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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coupon Inserts!

There are supposed to be 2 inserts this week, 1SS and 1 RP
PLEASE be sure to check your papers ( I keep saying this so maybe I will take my own advice!)
Last week we got our papers from the Citgo on 80 I told the girl I wanted to check them 1st for the coupons (there were supposed to be 2 inserts) She told me, "OHHHH there are 2 in there, I'm looking through mine now"
well I'm like ok pay for the papers without checking
Get home and only a P&G NO Smart Source! In either paper!
Soooo, please take it from me, check BOTH papers! I have checked 1 before all coupons there assumed the other paper was fine only to discover NO inserts!! So always check both, again I am mainly stressing this so maybe I will take my own advice!
Here is the "PREVIEW", for what it is worth, REMEMBER this is a regional list WE MIGHT NOT GET everyone listed! I bought 4 papers one time looking for that Electrosol $2.50 coupon (WE DID NOT GET THAT ONE!)Just make sure inserts are in there, I don't know how kindly the cashier would take it if I really flipped thru the inserts to check to see whats in them! That would be great though!! Maybe buy one go to the car, check to see what coupons are in them, and then go buy more??? I'm thinking in my head and we all know how dangerous that can be (or you should know, Bo said I should come with my own WARNING LABEL !)

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