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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update on Wed. Shopping Trip Walgreens and CVS info and Publix totals

O.K., for those of you who are going to Walgreens for the jello deal, here is some ADVICE,
YOU can only get 4 at a time, and have them scan your MANUFACTURE COUPON FIRST!!!! The cashier told me the register would not let me use the coupons and the store coupon,( "THE REGISTER" wouldn't let me). I told her, scan the manufacture coupon first and then the Walgreens coupon (see my other post about where these are located). She did it my way, it worked. I bought 4 total after tax $1.07!
I put my other 4 up there and did it again!
So for $2.14 I got 8 boxes of JELLO
The cashier made the comment as I was leaving, "I will have to remember you know what your doing", so that comment made me think, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THEY BEEN TELLING CUSTOMERS YOU CAN'T USE COUPONS, THE REGISTER WON'T LET YOU,,,,,,AND PEOPLE BELIEVE IT........

At CVS, I got my 3 bundles of Ivory Soap (3 bars in each)
used my $1.00 off coupons
The little man that checked me out is probably still trying to figure this one out!!!!
The NEW CVS in Prattville is OPEN!!!! It is located right across from Winn Dixie.

I had a good trip at Publix, NO THEY DID NOT GIVE ME THE SENIOR DISCOUNT! THAT ONLY HAPPENED ONCE!!! I have colored my hair now, so it's a trade off, look older than I am, and save money, or look my age......Since the discount only happened once....I decided to look my age!

RETAIL $267.41
OOP $65.71 (and I am sending off for a $10.00 rebate, SOOOO really $55.71!)
Here lately I have been over our $50.00 a week budget, I have to work on getting that back down!


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