and I have some shrimp and fish from the past Publix sale still in my freezer....I see a seafood night!
If you need cooking soups...(cream of mushroom....i.e.) Winn Dixie has them for $1.00 (Campbells) and there was a printable for $1.00 off 4 so they will be .74 each (not the best price...but if you are out and need some this is the best deal I see out there right now)(I you know of somewhere better...PLEASE let me know,,,,our stash from the holidays is now GONE!!!)

Hope these ideas and thoughts help
Happy Saving

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