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Monday, March 15, 2010


BO and I had errands we had to run Sat....we ran in Sam's to get buns and sugar (the few things we still get there.....the sugar works out .50 cents a pound if you get the 50 pound bag, we keep it in a large rubbermaid container....
While we were there we found the WHOLE PORK LOINS..these are the TRUE WHOLE ones they are HUGE!!!...are you ready for this....
$1.87 a pound!!!!!
we got for $10.48 and one for $10.63

you cut off the ends (as large as you want your "roast" part) then slice the middle into boneless porkchops!!!
Out of the 2 we bought we got 4 roast and 21 boneless pork chops!!!!
that is 7 MEALS!!! really maybe a few more if I have leftovers from the roast!!!
I put one on in the crockpot yesterday morning so when we came home from church....LUNCH WAS READY!!!
It was SOOOOOO GOOD and tender!!! it just melted in your mouth!!!I was hoping to have some left from this one......THEY PLOWED THROUGH IT!!!! of course we fed 4 TEENAGERS!!! so that will put a dent in some food!!! Well, I guess 3 teens(Carol Beth didn't eat this) and Bo and myself

The last time they had them on sale like this we only bought one....and kicked ourselves for not "stocking" this time we did buy 2.....I would have gotten more.....but our budget is squeaking this week....
BO had to have work done on his truck....(it wound up a little more than we had planned and had saved for....but we just took some out of the grocery budget and "GOTTERDONE", I am glad too....the guy showed us the part that was replaced....BO COULD HAVE wrecked at any time!!! It was the ball joints on the front????? Sure enough it was BARELY HANGING ON!!! So we got that done just in time and the Lord was looking out for him!!

Happy Saving

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