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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Publix plans this week, for us

Hey! I am trying to get my list together and coupons rounded up.....
We really don't need much this time....THANK GOODNESS!! Isn't it wonderful when you get to the "DON'T NEED POINT!"

I do see some really great deals we are going to get though

Kingsford Charcoal Matchlight 7.99 for the 12.5 lb.
I have the $2.00 of Kingsford coupon out of the "Race" booklet from Publix
I also have a $2.00 off any meat if you buy Kingsford charcoal that came out of the Smart Source insert....not sure of the date....NOW the regular kind of charcoal is probably cheaper.....but the meat coupon states buy 16lb. bag reg.(which I am not sure of the price....I need to find my best deal) OR 12.5lb. Matchlight.....and that is the kind on sale....
So I will be grabbing some charcoal.....and find SOME form of meat for $2.00....I wonder if my hot dogs would count!!!! I just thought of that...... Oscar Mayer Franks are BOGO!! at $2.99 minus the $2.00 off....thats .99 cents for 2 packs of HOT DOGS!!!! Carol Beth will be in HEAVEN!!!

Also the Taco Bell Dinner kits are BOGO at $2.69 and that Produce coupon I told ya'll about that takes $1.00 off produce if you buy 2 Taco Bell products.....I MIGHT SPLURGE and get a tomato!!! Yes that is singular....HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE OF TOMATOES!!! Of course I have all those canned ones ....and a TON of I will probably get CANTALOUPE!!! YUMM they are $1.97 each minus my $1.00 coupon so .97 for cantaloupe.....and then some celery .99 so FREE

The Lance crackers are BOGO and the "Race" booklet has a $1/2 coupon will make 2 $1.89 Bo loves the Cheese PB crackers to go in his lunch.....I found out one time he paid $1.23 for 1 pack at a gas station!!!!! I could have rung his neck!!!! so I will get 2 of these....I wish I had another coupon booklet.....I wonder if they have any more........THESE EXPIRE MARCH 20th!!!! But I have found they will take them a few days after expiration........but I am going to go ahead and get them!
Sue Bee honey (can't get that stupid coupon!! so I might not get this)
I might get 1 Pepperidge Farm Cake and 1 Blue Bell ice cream....Becca's Birthday is the 29th of this BABY will be SWEET 16!!!! GOODNESS GRACIOUS I AM OLD
Cottonelle Toilet Paper (we still have 5 12 packs in the "stash" so to speak...but I have $1.00 off man. out of the All You.....and a $2.00 off CVS $3.99 for a 12 out .33 a roll.....I will go ahead and get this....I am NOT running out of TP and then have to pay full price!!! Been there done that.....we had to get John Wayne toilet paper....You know....Rough and Tough and don't take no stuff off nobody!!! I won't do that again!!!

Thats about it that we need!!! We have cheese, meat, food...snacks.....I am glad to have a SLOW WEEK!!!! I have not seen the Piggly Wiggly ad yet....or Winn Dixie....I will post any GREAT deals I find from there when I get the ad......Bo will bring the paper this afternoon.....

Happy Saving

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