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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shop Your Own Stockpile!

Ok, had an awesome Thanksgiving with my husbands family....SOOOO excited about some new babies we have, and some new babies coming!! One of the most thankful things you can have, babies:)
Here is a GREAT money saving idea to use some of the great cereal deals we have gotten lately, and to make an extra special gift for teachers, Sunday School teachers,the mail lady (we always give a treat to our mail lady.)
Rice Krispy treats....use can use cheerios instead, if you have some that are just sitting there....The point is USE what you have....
CornFlake Candy (orig. Wendy given to me by Stacy)
1 cup Karo syrup
12 oz. peanut butter (we have gotten on sale awhile back)
1 cup sugar
melt in a pot
pour in 6 cups cornflakes (I have used Publix Raisin Bran that we got for .49, it turned out good)
drop by spoonfuls let stiffen up
package in pretty cellophane treat bags ($Tree)
get creative
If you have a ton of Microwave popcorn in your stockpile...either make popcorn balls to give, or just put unpopped popcorn in a treat bag with some candy from the $ Tree or stockpile attach it to a 2 ltr. bottle of soda and give as a "Family Night together" your stockpile when you are coming up with gift ideas....

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