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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sorry! I ahve been so long!!! Doing MUCH BETTER!!!!

Wow, I didn't know it had been the end of March since I last posted.....That was about the time I just got blah....and blaher! (TRUE technial terms!!!)

I am doing MUCH BETTER now, after 3 days in ICU and a few more in the hospital....I am home now...and after my check up yesterday....DOING GREAT!!!!! I don't have to go back unless there is a problem until May 20th.....I do have to stay on all the medications (WOW~~~~~ I am on 3 inhalers and 2 steroids!!!!! I am GOING NUTS!!!!!! Bo said that proves I am better...I am crazy again!!!!!)
My mind is going in 10,0000 different directons and no true goal in mind for any of those destinations!!!!! I was told this is what people with true ADHD are like......THANK YOU LORD I am not like this all the time.....and how do those poor people function.......I am used to my mind WORKING LIKE CLOCK WORK!!!! SO until this medication thing calms down.....THERE IS NO TELLING WHAT YOU MIGHT READ!!!!

Poor Brother Darrel probably thinks I am TRULY crazy because I started taking about Ronald Reagan's Bedtime for Bonzo movie (there was a point......right when I brought it up....he had to I know he was like....she is nuts I'm outta here!!!!
But we were talking about how your brain recharges and "studies" itself while you are asleep......The movie was about a chimp that they made listen to records in his sleep and could function and do what it said the next day!!! So see it did relate,,,,just in a Scary way!!!

I was told again I am a SNAPDRAGON!!! 1/2 has snapped and the other 1/2 is draggin!!

Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers....hopefully I will be back FULL force next week!!!!

Thanks again

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